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By Lana Vawser 


A spirit of death has increased in its opposition against many and has been causing roadblock after roadblock, aborted and attempts to abort dreams and cause great confusion for many. I saw the Lord hit a HUGE RESET button and the spirit of death broken. Instantly I saw this RESET released RESURRECTION LIFE in the Spirit and burst into MANIFESTATION in the natural. Don’t look at the constant roadblocks, aborted or attempts to abort the dreams God has given you and what He has called you to in this season with natural eyes. Lift up your eyes above the whirlwinds of confusion and look at the true reality – what He is saying. A turning from chaos to CLARITY! God is releasing the divine RESET! It is NOT over!!! RESURRECTION life is about to manifest in double portions bringing Glory to Jesus! Explosive breakthrough is upon you! Where there has been roadblock after roadblock or hijack after hijack, there will now be FAVOUR upon FAVOUR, grace upon grace and uncontainable, unimaginable provision (Ephesians 3:20) Your “divine ducks are being set all in a row!!” 

 “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. – Zechariah 4:6


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  • Susan M

    Amen and GLORY!! We bring a sacrifice of praise, a SHOUT of victory to the Lord our God!! (I’ve been facing constant increasing roadblocks, so many it’s been almost laughable, barrage after barrage of fierce attacks in body, mind, spirit and substance…from the enemy camp, but oh, the Lion of Judah’s roar is drowning out the enemy, “Lift up your eyes!” says the Lord, “Here comes your REDEMPTIVE RESCUER!!” Lana, there is increased anointing as you share. I pray the Lord empowers you more and more and MORE. How I thank Him for the gift you are and for His upholding of the saints through this Spirit-powered ministry. Resurrection! Breakthrough! Favour! YES-ssss, Jesus!!

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    RIGHT ON TIME!! Tonight I cried out to God asking why does this keep happening – Come close to a Blessing/Breakthrough and it’s stolen. I’m trying to get out of an “as is” car i had to buy after my paid off car was totaled when i hit a deer. Ac/heat went out, a teenager hit my parked car. 2 amazing vehicles came across my path, but before i could get out the door, they were both sold. Asked Father God, “How Much Longer?” Saw 1234 on the first license plate i saw today – the second plate i saw had 4545. 45 is Testing/Trial with God’s Grace, followed by Revival. 45 is also Preservation by God, Preserved life, Provision and Protection. THANK YOU FATHER!! SO needed this Word! The Lord Bless you Ms Lana, and Your Family! Much Love! <3

  • C S

    I need the RESET released RESURRECTION LIFE in the Spirit and burst into MANIFESTATION in the natural. I’ve had pain for over 3 month since I was diagnosed with a cancer. Doctors can’t do anything. The spirit of death has to leave me. Or the Lord needs to take me home to heaven. I can’t stand the pain and struggle anymore. There is power in the blood of Jesus! Jesus, that Spirit that rose you from the death lives in me according to your word. Let that resurrection go through my body so I can serve you fully. Thank you that your word is true and that you back up your word, in Jesus name, Amen!

  • Terri Richardson

    I claim this! There has been roadblocks after roadblocks and hijackings! I am tired of it! I am beyond tolerating it anymore. Lord, release your favor upon favor over us! There are many whose loved ones have and are overcoming addictions and also sicknesses and the enemy has thrown these roadblocks and hijackings over these loved ones and the families.
    Thank you for sharing, Lana. It is an encouraging word for me today!
    Thank you, Lord!

  • Deborah Lobo

    Amen! Your Glory Papa!??
    Lana, just yesterday I asked Papa to bless me with clarity on a particular decision I had made, its almost 2yrs now, thought maybe it was time to back off, but here is the profound answer not to quit.
    God bless you Princess??

  • Rhoda

    Yes! God this week has repeated and confirmed with His word again, “the two will become one flesh”, “He is sending out two by two”, and then He again addressed what He will do to the enemies. He will do ALL He has said, nothing will stay the hand of God.
    Habakkuk 4:13,14,19 this morning.
    Psalm 105:14,15,19
    Every word that falls from His lips I believe. Worthy is the Lamb of God! Holy is His name!!! Blessed be Jesus King and Ruler of the Universe!!!
    Love you sis! God’s continued joy, love, peace, and security to you and yours! Well able is He! ❤

  • Kim

    I want to confirm this word with a prophetic word I received at church over my life and family. The pastor said there had been a spirit of death released over me and my children so that our lights would no longer shine and our hunger would die out for Jesus but God is going to use it all for his good and his glory and bring forth even more from our struggles!! Thank you!!!

