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By Lana Vawser
As I sat this morning and watched the Inaugural Concert at the Lincoln Memorial, I wept as my heart was filled with the expectation and manifestation of the shift and new day upon the United States of America.
While I watched I felt the Lord speak to me, and He said “DONALD TRUMP, THE PIONEER!!!!!” Instantly I saw the the winds of awakening blowing all around Donald Trump, and not only was the sense so strong that the Lord is working deeply in his heart and life bringing an awakening to him PERSONALLY, but as he has stood and PIONEERED a new way with COURAGE, he has been and is a FORERUNNER to what God is doing in the USA.
I asked the Lord what He was doing in the United States that is linked to President Elect- Donald Trump as a PIONEER, and the Lord spoke to me that He has been a FORERUNNER to the GREAT AWAKENING OF THE PIONEERS in the USA.
There is an impartation that the Lord is releasing into the body of Christ and into the nation. It’s an impartation of HOPE. It’s an impartation of COURAGE. It’s an impartation to STAND FOR TRUTH. It’s an impartation to not be SILENT, but to make your voice for TRUTH and JUSTICE LOUD. It’s an impartation to move OUT of the place of complacency and conformity into the place of “calling things out as they are” and BRINGING CHANGE.
Many have asked me whether I believe the Lord is USING and has ANOINTED President-Elect Donald Trump, and I absolutely believe that He has and is. Many have asked me how the Lord can anoint and use someone they see to be having ‘rants’ on twitter etc, and I want to encourage you, that we are all on a journey. The Lord doesn’t wait till we are perfect to use us. The Lord is looking at the heart, and I believe that Donald Trump has a genuine love and heart for the United States and the people of the United States to see change, healing and freedom come back to the nation again.
In this vision that I had, the winds of AWAKENING were so strong around President Elect-Donald Trump. He certainly is a Pioneer and the Lord is using that to AWAKEN the Pioneers in the nation. I saw the Pioneering spirit so strong over Donald Trump and that is a prophetic picture of what is being released and extended into the nation.
The interesting thing I saw, was that these winds were awakening the Pioneers all across the United States, those who KNOW Jesus and those who DON’T know Jesus yet. As the winds of awakening blew, I could hear the words “DREAM, DREAM, DREAM AGAIN!!!!! Stand with COURAGE and DREAM AGAIN!!!”
As Pioneers all across the nation were infused with HOPE, many not even knowing what this HOPE was, the Lord was awakening them to create the pathways in all areas across the United States for the greatest EXPANSION AND EXTENSION of LIFE. I saw angelic hosts everywhere with TRUMPETS and they were blowing them and the mighty sound of TRUTH and ALIGNMENT resounded loudly. The Lord is rising up these Pioneers those who are believers and those who are not yet believers to bring a SHAKING, where the cry for TRUTH is about to get LOUDER.
There is coming in this season a HARVEST OF SALVATIONS of the PIONEERS in the United States, especially in places of influence. They are going to come to know Jesus in RADICAL WAYS as the people of God move into the places of influence and minister to them. There will be a great joining together of the PIONEERS!!!!! The family of PIONEERS in the United States of America is about to become larger and louder than has ever been seen or heard as the Lord does a mighty work amongst them.
There will be an acceleration of the PIONEERING WORK of the Holy Spirit in the nation that will bring ACCELERATED CHANGE. There are going to be SUDDEN and NEW AVENUES of LIFE and TRUTH opened up all across the United States of America.
I felt the Lord saying that “The United States of America is going to start looking a lot different. Different is not bad, it’s the pathway to greater LIFE, TRUTH and FREEDOM in the nation. My people, there is a call to TRUST ME in deeper ways for what I am doing in the nation.”
These awakening winds of the Pioneers and the rising up of the Pioneering spirit in the nation, is also falling upon the Pioneers who are already awake. Those who have been toiling their ground with excellence, pure stewardship and integrity. I saw a HUGE FIRE falling upon them and it was the FIRE OF INCREASE. The Lord is about to increase PROVISION. He is about to increase VISION. He is about to increase CLARITY. He is about to increase RESOURCES and NETWORKING. The tent pegs of many of these Pioneers in the United States of America are being EXTENDED. The Lord is rewarding faithfulness and stewardship. He is giving more. He is extending influence and responsibility. The harvest season for many of the Pioneers who have been working the ground in such faithfulness in this season in the United States, is upon them. It’s a celebration season for many of the Pioneers!
I also saw the AWAKENING of the ESTHER ANOINTING over MELANIA TRUMP. I saw a message inside her, a loud voice with such humility that the Lord is going to begin to release through her.
The Lord is going to release a ROAR through her that is going to AWAKEN WOMEN to their destiny. The Lord is going to use her to ACTIVATE WOMEN all across the nation to bring change. To stand for truth. To stand for justice and to have a voice. I saw the Lord using her specifically to awaken those women as well who feel they have no voice. She will be an example to women how to lead with grace, how to stand firm in confidence in the voice and message they have to be released into the world.
I kept hearing the Lord saying “Melania Esther, the woman of grace!”
It will be clear to see the grace of God that will be released through her alongside a strong voice of authority, boldness and courage to speak and call forth what needs to be unveiled to see justice, purity and redemption of a nation.
People of the United States of America, a new day is upon you!


