Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
In March last year the Lord gave me a word to release to the church that as the acceleration comes to not move into manufacturing. Today, the Lord showed me something similar again as I believe we have entered the acceleration and it’s increasing and He is about to show up like we have never seen before.
I had a vision today where I saw two rooms before Me in the Spirit. One of the rooms was FULL of blueprint strategies, heavenly plans and divine insight. The other room looked like a room full of pipes, nuts and bolts and tools and had the sense of calculations all around, the feeling of trying to “work things out” and “calculate” what is happening or look for the “formula” of how things would work.
One room was full of light, glory, increase, peace and acceleration. The other room was full of emptiness, delay, blockage, and the atmosphere was full of “trying” and “striving”. The atmosphere of the second room felt like a mouse running on a wheel.
The Lord spoke to me and He said:
“The word over this season is not MANUFACTURE, the word over this season is MOMENTUM.”
MANUFACTURE: To make something; to invent or fabricate.
Synonymns: make, produce, mass-produce, build, construct, assemble, put together, create, fabricate, turn out, process, engineer, concoct, invent, devise, formulate, think up.
MOMENTUM: the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.
Synonymns: impetus, energy, force, power, strength, thrust, speed, velocity (Google)
As I looked around I saw the winds of momentum blowing all around, the winds of acceleration were so full, so strong, so beautiful, so orchestrated by hand of God.
I felt the Lord speak to me again:
“This is the season of momentum. It is the season where great acceleration is being released and things are happening suddenly. Favour is increasing significantly, I am moving swiftly, I am positioning, I am networking and connecting. I am activating, I am releasing, I am renewing, I am rebuilding. These are things that I am doing that I am inviting My people into, into partnership with what I am doing.”
“But My daughter, many of My people for many reasons are not happy with My timing and My way in this season, and I long to show them that what I am doing, and what I am planning and releasing is far better than they could ever imagine. My timing is perfect! My ways are perfect, but many are fighting against My timing and way in this season of acceleration and are moving into the MANUFACTURING ROOM. They are trying to build, extend, promote, work out and strategise that which I am not building, extending, placing favour upon and My heavenly strategy. As the acceleration increases, if the heart is not at rest in trust of Me, and My timing and My way, there will be a continued temptation to MANUFACTURE. Purity does not exist where there is manufacturing. I am cleaning, I am cleansing, I am purifying and I am building, but I am looking for the foundations where I can release the increase. I am looking for the foundations of humility, integrity, and a heart that is surrendered and yielded to Me. I am the King of Glory and I am coming in and coming through My people in this season. I am calling My people into position, to be ready, to have their lamps full of oil and their wicks trimmed. Not looking to borrow oil from others, but to be cultivating the secret place, their intimate place with Me. In this season of acceleration I am calling My people deeper into the secret place. I am calling My people to seek My heart, and to follow the leading of My Spirit and follow the strategy of My heart. For where there is manufacturing I will cause a delay out of My love, a divine frustration, to bring about a cleansing, healing and uprooting of what is causing the heart to move into the place of self promotion, striving, manufacturing and building, so that as My people embrace the fire and allow Me to do what I need to do to prepare them, I can then release more increase upon them and through them that they have ever received and carried. Out of My love there will be a divine delay and a divine frustrating because I want My people to have longevity and to go further than they ever have. I want them to be able to steward the move of My Spirit with sensitivity and not attempt to contain what I am doing in agenda or self-promotion. I do not want a contaminated flow, I want a pure flow, and I am working deeply within the hearts and lives of My people, so that out of the place of rest, and surrender to Me, I will be the one to exalt and add increase.”
“I am shaking everything that can be shaken in this season and what is not founded and rooted in Me will be shaken, but the areas that I am breathing upon, there will be more increase, favour, acceleration, open doors, provision and momentum in that area in one day, that could never happen in the natural.”
“I don’t think the way you think.
The way you work isn’t the way I work.”
God’s Decree.
