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This has been a significant week with Rosh Hashanah and the crossing over that is taking place in the spirit. This week, I have seen the most significant shift in the spirit in the body of Christ I have seen before. At the beginning of the week I saw the ‘sudden alignments’ beginning from this week, and ‘impartations’ being released all across the body of Christ as His people remained positioned in Him. As I have moved into each day this week, the level of impartations I am seeing released from the heart of the Father and through divine connections and relationships has been increasing.
This morning I saw these impartations being released in such great increase and acceleration there was a holy urgency over me “STAY POSITIONED, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR NATURAL EYES SEE, DO NOT MOVE!!!!”, even when you have stared impossibilities in the face and they haven’t bowed, STAY IN PLACE, STAY IN FAITH. In the tension, in the mystery, in the stretching, in the disappointment, in the not understanding, STAY IN PLACE!
For this morning, I saw such incredible impartations of His fire being released to those who have not changed the subject, those who have continued to move forward, those who have not given up, those who have stayed in the truth that no matter what my eyes see, HE is good. In that sacrifice of praise, in that holy resolve to NOT BE MOVED, to remain positioned FRONT LINE IMPARTATIONS OF REVIVAL FIRE were being released.
As the impartation of His fire was being released, suddenly a chess board appeared in front of me and the Lord was “Locking His people into position”. He is raising up His army right now, and this week is a week where He is placing His people in position in the spirit to be ready to release the impartations He has placed in their hands, to lead this end time revival.
There is something VERY significant about this week, about our positioning, the impartations we are receiving and His positioning of us.
I had a dream last night about the Lord moving His people into new levels, promotions and increase from this week. It’s not “coming”, it’s HAPPENING and there is such pressure from all angles this week to “change the subject” (from He is good to doubting His nature and love because of circumstances) but there is a heavy weight on your “YES” to Him this week. Your sacrifice of praise and your “YES” amidst the mess. A birthing is happening right across the body of Christ this week that seeing impartations being received and released all across the body of Christ.
A positioning happening in the spirit this week that is going to be significant for you in the end time revival that is upon us. Not only will the impartations He is releasing from His heart and through His people in connections give you the “foot up” into the next level, it is breaking boxes that God has been placed in. It’s opening up new levels and areas of forerunning and ground that has NOT been walked on before. It is not only opening up increase, but increase upon increase.
Your alignment and positioning this week is key. Whether you see it with your natural eyes or not, your “YES” this week is positioning you for further steps of DESTINY. Your “YES” this week is going to unlock glimpses of your role and call in this coming end time revival that is being released across the earth. Get ready for the Lord to take you to different places in the spirit, different nations, different places to begin to show you on a glimpse of what the new wineskin and move of His Spirit is going to look like and your role in the revival that we are on the brink of.
There is a promotion happening in the spirit this week through the mess, through the mystery, through the stretching, through the tension. A holy dissatisfaction is coming upon the people of God and the seed for “MORE” is being released in encounters from heaven. A deeper level of travail and hunger is taking over the people of God as they are positioned in Him, and the cries that will explode from their hearts is preparing them for the fire of God to be released through them in unprecedented levels and the Spirit of God moving to prepare and make way for the fire of revival. The Lord is shifting things in the spirit and the natural to see His government established.
The army of God are getting into position this week. Your are taking your place at a whole new level this week in the spirit through your YES amidst the mess.
I felt the Lord say that as we stay positioned, He is moving His people into a deeper level of the manifestation of Matthew 11:12:
“From the moment John stepped onto the scene until now, the kingdom of heaven is entered into by force, and passionate people have taken hold of its power.”
In the stretching, in the mystery, in the tension, in the mess, in the disappointment, in the expectancy, in the hunger, in the triumphs, in the waiting… your YES to Him is positioning you for more. Nothing has been wasted. There is a righteous anger for injustices rising up all across the body of Christ in the spirit this week that is birthing warriors to take back ground that was ‘seemingly’ lost. But in this radical arising and force led by His Spirit, MORE GROUND is being taken than was “seemingly lost”.
Strategic impartations of His fire to position you further in your destiny is here. You have a part to play in the revival the Lord is about to release on the earth and your contending is not only bringing an extending WITHIN YOU, but an extending AROUND YOU. You are advancing higher, deeper and wider than you have before. Examine your position and your hearts this week for your greatest increase and impartations are being released from this week.
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  • Mikael

    Thanks Lana. I read your messages and they seem to describe perfectly what is going on in my soul. I think that your words are God’s Words.
    Mikael from Italy

  • Chsrlene

    Wow! Of all days, I have spent most if today with My Lord with expectancy in this new year. I was called into this mighty spiritual battle a year ago today according to the Hebatical calendar. I receive that word as God showed me the hour of the Lord us st hand. He is showing us Grace now as there will be NO Grace during the tribulation.

  • Rae Graber

    The command to not move and not be moved is SUPER important! I see the image of a magnifying glass focusing the rays of the sun. If you move the glass, the sunlight cannot be properly focused, but if you will hold it perfectly still, the sunlight will come to a point and it will IGNITE A FIRE! The fire of God igniting within us is dependent upon our stillness. If we will be still and know that He is God, His Fire will begin to burn within us and we will be as Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration!
    Long ago I was crying out to the Lord about why there was such weakness, sickness, and a deep slumber in the church and He showed me that within the Body there are coals (individuals earnestly yearning and burning for Him) but they were spread out and disconnected from each other. Then He showed me if the goals were brought together in to a pile where they all touched, the heat would amplify and turn into a HOT BLAZE!
    I believe the strategic networked positions Lana is seeing is for the bringing together of the coals to set hearts ablaze so the Bride can Wake Up and make Herself ready!

  • Lily Robertson

    hey love this my birthday is today 17th Birthday great timing
    I love the new birthing season love the new impartation
    God bless you Lana Vawser

  • Yony Felipe

    God bless you Lana! I believe every single word you said were being said directly to me as I never heard of you and came to this site by ‘coincidence’ .. I have felt a different move I my spirit this week and I am positioning myself very differently than before. It just felt as a confirmation that what I am doing is right on point with God’s plans for me!
    God Bless you!