  • Terry

    I pray for all who are going through difficult times right now. I pray that we never lose sight of His truths and Love when we are in turbulent times. Love each other, help each other be there to listen like never before. Lord break into our hearts and comfort the ones of us who need a fresh Infilling of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your encouraging words.
    Bless you.

  • Maaike Callan

    Yes yes yes and yes! The big big tides are rolling in…& nothin’ and no one can stop it! God is about to overwhelm me /us…lets position ourselves in the agreement of faith, beloved ones!!!!!
    Open your hearts & arms wide to receive…even tho we can’t contain this overflow!!!! (:

  • gary falk

    Thank you, Lana, I needed to hear this. My life is just starting to re-set. So much has been delayed or destroyed. I have had so much incredible opposition to God’s purposes for my life that I ended up basically giving up. Now is my time to rebuild.

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    ?????GLORY BE TO GOD!!!??????????????????????GLORY TO GOD!!! I had to come back and read this!! HALLELUJAH JESUS!!! Thank you Lord Jesus!!????????Thank you!!????????JESUS!!

  • Robear

    I fully receive your awesome confirmation words, Hitting the Reset
    Button. Amen, Thank you Father God, for Breathrough, Coming
    to me this day, it is my set time of deliverance in all you have
    spoken and promised to me. This is Harvast Time for me. I take
    pleasure in knowing it is a Now set time into my life of deliverance.
    All is well with me. Amen and Amen. Glory to God. Thank you
    Jesus. Thank you Jesus !!!!

  • Rose

    I read through most of the Books of the prophets last night… It’s been a long time… I have passed through the unthinkable. Last night I passed through my deepest fear: a doozie. We do suffer from feeling like we’re the centre of the universe these days…because, frankly, we are the centre of OUR universe in many ways. Yet, at the end of my journey into my deepest fear, I discovered that The LORD has ALREADY prepared me: lovingly having had me ALREADY pass through KEY experiences that, this morning (my birthday, by the way 🙂 )- 3:30 a.m. – comforted me to the core. My worst fear is “TRUMPED” by my highest, unimaginable JOY!!! I really AM “hidden in HIS Heart.”
    God KNOWS how grateful I really am THIS “REBIRTH” DAY!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Half an hour ago, our grown son was saying that he had no internet connection and didn’t know why. We troubleshooted with a few options and also decided to do a reboot. That’s a reset isn’t it! And it worked–his internet had now connected!!

  • Yisraelle

    AMENNNN!! to this well needed Word at a very challenging time! Indeed I had taken my eyes off the Spirit and responding to physical as my normally loving caring precious daughter appears to have undergone some trauma and become so different. She thinks I want to kill her and even held a knife to my neck. I bear the marks of Christ in my flesh… Now she is in hospital for mental health support. AND a car I was given a few months back has been parked up due to some ‘fault’ barely a week after I got it. All this after a 16yr battle with debilitating chronic health condition. But through it all.. Abba is awesome!!. A much needed Word for today sister. Love you and thanks ever SO much for every manna Word you put out to us in the wilderness…

  • Vickie L.. Warnick

    I for one, am taking this message to heart. It answers prayers I have offered up to the Lord. I see my weakness, but also my purpose in God so will await the glory that is expected soon.
    Thank you Lana for being so perceptive!

  • Linda J Pontnack

    This is exactly what has been happening to me, hijack, after hijack in my business, my finances, my marriage….Pray for me…….as the Holy Spirit leads. Jesus told me breakthrough & then suddenly will appear in ALL my situations. Glory to God

  • Akech Aimba

    I run a women’s ministry called Pearls and Treasures Trust. Last Friday during our staff prayers I just told my staff to pack and leave. I was determined to close down the ministry because of financial and personal battles I’ve been fighting. I had totally reached my end. I wailed before the lord to give me rest. My staff refused to leave. It wasn a Naomi and Ruth situation. I thank God because they are the reason the office is open today. This word has really encouraged and I’ve been reading with tears in my eyes. I felt like dying in the past few weeks. Pray for me if and when you can.