“For as the sky soars high above earth,
so the way I work surpasses the way you work,
and the way I think is beyond the way you think.
Just as rain and snow descend from the skies
and don’t go back until they’ve watered the earth,
Doing their work of making things grow and blossom,
producing seed for farmers and food for the hungry,
So will the words that come out of my mouth
not come back empty-handed.
They’ll do the work I sent them to do,
they’ll complete the assignment I gave them. (Isaiah 55:8-11 MSG)
“My people do not try and work out what I am doing, do not try and ‘calculate’ in the natural what I am doing. Rest and trust Me and know that I am working FOR you and working something THROUGH you that is greater than you could imagine. KNOW that the plans that I have FOR YOU are better than you could imagine. KNOW that I am going to show up FOR you and THROUGH you in ways that you never thought possible. I am going to show Myself strong in and through you in this season, but there must be a level of surrender to Me that says “Whatever, however, whenever Lord, I want YOU and YOUR ways!!”
There is a great recalibration taking place in the body of Christ right now where the Lord is aligning hearts in surrender to His ways and His timing. Such a deep level of trust to really throw everything upon Him and know that what He is doing is far greater than we could imagine.
“I am breaking boxes My people. I am breaking agendas. This season of acceleration, this season of momentum, I am going to show up in power, and My Glory is going to be seen like you have never seen Me before, but do not try and box Me. I will not be contained. I am breaking boxes, and I am increasing hunger and faith, the purity of heart in My people that are not seeking self-promotion, nor seeking celebrity status, or value in ministry or what I have called them to, but laid down lovers who know My heart and I can trust to steward the increase that I am releasing. I am not looking for perfect people, I am looking not for those with great ability. I am looking for those with a heart that says “Lord I am Yours and I am available. I want Your will. Such increase and and positioning of great favour will come upon those who live laid down. It is not a place of ‘earning’ or getting things right, it is a place of surrender that is the great set place of positioning for increase.”
“When I show up in this season in great ways, when I show up in unexpected ways, throw the agendas aside. Throw the plans aside and give Me room to move. Do not allow fear of the ‘new thing I am doing’ cause you to hinder what I want to release. Do not hold on so much to the old because it is what you ‘know’, step into the new even when you don’t know what you’re doing. Trust Me, I will show up in unexpected and glorious ways, and when I do, trust Me and give Me the room to move, and you will see Me do something greater than you have ever seen. I am coming and what I want to release, I want to CONTINUE, not to trickle and end, but FLOW, FLOW, FLOW in UNSTOPPABLE MOMENTUM, but it requires a new wineskin to carry the new and fresh oil and wine I am coming to release.”
The Lord has been speaking to Me for a while in this season that we are moving into a time where we are going to see the greatest level of fruitfulness IN our lives and THROUGH our lives than we have ever seen.
Through partnering with the Spirit of God and embracing His fire, and the great awakening upon us to His goodness, our identity, our righteousness in Him, and the season of harvest, breakthrough and acceleration upon us, there is going to be SO MUCH FRUIT all around.
In this vision I had today, I kept seeing this very thing, and I heard Him say:
“As you continue to seek Me, live laid down and seeking Me in the secret place, I will show you what I am building, I will show you My strategy, I will show you My blueprint and where you SOW in those areas you will see greater fruitfulness, favour and momentum released and break through in suddenlies all around.”
“Many seeds of the past, I am breathing upon now and they are coming to life in sudden fruitfulness. I am resurrecting old dreams, prophetic words and laid down mantles, and they will suddenly be revived, picked up and run with in the wind of My Spirit that will see greater fruitfulness than you have experienced before.”
“Some strategies I will have you lay your hands to in this season may seem completely opposite to what you imagined, they may not make sense in the natural, but follow My leading, follow My prompting. Don’t follow what you have done before, or what you think will work, follow the blueprint I will release to you, strategies I will give you through My Word, and you will see MORE breakthrough and fruitfulness, favour and increase in those strategies than the ways that could be manufactured. The season upon the body of Christ is glorious, what I am doing and how I am going to show up in greater ways will leave you in awe, but you must make room through your surrender to Me.”


