Prophetic Words


Lana Vawser
Over the last week or so the Lord has laid pioneers and forerunners heavily on my heart. Those that are pioneering with the Lord and forerunning, the Lord showed me that the fire has been turned up seven times hotter. There have been incredibly intense fiery trials against many of you in the last while. You have wondered what’s going on or what you have done wrong or if you have missed what God has asked you to “Pioneer” through misunderstanding.
The Lord showed me that this isn’t about “you have done something wrong” or “you have got it wrong” the Lord showed me that there is an intense FIRING upon the PIONEERS right now. There is an intense PURIFICATION BY FIRE that is taking place upon you and the Lord has you. There has been fire of the enemy that has been turned up, but there is also the fire of the Lord that has increased to bring forth a further purification of the heart and purification of the vision that He has given you.
This is not a bad thing, this is an incredible good thing. It is painful and it is hard, but the Lord showed me that you are actually INCREASING into ALL that He has for you. This is actually a place of PROMOTION. This is actually a place of significant birthing of increase IN YOU stepping into who you are in Him and what you are called to and major increase of the VISION of what He has called you to pioneer and to build.
I heard the Lord decree two words over the Pioneers and the forerunners:
Then instantly I heard 1 Chronicles 4:10:
Jabez called upon the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from harm so that it might not bring me pain!” And God granted what he asked.” (English Standard Version)
You may feel like you have gone backwards, you may feel “hidden” in the fire, but this is actually the place of God’s deepest work of preparation in your heart and in the vision He has given you to prepare you to step into the greatest EXPANSION and ENLARGEMENT of the vision that He has given you. He is purifying, strengthening and fortifying.
I had a vision and I saw the eyes of the Lord fall upon FOUNDATIONS. It was the FOUNDATION of the heart and FOUNDATION of the vision. The Lord was removing roots in the foundations and repairing cracks in the foundations where there were things that had taken root and found their way in that were not of Him. Lies, unbelief, man made ways that were not the way He was moving and building. I heard His voice thunder “THIS IS THE DIVINE RESTRUCTURE”
God is RESTRUCTURING things and it is not a bad thing, it is gloriously good and it is a new wineskin so that He can pour in more new wine than you have ever seen or experienced. He is preparing you for the greatest move of His Spirit in your life and through the vision He has given you. He is making changes. He is shifting things around. In the RESTRUCTURING it is requiring DEEPER TRUST. Trust Him and know that He is leading you, preparing you and making room for the King of Glory to step in like you have never seen before. (Psalm 24:7-9)
The vision shifted and I saw puzzle pieces all over the world. What struck me was SO many of these puzzle pieces were in hidden places. I knew instantly that the puzzle pieces represented the PIONEERS. I saw some of these pioneers that were SO hidden, they weren’t “known” in the christian world, but they were KNOWN BY HIM and KNOWN IN HEAVEN. Their faithfulness in stewarding what God has asked them to build was stunning. It had moved the heart of God. It was from mother’s stewarding the vision and pioneering new strategies and heavenly wisdom in raising their kids, there were people pioneering in the medical realm, there were people pioneering with the Holy Spirit in the Church, there were people pioneering in the business mountain, the education mountain, the governmental arenas etc. I saw that these hidden ones have come under such incredible assault, fire and opposition of late but the breaker has been set now to turn the tables and bring a HUGE shift. There are major rewards being poured out from heaven for their faithfulness and obedience.
From the hidden ones to the pioneers that are known in the body of Christ and the earth, I saw them as puzzle pieces and they were coming together carried by the wind of the Spirit. As the puzzle joined together it formed a Scripture:
““Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. ” (John 14:12ESV)
The Lord showed me that in this new era the Pioneering Spirit of God is increasing significantly in the new thing (Isaiah 43:19) God is doing and as the Pioneering Spirit of God moves in the earth and upon the Pioneers there is coming a MAJOR demonstration of John 14:12. We haven’t arrived there yet, but it is coming. A collective powerful demonstration greater than the works Jesus did. We are moving towards this in this new era and seeing God entrust the Church and the Pioneers with greater demonstrations of His power than has EVER been before. There is ‘world changing’ breakthrough that is going to flow through the Pioneers that is going to bring radical transformation, change and impact GENERATIONS. People will be drawn from NEAR AND FAR to the fire of God that is going to increase on the VISION of what He has given the Pioneers and what He is building through the vision and its extension.
