Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
This morning as I spent time with the Lord on January 1st, 2018, I kept hearing the Lord saying “I AM PAINTING A NEW PICTURE IN 2018, THINGS WON’T LOOK THE SAME!”
I had a vision where the Lord was painting on a completely blank canvas and He was painting new pathways, new doors, new connections, new assignments, new positions, new areas of focus for what He is going to do. With each brushstroke the atmosphere was filled with the sense of change. It wasn’t something to be afraid of, but something to be expectant about, because things won’t look the same.
As I watched Jesus painting, I saw a Scripture appearing in the middle of the canvas, a well known and loved Scripture:
“Make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life, and He will provide for you what you desire the most.” – Psalm 37:4 (The Passion Translation)
I have been prophesying for months now that I kept hearing the declaration in the Spirit “2018, the year where dreams really DO COME TRUE”.
There is going to be a great move of the Spirit of God in 2018 concerning hearts desires in greater ways. As you make God the utmost delight and pleasure of your life, He will provide for you what you desire most. Many have felt like 2017 was a year where there was a battle and waiting over these hearts desires. Some manifested, others didn’t. I saw an INCREASE of the manifestation of hearts desires in 2018 as you may Him the utmost delight and pleasure of your life.
The Lord is painting a new picture in 2018, things won’t look the same, but there will be a fresh impartation of hope, desires fulfilled and hearts full of vision for what He is doing and the future.
“Give God the right to direct your life, and as you trust Him along the way, you will find He pulled it off perfectly” – Psalm 37:8 (The Passion Translation)
If the painting and the brushstrokes of His hand take you completely by surprise in 2018, I want to encourage you to continue to give God the right to direct your life. Continue to trust Him along the way, and you will see that He pulled it off perfectly. I prophesy in Jesus name in 2018 you are going to see some of the greatest demonstrations of His handiwork, His timing, His goodness, faithfulness and creativity in orchestrating His plans for your life than you have seen before.
Trust Him with the new brush strokes of heaven for He is leading you into a land of increase, flourishing, blooming, harvest and reward. It may just look different to what you thought!
I heard the Lord say “2018 will see a new love for the Word of God birthed.”
There is an increase upon the Church right now where the Spirit of God birthing a greater awakening, hunger and returning to the Word of God. In 2018 I prophesy in the name of Jesus that there will be a NEW LOVE for the Word of God birthed in His people.
The Lord is going to increase the hunger within His people for the Word of God. He is going to increase the revelation of the necessity of living on the foundation of the Word of God and the truth of Scripture. I see a HUGE banqueting table opening up before the people of God to feast upon the Word of God in the secret place with Him. The depth of revelation, refreshing and life that will come from the Word of God in 2018 will ignite a fire within His people for the Word of God stronger than ever. Position yourself! Position yourself! Stay in the Word and wait for His fire! It’s coming!
Those who have found a dryness and lack of love for the Word of God, I decree in the name of Jesus that an igniting, an awakening, the fire of God is going to fall on your devotional time with the Lord and your eyes will be opened to the LIFE, the TRUTH and the POWER of God in the Word. I decree in the name of Jesus that you will be set on fire by the life of Jesus and the red letters in the Word in a fresh way. I decree a fresh and deeper love for Jesus and His Word exploding within your heart by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. I decree life changing encounters with God in His Word in 2018 in Jesus name. I decree the dry places are turning to BUBBLING BROOKS of living water from within the Word in Jesus name.
Many of you will see the POWER of the Word of God in 2018 to break chains, to heal, deliver, to set free, to save, to shift and change as you decree His truth in 2018. I decree SUDDENLY’s through the power of the spoken Word of God in your life in Jesus name.
Since I released the prophetic word a few days ago about “You are about to occupy new land” I have had the sense of turnarounds and suddenly’s burning within my heart.
I had a vision this morning of Jesus breathing upon the canvas He is painting in lives in 2018, and things that were disappointing, discouraging and challenging for many in their lives and especially in 2017 and they didn’t turn around, I saw the breath of Jesus in the new painting He is painting bringing forth turnarounds and suddenly’s. Even as I write this, the worship song playing in the background, Kristene Dimarco is decreeing “Just watch what He does” and that’s exactly what I felt in this vision. Just watch what He does.
I felt the Lord wants to encourage many, that He is NOT late. His timing is PERFECT and even though you may not understand why some things did not turn around or a suddenly didn’t manifest in 2017, hold on, for the timing of God is perfect and there are some amazing turnarounds and suddenly’s that are going to manifest in the new brushstrokes of heaven in your life in 2018.
You are going to be amazed!
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  • Mariela Figueira

    Amen!!, I received this prophetic word!, thank you for let God used you in so amazing ways!!, I asked God to confirm what He told me with you and He did it!, that was amazing!!

