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“O Lord, God of our ancestors, you alone are the God who is in heaven. You are ruler of all the kingdoms of the earth. You are powerful and mighty; no one can stand against you!” – 2 Chronicles 20:6 
During worship I had a vision of a huge tidal wave bursting out of the heavens and flooding towards earth. This tidal wave was made of lightning, stream after stream, after stream of lightning. As it moved I could hear the sound of the crackling of power. Such intensity, but there was no fear. An incredible sense surrounded me that NOTHING will stand in the way of this tidal wave His power. 
I watched as this tidal wave began to crash in over the lives of the Prophets!  
I then see the Lion of Judah and He is riding this tidal wave and as the wave crashes into the lives of the prophets, I see Him land on the ground. He lifts up His foot and stamps it down hard. I watch what looks like lightning bolts spreading throughout the lives of these prophets and the whole atmosphere around me is filled with authority and the stamping of His foot decrees “NO MORE!!!!! IT IS TIME FOR THE UNHINDERED RELEASE OF MORE”
ALL attacks, injustices, circumstances hindering and holding back the prophets of His heart are being BROKEN in this tidal wave. NO MORE! The justice, breakthrough, recompense, redemption, vindication and healing of God is being released. Nothing is standing against His decree of “NO MORE”!! It is decreed, it is done!!!! 
Instantly I hear birds singing loudly all around and it’s the sound of a new day!  
The prophets of His heart are going to transition suddenly in the coming days, weeks into a completely new level. A level of the UNHINDERED RELEASE OF MORE!!!!! 
Such a significant breakthrough catapulting the prophets of His heart into an entirely new land like they have never known. Into a revelation of His Word that is deeper than they could imagine and a purity of the prophetic flow accompanied with a greater level of manifestation of the fire of His love and signs and wonders! 
“These encounters with My power for the prophets of My heart are about to occur on such an unprecedented scale, they will be CHARGED AND THEN RELEASED TO IMPART.” 
There will be significant manifestations of the power of God in these encounters that are going to CHARGE the prophets of His heart with greater strength, greater boldness, greater awakening to their authority and greater sensitivity to His leading taking them to a whole new level of prophetic accuracy and sight. 
 “Prophets of My heart are about to be clothed with greater power, My power” 
These prophets of His heart are now forerunning and being positioned quickly to set the stage for what God is about to do and then release impartations for deep encounters with the heart of God that will see His power released for  sudden and increased momentum of groundbreaking breakthrough throughout the entire body of Christ. 
I heard the Lord say “But you MUST step in”!!! Once the breakthrough comes you MUST STEP IN! It is completely new, so it will look nothing like you have experienced before but I will guide you, teach you and lead you and you will see a move of the power of My Spirit through your words and lives like you never have spread into My Bride and out into the world in explosive ways. But through your positioning and obedience you MUST step in! Fear will be the one thing to steal your new level of destiny if you allow it! You must step in! Prophets of My heart, as you have steward My heart in purity and obedience, I am moving you into a whole new realm of favour and promotion right now, but you must live LOW in order to release the PURE FLOW!!” 
I heard a booming voice all around me in this vision so loudly that spoke “I call them My power houses for they know how to carry My power with purity.” 
The sense surrounded me that these prophets of His heart are going to see the presence and power of God rest upon their lives in exponential ways with such great increase. There is a TENFOLD FLOW of His power that will be released from them wherever they go! The key is they have learnt to host His presence with purity and humility. 
Kings and queens of the earth will begin to flock to these prophets of His heart as He now begins to lift them up onto the worlds stage.  Not for anything else but His Glory to shine brighter than EVER and His Kingdom extended. These high places the Lord is raising the prophets of His heart up onto will see a wave of the fire of His love sweep through churches, cities and nations and BREAK DOWN ANY LIES that have been built declaring that Jesus is anything BUT GOOD! These prophets of His heart as they minister will see a great awakening and reshaping released through them bringing the true nature of Jesus and His goodness into FULL VIEW!!! 
These encounters with the power of God are not only setting these prophets free and releasing groundbreaking breakthrough to them and through them, it is moving them into a whole new realm. 
I kept hearing the words “The crossover is happening in the next 14 days”.  (Up until July 7th, 7/7) 14 being the number of deliverance and a double portion. These encounters with His power are seeing a great deliverance of what has held these prophets back and releasing them into DOUBLE! But there must be an intentionality in “entering in” in whichever way the Lord leads over the next 14 days. Significant crossover into a whole new realm. 
This new realm, is a whole new world, unchartered territory but as they say YES to Him, I saw Jesus take them deep into a place of learning and strategy. I saw the prophets of His heart in a place with Jesus, sitting at a table and in the “go” (the favour, promotion, acceleration of the new realm), He was teaching them the new strategy for the season. Blueprints of divine wisdom and highlighting keys in the Word to see the new giants in the land come down. 
There was such an increase of anointing and grace in this new realm, that they were moving into a whole new realm of overcoming. 
From this place of learning and teachability with Jesus for the new season, I watched as what looked like bombs of fire fall into the mouths and pens of the prophets and they were impartations of the wisdom of God married with the fire of His love that is about to be released through  in significant increase as they minister. 
There has been a great attack on the wisdom and revelation coming to the prophets because there is an increase of the revelation of heaven and wisdom to know how to walk it out, coming to them now! 
STRATEGY! The prophets are moving to a higher level of divine strategy personally and corporately.
Prophets of His heart, stay positioned! The opposition has been relentless this last whole but these next 14 days are crucial! Do not give up! Press in!!! For significant encounters with His power are upon you to bring deliverance to you and cross you over into a whole new double portion realm! 


