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Many are facing what seems to be a horrific rainstorm of dark clouds and storms…fear and intimidation roaring like thunder but here comes a turning and a lightning bolt from heaven, His power and miraculous breakthrough to set you free, heal you and deliver you!!!! Rainclouds of refreshing are about to burst!



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  • Simon

    I just texted this message to a friend – “I am concentrating but finding it very hard to be measured in response to all this. It’s one of the hardest personal experiences in life and all I hear God say is that the next few months are going to be dark days but god is good… and there’s an end to the storm.”
    We live at the Refresh Centre and your email came through 5 mins after – thank you for your ability to listen to God.

  • KRR

    This Word was a confirmation for me. This morning during my time with the LORD, I saw in the Spirit a fresh rain shower watering a field of green grass. Afterwards, I saw a flock of white birds (doves perhaps?) taking flight together. Though it was a short vision, it was quite profound, and I had the sense that the LORD was speaking through it. Soon afterward, I began playing the worship song, “Let it Rain” and began singing it as a prayer in accordance with this vision. Shortly after that, this Word came to my email and it resonated in my spirit as a powerful confirmation of what I had seen in the Spirit earlier this morning. Thank you for delivering this beautiful and encouraging Word.

  • Susan M

    Praises!!!!! Thank You, Lord….for Your ways that are perfect, Your timing that is impeccable, and for heaven’s brand new season of Restoration and Divine Downpour!!!