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By Lana Vawser
Over the past few days, the Lord has been speaking to me about the deeper call to surrender and yieldedness that is upon the body of Christ right now. 
There is increase happening in instances where the Lord is leading His people right now to do things that seem completely opposite to what makes sense in the natural. 
This deep sense hasn’t left me and this phrase has been going over and over in my head “out of the box and out of the boat.” 
The Lord is calling His people to a deeper level of trust right now. He is asking His people to move in new directions, to step out into areas that are way past comfort zones, to lay things down, to step out into new things, but they are things that are completely unexpected. 
Where He is asking you to pick up something, step into something, lay down something, move in a different way – all to what you expected – He is already there! There is GRACE for it, and He is leading you to something greater and bigger than you have ever imagined. You and I just need to be willing to obey and say YES, even when we don’t understand. 
BUT, in the stepping out of the box, stepping out of the boat, stepping out into Holy Spirit led risk, you are stepping into more anointing, more increase, more provision, more breakthrough than you could have ever imagined. 
Doubt and fear would come to say “you are stepping into less”, but the truth is, in the stepping out into what “doesn’t make sense” in the natural, you are actually stepping out into greater ACCELERATION, BREAKTHROUGH and INCREASE.
Those areas where people will look and say “That doesn’t make sense you are doing that”, “That is so completely opposite to the natural, logical thing to do, but as God’s people stick to what God has said, stick to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, God is going to breathe upon the most UNEXPECTED PLACES and bring LIFE, FAVOUR, INCREASE and ACCELERATION. 
God’s eyes are falling upon the LOWLY PLACES!!!!!! (Google Definition: low in status or importance, humble)
The greatest move of the Spirit of God bringing breakthrough in this season will be seen in the most unexpected and lowly places. The most unexpected of doors and opportunities, but the BREATH of God upon these places, opportunities and areas of our lives, is going to produce the most beautiful and incredible fruitfulness. 
We must, must, must, must remain yielded to Jesus. This season is requiring even deeper surrender. Even deeper leaning into His heart to hear what He’s saying. 
The out of the box, and out of the boat place is EXCITING because it’s opening up DESTINY and BREAKTHROUGH on unprecedented levels.


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  • Richard Davidson

    Amen and Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes Lord Jesus!!!!! 🙂 <3 Hallelujah, Thank You Lord Jesus and sister Lana, Amen!!!!! 🙂 <3

  • Susan M

    Yes…yes…YES!!! Lana, this is SO powerfully attuned in the Spirit. What a wonderful exhortation. (Thank You, Jesus for drawing us closer and for meeting us in the humble, unexpected miraculous places where Your heart longs to bring us breakthrough!!).

  • Natascha Wagner

    Thank you Lord for speaking through Lana. And thank you Lana for stretching out to His wisdom so yiu can interprate accurately. The words you speak are truely from God, and confirm us in the commission He gave my husband and me.
    Lord, bless and protect my sister in Jesus’ Name.

  • Yolanda

    Word in season. Wish I could hear directly from the Lord myself! To be in His presence everyday! You are blessed beyond comprehension.

  • Paula Judge

    Oh sweet sister, this is such a powerful and true word from the heart of our LORD! Thank you! Praying for you and your ministry!

  • Charlene from Tennessee

    This happens repeatedly that I have a word I’m saying for several days and then I read the same here. For instance, I’ve been saying at work for the last few days that it’s time to think out of the box. What is that?? I think I have my is that the words have become Word (capital W). Would that be correct?

  • Eveg.John Brinson

    Hi lana.
    I am new.. I follow you on elj-list
    And woow.lana my friend I need your help
    I have been called to ministry a long time ago
    I stepped out and i got it won’t step out until I know when and where God won’t me.!! Thank lana.

  • Serene

    Awesome and confirming unusual happenings not biz as usual hallelijah for encouraging and confirming words! The PATRIOTS won! I never ever watched football but said they must win as symbols from heavenly realms in Jesus Christ our reigning Savior amen

  • Colleen Morrison

    Wow, Lana! That really hit the mark! The Lord told me yesterday in church that he wanted “ME” to start a home bible study on Victory through Renewing Your Mind and another one on Wives being submissive, loving, respectful and honorable to their husbands. When I got the second one, I thought: That’s going to go over like a lead balloon!!!!
    Well, I had asked the Lord to use me and that I surrendered ALL of my life to Him! He took me at my word! Now, it’s move Out of the Box and Out of the Boat! Here “WE” go! Thanks for the confirmation of doing the unusual. I was beginning to talk myself out of it!
    Colleen Morrison