  • Meshack Baloyi

    Father I do not want to do anything of my own in 2018, guide me, lead me and direct every step of my way and paint Your picture about my life and not me painting my own picture in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Nahomie Riche

    Amen. The Lord is still encouraging me to go forward. He’s given me more encouragement which had strengthrened me and took my discouragement away from not Crossing Over in 2017. I have been in The Wilderness Season for about 11 years now. There’s a lot of things The Lord has spoken to me during those times and it increased as I grew in Him. I know the day will come when His work in me will reach its fullness, the fullness He sees its good to reach at this time. Anyways I know ultimately The Lord is doing His good work and one day I will be ever so grateful. My pain and warfare haven’t been to bad today. Not overwhelming like it usually is. Felt some strength and joy. I hoping this is it. Can’t help but to hope until the set time have come..I can’t thank you enough for The Words of The Lord that you have shared Lana. One of my favorite ways to hear from The Lord is by your ministry and I know what you have spoken is true. God bless you and your family and Happy New Year.?

  • Shirley Ganesan

    Thank you Lanar it’s truly a word for 2018 his timing .Thank you for hearing da Fathers heart may God continue to bless you .

  • Julie McCarley

    I am so excited as I read this! We’ve gone through so much these past few years, but this makes my heart sing with joy! I’m learning to trust Him in new ways! Thank You Lord!

  • LightWriters

    Alleluia!!! This is so exciting…. I am giving Him glory shouts all over the place!!! Blessed overflowing anointed New Year and 2018, dear Lana –this word you shared from God’s heart SO very profoundly echoes a word He gave me some years ago, which I thought Ahe had forgotten about, but which He spoke to my heart about again recently! saying it will at long last be manifesting as His promise ‘in season’ — in 2018…
    GOD IS NEVER LATE!! Amen—praise His wonderful and oh so precious Name!!!

  • Martin Addy

    I know God does not do a thing w/o first telling His prophet. THANK YOU! I’m excited to see the fresh new paintings of God in my life and in my household.

  • Mark A James

    That Canvas beloved Ones is your Soul where He allow writes/paints His New yes very New covenant with His body of believers as the Spirit writes a New Name that nobody “Knows” the Name He’s writing on this canvas but “YOU” as He most untimely is Coming to you closer and closer as He occupies the Holy eternal Land of “YOU” Yes you are His building Plan His canvas where All becomes New as we/you must be Abiding in Him the Life-Giving breathing Spirit where these TWO as are our SPIRIT and Soul are becoming One wholly and Holy Spirit of our Precious Precious Lord Jesus Come……

  • Angela

    We receive this beautiful word…we say YES to you Lird…be it done to us and through us according to your word !

  • Elizabeth Frazier

    You are the master painter, the Divine designer, masterful conductor…have your way in our lives that we could make such a sweet music of Praise unto You, as these events unfold on the path before us. Bless your name Lord Jesus! Bless you Father, welcome Holy Spirit….

  • Danen Doneske

    “2018 the year of the golden New Beginnings for us all. The stuff that dreams are made of when His glory does fall. The outpouring of the rainstorm of the spirit of knowledge and truth. The glory light you shall be reborn hear it perfect health and youth! ” 12/30/17

  • Catherine Lee

    God Bless YOU in this NEW Year 2018, 5778 Lana! I pray this NEW Year is filled with such GREAT mercies, grace, favor, health, wealth, peace, happiness, joy and LOVE for you and your family from the very treasure vaults of Heaven that Father God will pour out exceeding gifts and blessings more than YOU can ever imagine or think to ask for. Thank you for continually serving our Father ABBA in encouraging US, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus with edifying words of LIFE! Happy NEW Year and Shalom!

