Prophetic Words


Today I heard the Lord say “out of the fire and into the water”. Immediately I had a sense of what the Lord was saying. There has been some VERY intense fiery trials that many have been walking the last few years, but especially this year. For many would say that this has been one of the hardest years of their lives, walking fire, after fire, after fire and the level of intimidation of the enemy and warfare has been on a whole other level.
I was struck by the deep need in this encounter for refreshment and rest for these battle weary saints. The Lord spoke again “out of the fire and into the water” and this time I saw a HUGE well appear before them. The Lord was inviting them deep into the well.
There was a deep refreshment and rest the Lord was wanting to bring to them in hiddenness. It was deep in the hiddenness of His Word, deep in rest in His living water and a place of deep strengthening of heart, mind, body and soul.
As I watched many begin to climb into the well, the well would turn to a river. Then from a river back to the well. Over and over again. The Lord spoke in that moment:
“You will be WELL in the River” and I knew the Lord was speaking WELLNESS and a RESTORATION of health physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally over these ones as the climb into the well. It was a promise of healing. It was a promise of rejuvenation. It was a promise of refreshment, strengthening, empowerment, restoration and deliverance.
He then spoke again:
There was a call upon these ones from the heart of God to not only prioritise REST in this season, but the Lord was also bringing them into a place of deeper rest in Him, and in the revelation of His Word and the power of His promises. This deeper place of rest that the Lord was bringing them into was such a deep place of healing, sustenance, refreshment and bringing strength back to them.
The Lord was bringing such deep rest to the soul (Matthew 11:28, Psalm 23:1—2) and such deep refreshment. I then began to hear someone singing over each one of these people and I knew immediately it was our Beloved Jesus and He was singing songs of comfort, songs of love, songs of peace, songs of SHALOM, songs of hope, songs of deliverance and songs of SOOTHING over these ones. I began to hear the sound of deep sobs and I knew that the pain, the grief and trauma of the season was coming out of them. They were crying out all the pain and trauma as Jesus was healing them and loving them back to life again.
I heard His whisper again “You will LAUGH in the WELL” and there was such a sense of JOY that filled the atmosphere. I could hear the sound of laughter coming from deep in the well and the Lord said “Many have lost their laugh. This season has been so hard for so many of My people, there have been so many tears and hardship they have forgotten what it is to laugh and to have joy in My presence.”
Proverbs 31:25 surrounded me “She is clothed with strength and dignity,and she laughs without fear of the future.”
I was reminded of Brian Simmon’s commentary on this verse “The virtuous and victorious bride has no fear of the days to come. She contemplates eternity and her forever union with the Bridegroom”
There was a sound of victory the Lord was birthing in the place of rest for these ones in the revelation of victory in union with Christ and the eternal heavenly perspective. The intense intimidation and fear that many had faced over in this season that was creating a foreboding and fear of the future was melting away in the revelatory truths the Lord was awakening them to.
He then spoke again:
“Rest for a while so you will RUN WELL”
Friends, I want to encourage you. Don’t fight against the moment in this season where God is telling you to rest for a while. Don’t try to keep going and pushing through when God is calling you into a time to rest with Him and in Him so you can HEAL WELL in Him. Some of you need to hear today that the Lord cares more about YOU and your wholeness and wellness than what you can DO for Him.
This is but a divine PIT STOP to refuel you, to heal you, to strengthen you, refresh you and rejuvenate you so you may RUN WELL in the days to come. Embrace it, it’s a beautiful session of going deeper into the well with Him and into the depths of the ocean of His love and rivers of His living water that will establish you and increase you for the days to come.