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Hi, Friends
We just realised that the delivery service we used for our emails was out for a week or so. We apologise for that, we invite you to have a look at the website to see what you missed. I will re-send today’s post, as well as yesterday’s to catch you up a little.
Today, Lana felt to release a special word this week, on video. It is uploaded to our website, if you’d like to see it please click on the link below, it should take you there.
We will keep the link alive for a week or so after then it will remain on our MEDIA page.
For those who have been waiting for Lana’s first book, Desperately Deep to be available again (not to be confused with her upcoming book, The Prophetic Voice of God, due Oct 2018), it has finally been put back on the press. We’ve mad a few adjustments and polishes, and we hope it blesses you. The book is available on Amazon, in paperback and kindle. HERE IS A LINK TO THE AMAZON PAGE:
We pray you are having a blessed day, and have a great week!
Kevin and Lana Vawser
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  • Barbara L Armijo

    Reminds me of how none of my re-posts of the wonderful CPAC 2018 speeches ‘show’ on my FB page. Gulag alert? I texted the FCC, who had one of the great speeches, and my governor. I wonder if they got them. Praise God!

  • Patti Adams

    Lana, I am so grateful for U, particularly this video word. It is confirmation of so many things God has spoken to my heart! My journey has been long & difficult, but I can see God’s hand upon my life & the dreams He has put in my heart. I am praying & waiting for God’s provision & am so encouraged by this word. I will tell u more as God opens the doors to make this dream come to life. I really needed this word of confirmation, Thank U so much!!!

  • Nahomie Riche

    Thank you Lana. Encouraging Word, I know it’s from The Lord. Was down again, the pain was too much, feel like I have no energy. Thats was my week last week and today. The Lord has been speaking but I’m so tired. I’m so tired of the process, transformation process, because of all the pain. I want to do things but I can’t because of all the pain and I spend hours ministering deliverance to myself to feel some sort of relief. Ofcoarse its with The Lords help but Hes not allowing me to feel much comfort. It’s the Refiners fire I’m in and it’s terrible. I’m in pain all the time. There’s some days better than others where pain isn’t to bad but not many. This has been my life for the last few years. I’m so tired, I hate it. To brush my teeth is a challege, to use the bathroom, to bathe. To get out of bed it’s painful, to be in bed it’s painful all from demonic attacks. I want it to be over. Praise His Holy Name

  • Catherine Ann Lee

    God Bless You Lana! I decree over you for every word of blessing you pour out, you will reap one hundred fold return of financial, relational, spiritual, physical blessings beyond your ability to contain it all, in Jesus name! Thank you for being an example of such great faith and joy in the family of faith within the Kingdom of our Father God. I am truly inspired and encouraged by your Prophecy, Decrees, Encouragement and your heart for all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who are able and ready to receive God’s word, hope and love through you. Thank you for being the light we all need. Father, I ask for such dunamis power and blessings to overtake Lana’s life that she will never strive, toil or labor again in this or any season to come because of her beautiful heart and your outpour of provision and wealth transfer which will catapult and accelerate her to the highest pinnacle of overflow. May you pour out from the storehouses of Heaven and cause her bank accounts, vineyards, storehouses to multiply in such a way Father that all will be amazed at and in wonder of your love for her in a real tangible, visible way and your name will be glorified in the Earth as all will witness the goodness of you love, grace and supernatural favor poured into Lana’s life in this week, the weeks to come and all throughout this season. Thank you Jesus, in your name I pray, AMEN!

  • rosalyn lopez

    Thank you, thank you , Thank you dear Lord Jesus! Yes and amen! i receive and believe this message. Thank you so much Lana! God bless you abundantly!