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As I sat with the Lord today, He was highlighting ALIGNMENTS to me again. He was speaking to me about the SURPRISE ALIGNMENTS that are taking place right now in this season. There is a deep shifting and shaking of alignments taking place. In this "shifting and shaking" of alignment, the Lord is creating new bridges of connection and networking in the body of Christ. In this "SHIFTING AND SHAKING", He is "MOVING AND SHAKING!".

We must be leaning in, in this season to be following where the Spirit of God is leading in the aligning and the networking. He is establishing alignments that we have only ever dreamed of, and He is shaking alignments that He has not established.

All of the "SHIFTING AND SHAKING" of alignments right now is not a bad thing, it is to position us as the people of God in our God given destinies for the "NEXT STEPS" that He has for us and the strategic people and alignments that we must be standing with in this season as we act as catapults and bridges for each other. He is establishing and re-establishing healthy networks in the body of Christ.

As this "SHIFTING AND SHAKING" of alignments is taking place I saw GLORIOUS NEW ASSIGNMENTS being established and SUDDENLY birthed. In the "joining" of these new alignments the Lord was releasing an increase and promotion in assignments.


I heard the words "Be okay with DIVINE INTERRUPTIONS". The Lord is bringing DIVINE INTERRUPTIONS in this season. Be okay with the divine interruptions, if He goes in a completely different direction to what you were expecting, embrace it, embrace Him, follow Him, because He is leading you into MO


In these new alignments and joint assignments I saw the Lord releasing a "key" to MAKING ROOM for Him and instantly I saw what looked like an "upper room" and there was a lot of prayer, intercession and waiting on the Lord taking place. I then heard the Lord say "In these new alignments and joint assignments PRAYER MUST BE the PRIORITY." There was such an increase in prayer the Lord was calling His people to, as they "joined together" there were SUDDEN visitations and explosions of His power on a level that has NEVER been seen before.

I then heard Him speak again:

"As you pray in these alignments and assignments" I am moving and shaking by the power of My Spirit and making room to SET UP POWER STATIONS ACROSS THE NATIONS"

"Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down, That the mountains might quake at Your presence" (Isaiah 64:1)

The greatest illustrations and demonstrations of His POWER were going to be displayed through these POWER STATIONS. His POWER is falling and going to continue to fall and increase in SIGNIFICANT ways as we stay atuned to His Spirit and His leading. I saw His power falling like lightning, His voice like thunder and lightning but there was NO FEAR. NO FEAR but a release of the AWE OF GOD in these POWER STATIONS across the nations where the people of God fell before Him shouting "Glory, glory, the God of glory!"

"The lightning-fire flashes, striking as He speaks. God reveals Himself when He makes the fault lines quake; shaking deserts, speaking His voice. With fear and trembling man and beast are jolted with His voice like thunder, forests are laid bare. While in His temple all fall before Him each one shouting "Glory, glory, the God of glory! Above the furious flood, the Enthroned One lives, the King-God rules with eternity at His side. This is the One who gives His strength and might to His people. This is the Lord giving His kiss of peace." – Psalm 29:7-11 (The Passion Translation)


INCREDIBLE demonstrations of the power and Glory of God are upon us that are going to wreck us in the most glorious way, like we have never been wrecked before by the power of God and it is going to leave a HOLY SILENCE in many places as He COMES in POWER!!!!!! AWE! AWE! AWE! AWE ALL AROUND! He is breaking out of boxes displaying His incredible power.

"Things are about to get divinely MESSY as I lead My people deeper into the glorious undoing of who I am and My love. Some will feel completely out of control and on the outside it will look messy, but it is a PERFECTLY ORCHESTRATED HEAVENLY MESS as I BREAK boxes, limitations and expectations."

These POWER STATIONS across the nations ranged from churches, to home groups, to married couples and families praying, friends praying together, the invitation was open to ALL. The key was to LISTEN to where He is aligning and STEP IN and make ROOM for Him!!!

These power stations were seeing the power of God fall so incredibly, the people of God were being transformed, shining with His Glory like never before, activated in giftings old and new with significant increase, signs and wonders were exploding ALL AROUND and HIS POWER was exploding out of these places and bringing EARTHQUAKES in the spirit of BREAKTHROUGH to individual lives, cities and nations. The hardest of ground being BROKEN OPEN by the power of God testifying that it is NOT by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord. (Zechariah 4:6)

People coming in and out of these "power stations" were being healed, set free and delivered in an instant by the power of God. These "power stations" were seeing the power of God released into other networks, activating them and setting them alight and positioned into their destiny.

The power of God is being demonstrated in unprecedented ways right now, and it is about to increase in explosive ways. Get ready to be undone by His power, His goodness and love in unprecedented ways.

We are about to truly see… "THE KING IS HERE!"


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  • Rina

    HalleluYah and Amen! We call in those Divine Interruptions and Sudden Alignments to manifest and testify to His Glory! A few days ago I heard ‘Divine Appointments’ so I started calling in and releasing Divine Appointments over all Gods children all over the globe. Isaiah 43v13 (TLB) – From eternity to eternity I am God. No one can oppose what I do. God bless you Lana!


    Praise God, He is calling His people to gather, those who’s hearts He has prepared for such a time as this.

  • Marilee Alm

    The Lord responded about Azusa on heartdwellers:
    He began to speak, “I want everyone who is carrying their cross and laboring to know that the end is in sight. They need to know this, Clare. The journey has been long and extended many times, but now we are nearing that window of time when it must be accomplished. The Azuza prayer rally has made its mark on the Heart of the Father. How very edified He is to see this response in His people. They shall not go without their reward.”