I heard the Lord say:
“You have not even seen the tip of the iceberg yet. There are greater things to come, greater than you have ever imagined. The PURIFYING FIRE of My hand is NECESSARY to prepare My people and the PIONEERS to move with Me and the leading of My Spirit, walking in revelation of their authority to see My Kingdom established in the earth, My Glory revealed and My goodness and salvation resound like never before.”
“The fire is removing the mixture! The fire is removing the dross! The fire is fortifying, strengthening and establishing. The enemy has come with the fire turned up but ALL THINGS the enemy meant for harm, I am turning for good. As there has been the fire of the enemy against you and as there has been the fire of My Spirit bringing purification in all things, I decree that there shall now be a DOUBLE PORTION released upon you My faithfulness Pioneers as you listen to My heart and move where I am moving and build as I am building.”
The vision shifted again and I saw the opposition of the enemy that’s coming against the Pioneers and their vision and I watched as the enemy pushed hard against them and the vision and the Pioneers kept pushing back. The “pushback” and “pushing back and forth” has been long and it has been hard and many Pioneers are weary from the “push back” and have been wanting to give up. I then heard the Lord say “RESISTANCE TRAINING”. What many Pioneers didn’t see was in the wrestle, in the pushing “back and forth” there was a HUGE increase of FAITH within the Pioneers God was building. Whether they felt it or not, God was increasing FAITH on the inside. There was an intense fortification taking place where the ONLY OPTION was God and His Word. That beautiful yet painful place was the place of the greatest establishment in Him. In the “PUSHING BACK AND FORTH” God was increasing faith muscles that SUDDENLY there will be a shift, SUDDENLY by the Spirit of God ALL hope deferred will be healed, and there will be a MAJOR release to many PIONEERS – A GIFT OF FAITH. Suddenly the tables will turn from pushing continually in the wrestle to living on the OFFENSE in faith, victory and authority and suddenly beginning to take more ground and in greater acceleration than ever before. No longer shaken by “second heaven” antics, but rooted in Christ and His victory and His solution through His Word like never before.
In the “wrestle” and the “push back” God is weeding out and squeezing out anything that would hinder the Pioneers from living in deep rooted faith. God is bringing the Pioneers UP THE MOUNTAIN of intimacy and living deeper and higher in the reality of being seated in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6) and placing more faith in what God says and what He is doing rather than distracted by the “second heaven” and natural circumstances and placing faith there. This major shift and increase of faith is the platform to not only see major breakthrough and fulfilment of His promises but to believe for greater things than ever before as the blossoming of His promises manifests.
Lastly, I felt an ‘anxiety’ upon many Pioneers because of what they’ve endured and many not seeing the “fruit” YET of what God has promised. So those questions bubbled “Have I missed it?” “What have I done wrong?” “How can I extend the vision when I haven’t seen breakthrough yet?”
I heard the Holy Spirit say:
God is going to be speaking LOUDER and MORE CLEARLY than you have ever experienced before. God is going to CONFIRM the vision. God is going to give you such CLARITY like you have never experienced before in FURTHERING the vision and extending the vision. God is going to make things CRYSTAL CLEAR and more SPECIFIC than you have ever experienced. DO NOT be anxious and do NOT be afraid, just stay close to His heart, yielded, open, surrendered to Him and His ways because He’s turning up the dial of His voice.
Much of what God will cause you to do and EXTEND the vision will be IMPOSSIBLE and OUTSIDE your comfort zone. When this happens, can I encourage you, OBEY and OBEY COMPLETELY! Do not obey half-hearted, obey will ALL your heart and to the best of your ability.
“I have determined in my heart to obey whatever you say, fully and forever!” (Psalm 119:112 – The Passion Translation)
In that place you are going to see the POWER OF GOD meet your obedience and your “faith greenhouse” you have been cultivating with Him and you will see EXTRAORDINARY PROVISION of God like never before. He is going to PAY what needs to be paid for the vision. He is going to give you EXACTLY what you need for the extension. He is going to bring the right PEOPLE to birth the vision and it’s extension with you. He is going to give you ALL the resources and BEYOND for what you need to implement it all.
There will be a MAJOR explosion of EPHESIANS 3:20 that will manifest in your obedience.
“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you.” (The Passion Translation)
You are increasing into ALL God has for you Pioneers. Things are RAPIDLY SHIFTING AND CHANGING. Don’t fight it. Go with the transition. Embrace the fire of God to purify and fortify. KNOW that where the fires of the enemy has been turned up 7 times hotter, He is now going to DELIVER YOU and ADD to you. Your greatest preparation for the greatest demonstration and promotion from the HAND OF GOD is upon you. Yield! Surrender! Obey!
It’s a NEW DAY!