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  • Aundrea Hernandez

    I Receive The Word of The Lord! Thank You Father God. I keep seeing 777 and 7777.
    My eyes swelled with tears as I read this – Confirmation once again. Bless You Father, Thank You Jesus, lead and guide me. I will step in. Blessings & Much Love Ms Lana.

  • Rhonda Hill

    Dear, prophet of His heart, thank you! Though you have spoken into my life before with pin point accuracy, this time you do so with a sense of urgency. Rest assured that I have heard you. Know that I will avail myself of the power inherent in the prophetic word to indeed step into the flow of the breakthrough. I cannot thank you enough for your obedience in delivering this word!

  • Deborah Lobo

    To the Glory of God, Amen n Amen! Yes Lord, thank you Jesus.
    Thank you Lana, God bless you Princess.

  • Phyllis J.

    Such a blessed and powerful word. To God be the Glory for imparting such wisdom, revelation and knowledge to His children. I’m in Raleigh and we just had a severe thunderstorm with lots of lightning, tidal waves of lightening.
    Many continued blessings to you and Bro Kevin as you all continue your travels through the US.
    Phyllis J.
    Raleigh, NC

  • Elizabeth Ricci

    Thank you Lord for your prophet Lana to be so mightily used for your Kingdom. I know now why the enemy has been attacking me so violently. In a few months I’ve suffered a Brain Artery operation ( they found nothing symptoms were a lie), then a Liver attack, then a Stomach attack (Hiatus Hernia) last week Colonoscopy for Diverticulosis. It has been a torrent of attacks from people too. But in all of this I Praise God for His Hand upon me. I trust the Lord and nothing will stop me from receiving God’s grace, power and Holy Anointing to continue preaching and teaching His love and Word to others . Cleanse me Lord to receive your blessings and help me to go deeper into You .Restore our gifts Lord to be used by you. May the Lord supply all your needs Lana. God bless.Thank you.

  • Martin

    Hi Lana I woke up from a dream wherein I was in a battle with the devil, I overcame him in my dream by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ and as I came out of the sleep zone – proclaiming the name of the Lord over and over, again and again wave after wave of God’s fire was being poured out upon me. Your prophetic word is a confirmation of what happened to me last nigh.

  • Dorothy Keller

    Thank you for your obedience to releasing what the Lord reveals to you. It is a confirmation of knowing what the Lord has been showing me. The walls of water when He parted the red sea a vision I had last Sunday in Worship…the walking through, the way has been made and it is a time for recompense and breakthroughs after breakthroughs. I AM NOT LETTING GO! His promises are Yes and Amen! All hell breaks out around me which only builds up my faith an excitement in my spirit declaring no weapon formed against me or my family can or shall prosper. The tougher the test the greater the Glory. Father thank you for our VICTORIES!! Blessings Lana!!

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    AMEN I RECIEVE THIS WORD IN JESUS NAME GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH JESUS!! I finally hot a chance tovread this quietly! 4:56am here in Michigan. Thank you Woman of God! God bless you and yours????❤