Prophetic Words


This morning I had an encounter with the Lord and I saw the Lion of Judah and He was standing before many of God’s people and I knew these ones were battling HUGE amounts of fear. There was such an intense foreboding that surrounded these ones and they were being tormented by this spirit of fear and intimidation. Some of them tormented day and night, lately.
I began to see them literally “shaking in their shoes”, trembling with fear as the voice of this spirit of fear spoke loudly of “things to come”. There was a loud narrative of lies and “this is going to happen” – the sound of foreboding was loud.
I then saw the Lion of Judah poised before them and He had a purple sash over Him and a golden crown on His head and around His neck was a necklace engraved with Psalm 91. He was so royal, so fierce, so Majestic, so beautiful, so Mighty! He was the King! The Lion of Judah!
I heard the Lord speaking over these ones “I am your Lion, King and I am protecting you”
There was such a strong sense of His love, His comfort and His protection surrounding these ones. There was a deeper call into abiding in Him and abiding in the shadow of the Almighty. There was a DEEP call into His Word, and I heard the Lord say “I am ESTABLISHING YOU in TRUTH!!!”. It was SO clear that the narrative fear was spewing were LIES and opposite to the TRUTH of what God was speaking and its intention was to cripple and cage, when God was speaking a season of FREEDOM, DELIVERANCE, UNLOCKING and INCREASE.
The Lord showed me this spirit of fear has been ferocious against these ones but He spoke “I am ferociously covering and protecting you”. When He roared NOTHING could come close.
A mighty deliverance from the spirit of fear and intense foreboding was taking place in encounters with the Lion King.