Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The encounters that I have been having with Jesus in the Garden in my dreams at night and in my times with the Lord, the Lord has been showing me more and more about what He is doing FROM the Garden place of intimacy in this season. There is a significant SHIFT taking place in the Garden of intimacy with Jesus right now, and it is imperative that the people of God are doing everything to be positioned for the tidal wave of “MORE” and “INCREASE” that He is releasing.
The Lord showed me that many have been in a place of feeling like they have been in a place of having to “push” through so much. Pushing through opposition, pushing in the contending process, pushing in the promise of what God has said, and pushing in hunger with the cry exploding within them for “MORE”. To walk in greater ways in all that is theirs in Christ.
The Lord showed me that there has been an intense season of “THE PUSH” for many and the “PUSHING” that has continued in 2018 has surprised many – that there is still the place of “PUSHING” taking place.
I heard the Holy Spirit say:
“It’s a big baby!!!!!”
What many of you are carrying and birthing in this season is BIGGER than you realise. What the Lord has deposited in you, what He is beginning to release through you and what He is leading you into, is bigger than you have imagined, and He showed me that many haven’t even begun to “see” the magnitude of what He is doing.
He whispered to me this morning:
“All the pushing and pressing through is about to make sense”
He has been strengthening you, fortifying you and anchoring you in Jesus alone through the pushing. He has and is establishing you in the place of deeper intimacy and the place of “All for Jesus” and “In Jesus alone” before the birthing is completed, takes place. He is removing all things that will hinder you carrying what He is releasing as you partner with Him and invite Him to come and have His way in your heart, soul, character and life.
His fire in the pushing has been removing things that have taken the ‘affection’ of the heart, rather than Jesus. To move in what He is releasing, He is preparing and looking for an army who are founded, anchored and focused upon Jesus Christ alone. The affection of the heart towards Him, and the fire of His love in the “PUSHING” has been overtaking hearts, and other “affections” have been falling to the wayside. The first love encounters are happening all over again, and from the first love place, we move forward into the increase He is releasing.
The Lord showed me that in the “birthing” that is now taking place in the garden with Jesus many new things are opening up, new doors are swinging wide open, new avenues are becoming visible, increase, favour and new pathways – SIGNIFICANT BREAKTHROUGH is taking place in the garden (hence the enemy wanting to keep God’s people OUT of the garden) but He showed me clearly that in order to move into these new things, we MUST have His heart to move through them.
The Lord showed me that MUCH of the birthing taking place in the garden right now is RECEIVING HIS HEART. An impartation of His heart of revelation, vision, secrets and His direction for this new season.
I heard the Lord say:
“Don’t move from the Garden until you have my heart”
All these amazing new things will open in great increase from now until the end of the year, but when I heard Him speak to not move from the Garden until you have His heart, it was the sense of a loving warning. That in order to know “WHAT” to move into, “HOW” to move into it, and how to “STEWARD” the journey in these “NEW PLACES” it cannot be done, WITHOUT the impartation of His heart.
The impartation of His heart and revelation that He is releasing is SO significant, SO weighty in this season, it is going to bring TREMENDOUS breakthrough and shift in MANY realms that He moves you into.
For the impartation of His heart, is going to lead many of you in unexpected directions, it will cause you to see things differently, it will see you beginning to intercede and carry the heart of Jesus for people and places you never imagined. The strategy and wisdom of heaven will lead you into places you knew were coming, but also the wisdom of God will surprise you in many ways in this season, by the places He may say no to, but the places He says “no” to, there is a greater door of “YES” and “INCREASE” before you.
“Linger in the Garden, go LOW and go SLOW. Don’t rush forward in the increase.”
The Lord showed me the priority is to be lingering in the Garden of intimacy with Him. To “GO LOW” (surrender, yielded, asking for His wisdom and leading, living in humility) and to “GO SLOW” (not to rush into anything but take the time to hear and receive His heart.) I saw Jesus in His wisdom wanting to protect His people from “rushing into things” in this season that may not be where He is leading or running before Him.
For the incredible increase that is being released upon God’s people right now, is SO significant, we are in a season of unprecedented harvest, harvest coming in EVERY direction, and acceleration, there is a temptation to “RUSH FORWARD”, but as we live deeply in the Garden, receiving His heart and hearing what He is saying, we are moving into more and more divine ‘set up’s’ and will see more and more ‘kairos’ moments take place in this season.
The perfect timing of God will be seen as we “GO LOW AND GO SLOW!!!!”
The birthing is taking place. Stay deep in the Garden with Jesus! He’s about to surprise you with the magnitude of what He has been doing in you, through you, leading you into and releasing to you!
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  • FromtheThronetothePrincess