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  • jackie

    Praise God!!!!so excited to see this transition take place!!!So many of us here in America are thrilled and so grateful to the Lord for this coming shift in our Nation! Thank you for standing with us!

  • Janice Taylor

    AWESOME!!!!!! Praise the Lord And THANK YOU for sharing this WORD FROM THE FATHER GOD!!! What A GREAT time to be alive!!!!

  • margaret petersen

    Amen lana!!!! I’m so excited for what God is doing..and for those who would accuse Donald Trump,may they remember Saul of Tarsus,who,until His Damascus experience that transformed him was quite zealous in going after and slaughtering those who served the gospel.and Look how far Jesus took him,once he yielded.and I feel Donald Trump is quite yielded and “available to our Lord”

    • Laura

      I also sensed the Lord reminding me of Saul while I was watching the he Inauguration… He said that this was a Saul to Paul season for him. That we need to pray over him in this journey and not define him by his past, despite many who will.
      Our God is so extravagant in His ways.

  • Paula Judge

    Oh yes, AMEN! I have been following your prophecies very closely for a little while now and I truly thank God for your love for HIM and the United States. I am praying for you, your ministry and Australia! Thank you for being one who runs into the presence of our precious LORD! May God use you more mightily in 2017 and beyond than ever in your former years! With love, prayer, and appreciation, Paula

  • Janet Murray

    The teaching of the wise is a fountain and source of life,
    So that one may avoid the snares of death. Prov. 13:14 I got this morn
    Yesterday in prayer: bold word loud I heard : Ps. 35 Contend w/ those who contend w/ you..whole chapter is and declare warriors.
    God Bless.

  • Janet Murray

    Thank you Lana.
    Yesterday I got from the Lord: Ps. 35: I will contend with those that contend w/ you…whole chapter is a warfare prayer.
    This morn. before I woke up heard Prov. 13:14

  • Ann E Cooper

    I had a similar word regarding Melania. I believe she has a strong message to share that shall be very healing. So far, she has been quiet, but just wait!

  • Tim Janes

    I agree with your words. I am just concerned about Ausralia znd the way our duopoly politicians have an agenda and closed ears to the population. The media is so biased I dont watch ABC or SBS anymore. God has always raised up a leader Gideon, Moses, etc. for the remnant. I pray for Pauline and Malcolm Roberts and Corie Berardie.

  • Ronnie

    This prophecy was and still is amazing! President Trump now closes every rally by talking about the pioneer spirit of American men & women from generations ago. How incredible is that? Obtw, I could also see Melanie as an Esther for current-day America. She is beautiful inside & out.