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Lana Vawser

Today I heard the Lord say “I am answering the cries in the hearts of many of My people who have become weary and disillusioned and are crying out “Lord, are you willing?” I am answering this question “I AM WILLING” and I am restoring hope, and INDEED I WILL DO IT”

Luke 5:12-14 was burning on my heart after the Lord spoke this.

One day, while Jesus was ministering in a certain city, he came upon a man covered with leprous sores. When the man recognised Jesus, he fell on his face at Jesus’ feet and begged to be healed, saying, “If you are only willing, you could completely heal me.”

13–14 Jesus reached out and touched him[a] and said, “Of course I am willing to heal you, and now you will be healed.” Instantly the leprous sores were healed and his skin became smooth. (The Passion Translation)

The Lord began to show me many in the body of Christ who have become disillusioned specially in the area of healing (physical, emotional, mental) and areas where they have sat on a promise for so long from the Lord and it has been such a long time of not seeing any movement or breakthrough and in fact the area where the Lord gave the promise, get worse. Hope deferred has set in and many have been struggling in secret before the Lord “God, are you even willing to heal me? Do you even want to move in this situation, in my body, in my life?”

Friends, that is the voice of hope deferred, that is the voice of weariness, that is the voice of discouragement and disappointment. The Lord is bringing His comfort to you. He knows that the battle has been long. He knows how hard it has been. He has not only been with you, but He has wept with you in the pain and the struggle but knowing that a greater day awaits you.

I feel the heart of God right now for those of you in this place, He wants you to know that OF COURSE He is willing. He gave it all at Calvary to make the way for eternal life, to make the way so you can walk in deep relationship with Him, to walk in His healing, in freedom and in the abundant life He purchased for you (John 10:10)

The battles have intensified, the struggles have increased, but that is NOT an indicator that you’re breakthrough is further away, it’s actually an indicator that you are closer than ever. The Lord is not only going to move FOR YOU and you will see a mighty demonstration of His power in your body and your circumstances, He is going to heal your heart. He is going to remove the hope deferred that has made the heart sick and He is going to lead you deeper into the place of promises fulfilled.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,

But when desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life. (Proverbs 13:12 AMP)

When hope’s dream seems to drag on and on,

the delay can be depressing.

But when at last your dream comes true,

life’s sweetness will satisfy your soul. (Proverbs 13:12 – The Passion Translation)


I heard the Lord say that for many “HOPE’S VOICE WILL RESOUND THIS WEEK”.

Things will SHIFT this week. Things will MOVE this week. Things will SHAKE this week. Things that OPPOSED will BOW this week. Hope’s voice is going to RESOUND this week. A MIGHTY restoration of HOPE will flood your hearts this week. A breath of fresh air will be released to you this week by the Spirit of God. It will not be by your own hands or something “you can do” it is going to be by the hands of God. God is going to show you this week just how WILLING He is. Be expectant! MANY hearts are going to SHIFT this week and the SOUND of HOPE will begin to resound again. You will watch hope deferred drain out of your heart as the Holy Spirit ministers to you and you will feel the first signs of NEW LIFE, RESTORATION, HOPE and JOY flutter in your heart again. 


I heard the Lord say “Pay attention to your dreams this week”. Expect the Lord to visit you in the night hours this week and minister to you. Ask for it. Expect it. 

I heard the Holy Spirit say “There will be divine TRAILERS released this week”

This week in dreams God is going to be releasing “divine trailers” of what is to come, what is about to unfold, what many are about to step into and this is going to begin the divine “ball rolling” of hope, excitement, joy and healing of the heart getting ready for the new land and assignments that He has for you. 


When the Lord spoke this I felt this was a two-fold word. The “script” of how things have been and things that have been written that have been in opposition to the promises of God and what He is speaking is going to SUDDENLY change. The revelation and manifestation of God’s power is going to SUDDENLY change the SCRIPT. Suddenly things are going to shift in the script.

I also felt the word “SCRIPT” was being used by the Lord to highlight “SCRIPTS” that are given by doctors of medicine to when you’re sick or battling disease/infirmity so I knew the Lord was speaking about physical health.

I then had a vision where there has been so much physical infirmity and disease many have bee battling without any signs of breakthrough, I saw Jesus stand before them and He handed them HIS SCRIPT and it said “SHIFT!!!!”  There is going to be SHIFTS in physical bodies and health this week for many. He is changing the SCRIPT decreeing there is a divine SHIFT that is about to take place by His hand in your body.

He’s changing the SCRIPT to SHIFT!

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