  • Debbie

    Awesome God thank You for that word. I take that word and say Amen to that.
    Thank you again Lana for being faithful to what God is declaring to you.

  • ALEX McDonald

    we are the BRIDE of CHRIST,In so many ways it has been like a Cinderella Story for many Feeling Ostracised ,Isolated and Rejected,dealing with so much Persecution and defamation and Lies EVEN FORGOTTEN,One of the Biggest things we have had to deal with was HOPE DEFERRED,as the enemy of our soul is a THIEF and a LIAR,in Proverbs it says HOPE Deferred Makes the HEART SICK BUT when the DESIRE COMES {to Pass]
    it is a WELL SPRING of LIFE, SPRING UP O WELL Within MY SOUL Spring up O WELL and MAKE ME WHOLE {praise song we USED to SING]
    this word By Lana is a true Word in Season for us ALL,I Have been speaking Decreeing Lord LET your FIRE FALL,Lord your GLORY IS In and UPON US LET IT BE MANIFEST TANGIBLY Like Never Before,I work in security and I was in a Place where all the People were Celebrating NEW YEAR at Midnight and as I was People watching I was so aware of the Love and Grace of GOD fro the People,I just kept hearing the Holy Spirit Say The father Loves These People Jesus Blood was shed for THEM,And I was Praying for them to Be Convicted by The Holy Spirit and be Manoevred into a position to Hear the Gospel full gospel of salvation and deliverance,Thank you Lord for Breathing your Spirit Upon us AFRESH This Year and All Our Hopes and Dreams Come TO Pass and Like Cinderella WE SHALL GO TO THE BALL,[The Wedding Of The Lamb] Thanks Lana Be Blessed in this New SEASON and New YEAR.Amen

  • gmarchet

    This is a POWERFUL word and I am choosing to believe it even though I have waited for so long to see turn arounds and have only seen things get worse…I’m trying not to be skeptical. “Hope defered makes the heart sick, but the desire granted is a tree of life.” Prov 13:12. I’m longing for the Fathers intervention and claiming it is done by faith while I wait to see Jesus’s enemies, and mine, to be made His foot stool. Heb 10:13. Blessings of YHVH

  • Dori Westrick

    Hallelujah! My son has been wrongly accused and arrested for the same paperwork error 2 times on a “hick up” some how on the online transaction of a gun permit against the State of Indiana and City/county. Court 3 times . appealing the State. We have paperwork he did it. The system blocked it somehow . and now its rejected…. This absolutely looks different than we thought. Its been very dark since July 13,2017. NIGHTMARE! The system doesn’t always work right and this is a huge battle! He was 19 , now is just 20 and this was not the future we have believed and prayed for our son since before he was BORN!Fired from job… but rehired in limbo. MUST keep in trust and REST in GOD! Next court date 2/6/2018! Then TRIAL 3/22 unless breakthrough for this gun /firearms license. God must move it. We keep being stopped.Praying for Gods timing. Trying to PRAISE IN THE LINING UP! AND KEEP MY SON ENCOURAGED IN THE PROMISES and POWER OF GOD!

  • deb4chico

    I’m confused because last year was meant to be the year of breakthroughs according to so many prophecies, but it really wasn’t…so now it’s gonna be 2018?

  • SLN

    The very FIRST week of 2018 has already been miraculous. We can feel the shift of His favor already, after a grueling and extremely difficult 2017 with literally thousands of rejection letters and unemployment for our whole family, God has unexpectedly started to change things for the better. Hallelujah!!! God is awesome.

  • L. Shirley Harvey

    Where have you been all my life. I am one of those over 55 folks who still feel like I am 25 who are looking for evidence that God is knitting us together. Somehow, we should be able to use the internet to do it. I never heard of you until a few minutes ago. We should make up an index or table of contents. Your message on restoration and more was very timely for me. There in so much corruption going on in government to include cities. In Richmond, Virginia, the public officials are robbing people of their tax payments. It is a slick scam that often targets seniors. Please pray with me that this scam will be exposed and the citizens will receive what they have lost. Also pray that President Trump will soon learn of the plight of our citizens and stand with us. L. Shirley Harvey