Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
At the beginning of this week I had a dream and the Lord spoke to me “Protect the promise and the promise will protect you.”
There was a strong sense in the dream of the promises of God being released in accelerated, supernatural ways right now and the Lord is calling His people to protect the promises that are being released by cultivating an environment of faith and praise.
Don’t give into the swirl of discouragement and confusion that is attempting to come alongside the promises of God being released.
I heard the Lord say “the attempted tampering with the promise will not succeed, I have decreed the promise released.”
People of God protect your promise through your decree, faith and praise!!!!
Also as the Lord said…. “The promise will protect you!!”
In the cultivation of the environment of faith right now the promise will protect your heart from discouragement, despair, fear, doubt and loss.
The Lord showed me that the we have now entered the delivery room. We have crossed over and moved delivery room where the promises of God are being released suddenly and being birthed. Many deep hearts desires and long awaited promises are being released right now and the thing that struck me about this room was it was FULL AND OVERFLOWING WITH FRUITFULNESS.
The Lord showed me in this delivery room there is a decree of the Lord that has been released and the decree is “YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET VERY FRUITFUL” and fear, doubt and disappointment are attempting to whisper “you are about to go around the mountain of barrenness again” but the EXACT OPPOSITE is true! (Isaiah 54). In the protecting of the promise, you are being stretched for increase. The Lord is decreeing “YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET VERY FRUITFUL.” The delivery of the heavenly fruit is coming to you.
I could hear the Lord excitedly decreeing “The fruit of your promise is being delivered and where fear and doubt are whispering that grief and disappointment and mourning are coming again, the exact opposite is true. I am decreeing JOY, JOY, UNEXPECTED JOY IS UPON YOU.” Many of you are about to see, just how FOR YOU the Lord is and He is going to awaken you to His affection and kindness in a whole new way in the promise released.
This is a CRUCIAL moment right now friends in the delivery of His promises, stand up, decree, have faith and praise the Lord, because you have now entered the delivery room. The Lord is teaching His people in greater ways how to protect and stewarded the promise in its moment of release.
“Protect the promise and it will protect you.”


  • Julia

    Praise God-this message released on the day the manchild is birthed by the woman of Rev 12!
    Oct 4 I received in my sleep
    “God’s people will be birthed”
    Father has given me one confirmation after another praise his name.
    There are many woman pregnant in the spirit but experiencing physical symptoms..even painful cramps and labour pain. Men too. Many pregnancy dreams
    I decree and claim the promises father God has for all his children in these last days

  • Gina Lipman

    This is a timely word for me as I’ve been feeling fearful and discouraged over finances, and even been trying to sort them out myself by going into a refinancing of my house loan, at a ridiculous interest rate, even though Papa has always said to me He will provide!! I’ve been believing the lie that He will let me flounder in a pit of ‘not enough’, when I know deep down that’s not true, but I’ve let circumstances dictate otherwise….. So thank you for this word and I will be decreeing and declaring the truth. My Father WILL provide. Bless you abundantly Lana for listening and releasing the words

  • Robearh

    Glory, Glory, Father God, for the delivery Room, for the Promises Now being birth unto me. This is so Awesome to hear.
    Thanks be to God, Holding on to the Word, the Promises Now being Released. Thank you. Thank you. in all joy, joy, Joy.
    Amen !!!

  • Dwight D Clemmons

    Yes Papa God, may it be true unto us according to your word. I pray Holy Spirit that we will stand in alignment with you & also walk, talk, and stand in agreement with the Word of God spoken here. In Jesus name Amen.

  • Dineen Miller

    Wow! Love how God puts the pieces together. A few weeks ago He told me to tab all the places in my journal that He’d given me specific words. I assumed it was to show me that I was hearing Him more than I realized because He’s changed things up and I feel at times that I hear Him less. Now, through your post, He’s had me go back to those tabs and make a list, “My Promises.” (I copies your post to this page as well as a reminder of what He is saying to do.)
    Thank you, Lana. So appreciate your heart for God. 🙂

  • Richard

    I do hope and pray that this word is for ME!
    Just as the prophecy reads, discouragement, despair, fear, doubt and loss are whispering in my ear again. And, just as things seemed to be getting hopeful again, things fell through AGAIN. So now I hear, “You are about to go around the mountain of barrenness again.”
    I will GLADLY endure ANYTHING the Lord see fit for me to live through, but I’d rather the promises were birthed!
    Thank you for the encouraging word!

  • Sophia Livingston

    Thank you for this confirmation and for the encouraging words. I’m so full right now. This has been a most “challenging” season. The stretching, pulling, trying of faith and attacks have been crucial. However, God’s grace has always and WILL always remain sufficient. We are ready to give birth!! Yes!!! Oh how like Papa God to release this word on today, October 12th. The number 12 is a symbol of faith, the church and divine rule. Faith has been strengthened, the church on ready and God’s divine rule and government in place. He was yesterday, IS today and will be forever more…. Welcome to the delivery room family!

  • Ashwen Gibson Blake

    YES LORD. Thank you. We hold fast by faith to the protected promise of protected vision provision of your will, through and to us. We stand before you as One closely compacted NEW MAN fully taken care of as your CARE GIVERS. Use us Lord, we are yours. Love you Lana, Kevin and Family and Team and Community. How great is Our God! ABGB

  • Mary

    As i listened this day to a video on youtube of Ken Peters, titled: i saw the Great Tribulation, i was greatly encouraged by the presence of Him. As i watched the video, it felt as if He was just behind me and his hands were on both my shoulders. i became totally warm inside. He whispered; be fruitful, so kind, so tender. As He said this, there was no doubt in my mind this indeed was going to happen, or to be more exact, that it started on the moment He had spoken. The day before i noticed 22:22 on the clock. This time of the year i feel very weary and worn out, but He sustains and invites me even closer.
    The video is the most striking video i ever listened to and a great warning for days to come.

    • Nahomie Riche

      And Father I pray for the Ones that’s experiencing extreme pain Father that they even despair of life 1 Corinth 1:8-10, please help us Father at this time to make it because our hope n trust is in You and apart from You we can’t do The Lord Jesus Name.Praise Your Holy Name

  • L.M.

    Amen Lord! Be it as you say. I’m Holding on to Your Promise even through the difficult birthing pains and cramps, For A Birthing is Taking Place. I Look Forward To the Delivery of Your Promise,The Birth of Financial Deliverance and a RESTORATION.

    • Sharon

      Thank you for this confirmation. I decree it and speak life into a new relationship and marriage after 11 years of being apart! Praise our Heavenly Father!!! Amen

  • Dorothy menter

    I am living proof this IS THE WORD OF THE LORD. long story short….my husband of 54 years with demencia, died suddenly….no money on hand. Insurance coming but wasn’t, prepared . The LORD intervened on my behalf through many intricate avenues and took beautiful care of me. I HAVE THE FAVOR OF THE LORD…I AM LOVED…I AM BLESSED.

  • Jackie Battle

    AMEN!!! The New Life Prayer Ministry that God is “about to released” in this hour, shall be protected!!! It shall cause people to know You Lord in a new way!!! Isaiah 43:19, Psalms 1:3
    Dear Lord, bless and stretch Lana Vawser’s ministry in Jesus MIGHTY name!!! AMEN!!!

  • Dot Olan

    I receive joy unspeakable full of glory. Thank you Abba for the confirmation and birth of fruitfulness in me and for every promise in Christ Jesus. You Lord provide all my needs according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Yes Lord. Amen.