    Oh yes, beautiful Jesus, help me to go low and slow. Help me to surrender all parts of my heart. I want YOUR HEART! I trust you with all of the details of my life. You are the greatest treasure. May all else have it’s place as You reign FIRST. I am in the garden! Almost time for the birth!
    Thank you, dear Lana. You carry the heart of the Lord and articulate His messages, encouragement and loving corrections so very well. Blessings to you and the ministry.

  • Jen

    Am I the only one who has a feeling deep into your spirit that God is making things known to you through this prophetic word?

  • Rael Bett

    Amen let it be so ! am lingering in the garden ,waiting for his timing , because i know he owns my future.Thank you servant of the Lord this word is timely and i can bear witness in my spirit that is where i am in the Spirit. I am encouraged to be carrying a BIG BABY

  • Robearh

    Thanks be to God !! Hallelujah, Awesome Prophetic Words, I Receive Greatly ! What an exciting moment in time, for it Shall be Huge. Hallelujah !!
    Thank you Jesus !!! Love you so much ! Amen !!!

  • Brenda Thiessen

    Wow. Dont move until you Have His heart. As I face muslime evere day i find this so helpful because His heart will bless and not curse, this sets me free. Please remember me in your prayers.

  • Pastor Versie Estes

    I ‘ve been feeling a pushing for months. I told someone that I feel like I’m in a birthing position in the spirit.

  • Cathleen

    Father thank You. Adonai Your Word presenence and confirmation is what keeps me alive as I seek Your will and Kingdom above all else. I decree this Word true over my being for Your glory alone. Lana thank you for dedication to Kingdom service. Jesus thank you for willingly being the Bridge.

  • Alfred Karunakaran

    Praise the Lord, I really blessed by this post. Thank God for your ministry. God bless you sister.

  • Debbie

    Hmmm yummy. I live it when I read what you Lana, have heard from God and it resonates in me. When what you declare echoes with what I feel God is showing me.
    Yes let’s go low and slow and get all that God wants to give us.
    Beautiful, thanks for sharing this word Lana.

  • Taylor K.

    I have been feeling this opposition, push and pressure for the past two months, and when I read the words “It’s a big baby”, It struck me so funny, I just laughed and laughed. What a relief and release that laughter and revelation was.
    Thank you Holy Spirit, and thank you , Lana.

    • Taylor K.

      good morning-
      update: during some alone time with the Lord yesterday afternoon, and while declaring and decreeing and praying, I heard myself just blurt out “so it’s a big baby…what are we gonna name that baby?” What are you going to name that baby, Lord?
      Then, this morning, I shared with my husband about the “big baby” and that I asked the Lord what He was gonna name it, and he said the word Joy popped into his head before I even said it!
      It’s a baby JOY!!

  • Resa Howard

    God has bee showing me in dreams that I have to protect my babies and I’m floating in the air last year. Should I go into the graden and stay there with Jesus for answers?

  • Susie Diehl

    Thank you dear Lana!! You so hear from God every single time! I am tracking with you! God’s reckless love is once again wooing many in the garden to walk with Him in the cool of the day. The coolest people on the planet will be those whose priority is to linger in the garden and then to go in the power of the Spirit!! Blessings ?