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This morning I had an encounter with an angelic host. I saw this beautiful one, and he stood before me and held in his hand a remote control. With a smile, he pressed the PLAY button.
The words flooded over me “Where the pressing of this season has caused a stop, caused a pause, these areas are being released and PLAYED. Where there has been a divine stop and a divine pause, now is the time for the DIVINE PLAY.”
In his other hand I saw he was holding a DVD. As I looked at the DVD, the words flooded over me “VISIONS OF HOPE”. The understanding came to me that this angelic host had not only been sent from the Lord to bring forth the “green light” of PLAY into the lives of God’s people, but to release an impartation of hope to the people of God. Glimpses of future adventures and dreams on Papa God’s heart for them, to restore hope. This angelic host was coming as a messenger of HOPE.
You may be in the fight of your life. The warfare may be intense. The pressing may feel suffocating, but the Lord has assigned angelic hosts to come and minister HOPE and BREAKTHROUGH to you.
What has been “stopped” and “paused” in your life whether through the pressing of the season, or divine delay, the shift is happening now. From STOP, PAUSE to PLAY!!!!!!!
Grace, momentum, breakthrough, overflowing hope, and release of what has built up behind the DAM WALL. Things will flow freely as the people of God move into the new areas of “play” the Lord is activating. What is before the people of God is going to be a great adventure. A time of joy! What has been a red light in times past, for many those lights are now turning GREEN. The Lord is releasing the divine “go ahead” into new areas!!!
Step into your release!!!