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A few weeks ago I saw a spirit of fear that had been released across the body of Christ, to hinder the people of God from moving forward. As I awoke this morning I felt the Lord saying that the people of God need to be "on guard" and "purposeful" to stare fear in the face and through declaration and renewal of the mind. I felt an almost sense of "urgency" from the Lord that His people need to be "on guard". Don’t let your guard down. Don’t entertain any thoughts or vain imaginations that raises themselves against the knowledge of God.
"We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." (2 Corinthians 10:5)
I saw torments of the mind happening, irrational thoughts, arguments happening in the minds of His people about their circumstances and God’s goodness, His promises and who they are.
For I saw this spirit of fear looking for an "opening" to be able to latch onto these thoughts and beliefs and as it found a "landing place" in these "self-limiting beliefs" it was hindering the process of the people of God moving into their next destiny moments. This spirit of fear is attempting to do all it can to "limit you" and stop you from moving into the appointed moments, opportunities and breakthroughs before you.
I felt the Lord saying that He is going to meet you in your declaration and renewing of the mind. As the people of God were aligning themselves with Scripture and being proactive in their warfare, I saw wells opening up before them and these wells were overflowing with the REVELATION OF LOVE. The Lord was asking His people to drink deep of His Word and places of encounter were opening up that was seeing LOVE perfected in their hearts and lives. LIES about who they are and what they are CALLED to do and CAN DO in Him were falling away. The revelation of Papa God’s love and delight of His people was flowing through every part of His people like liquid as they drank deep.
The warfare has been so intense to limit you, because you are moving further into the freedom of who you are and what you are called to do.
I felt the Lord saying that as this spirit of fear was looking for a "landing place" to bring limitation, the Lord is actually bringing His people into higher "landing places of destiny", breakthrough and increase.
Be purposeful in renewing your mind! Watch your thoughts. Be purposeful in your declaration and stare this spirit of fear in the face.
The spirit of fear may be screaming "LIMITATION", "WITHDRAW", but the Lord is commanding "MY BRAVE COURAGEOUS ONES ARISE, IN ME ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!". The WARRIORS of LOVE are arising!
Greater points of destiny and awakening to who you are, are before you. More than you realise. The enemy may be seeking to "trip you up", but the Lord has "set you up" for greater encounters with His love, promotion and destiny doors opening leading you to new floors.