  • Joanna

    Oh Glory! Thank you Lana! The Lord has been showing me some of this & it explains so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord! ??

  • mackeysback

    As I was taking in these Words I copy an Excerpt from Lana’s writings here where she says: I am the King of Glory and I am coming in and coming through My people in this season. I am calling My people into position, to be ready, to have their lamps full of oil and their wicks trimmed. Not looking to borrow oil from others, but to be cultivating the secret place, their intimate place with Me. In this season of acceleration I am calling My people deeper into the secret place. Yes the “10” Virgins and yet as Jesus was saying “5” were foolish (unwise) in that their Vessels as He speaks here of their own “Souls” were Empty Meaning: they had No Oil of His Presence within them which is the Anointing so they could have the POWER to not just conquer and Overcome the World but so that they could and would become Intimately acquainted with Him as an Engagement to which the “5” Wise Virgin (souls) had the Oil of His Presence within them and they told the “5” Souls which represent the female essence of our being which is to be the Church as in His Body to Go and get your Oil from your Merchants which were the False Merchants promoting themselves ans a whole different Gospel then the One which belongs to our God alone Amen!

    • mackeysback

      Revelation 18:15 The merchants who became rich by selling her these things will stand at a distance weeping and mourning because they · fear · her torment. · the Light of a lamp WHICH is and should be the Oil in our Souls called Gods Holy Place will never again shine in you, and the voice of bridegroom which is Jesus and bride which is the True vessels or souls with the Oil of His Presence Within them will never again be heard in you; for · your “Merchants” Yes these are those FALSITIES were the great ones of the earth, and all nations were “Deceived” by · your magic spells. · Beloved can we Not See Here what the Spirit is saying? My prayer is we/you can and if need be TURN your Soul over to Him so He will enter your Upper room to Empower you with the Oil of His Presence so that you “KNOW” and are continuing to realize Him in your Inner Most being which is and Must be your Soul where the Spirit of Christ who is Jesus is Amen…

      • Thomas Nodoubt

        I can tell you are a Berean, my brother. Have you been hearing anything in the spirit about Levites? I have been hearing/sensing in the spirit a time to gather the Levites together.
        Is the Spirit calling those Levites to come together apart from the world to seek and search the scriptures? To understand more clearly so that we can then chew it down into bite size pieces so that we can serve it to the rest of the body of Messiah?
        Shalom, Thomas Nodoubt

        • Thomas Nodoubt

          Ouch! Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me, Father. I thank you that you spoke this message for my rebuke and my comfort in these days ahead. Father, I repent of all my striving s which I have done and turn all over to You.
          Thank you for leading and guiding me through this wilderness of striving, through the darkest of hours You were ever there even when I was so busy I forgot You. You never forgot me. Please forgive me First, to you my brothers and sisters here and most importantly to You Yahuwshua for because of my sin You were bruised and kicked and humiliated. Forgive me that and..”may I say thank you for hearing my prayer for direction and guidance and you spoke it directly through Lana, thank you Yahuwshua.
          Thank you Lana
          To my family, my brothers and sisters in Yah, I must ask your forgiveness also, it was on here I wrote this and it was before all and so before all I must repent and ask forgiveness.

  • Billie Rodgers

    I receive this Lord in your Name. Amen I surrender to YOU. I put my eyes on YOUR HEART to guide me according to YOUR PERFECT PLAN! Amen.

  • Ford Family

    Thank you, Father God! I believe and receive Your Word. Take me and my family into your Secret Place under your wing. I surrender all to you. May God continually bless you, Lana! In Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    While sleeping last night, again heard an abundance of rain! It literally did rain last night. Our son asked if I had heard the thunder, and I hadn’t. My husband happened upon a picture of our local high school, Seaway District High School. The roof of the high school had been worked on this summer and somehow in the night, anything not tied down from there flew off the roof and much debris was against the fence of the school grounds!! I Whatever work had been done on the roof was not going to proceed to the finish as was intended. There’s been much prayer for that school and certainly God hears our prayers! Certainly, our desire is not for manufacture but for momentum Lord. We say, “Yes Lord yes, for momentum!!” Momentum was surely happening there with the debris flying from the roof onto the ground!

  • kdpolo

    Let it be done according to Your Word, Adonai! My heart doth magnify the Lord! And my spirit doth rejoice in God My Savior! ???????

  • Linda Ong

    Thank You Dearest Lana! Appreciate Much! Truly N Deeply Needed These Assurance n Encouragement To Cont’d n To Hang On…
    Love Ya! God Bless! Thank You! PaPa God!
    Love You Muack! ??

  • Tony Palmer

    Father I RECEIVE, In The Name of YESHUA! Thank you for such an awesome privilege!
    Lord Keep your daughter as she Trevail before you on behalf of Your Body Daddy!
    I will WAIT upon YOU LORD!
    Pastor Tony A. Palmer Sr

  • Beverley Estes

    God just taught me that every time I obey HIM I purify my Soul. I loved that. As one day going to church HE ask me why I have never thanked HIM for my pure heart and sound mind? I answered that I read in HIS word that I will not be like HIM until I meet HIM face to face. Now I have another teaching for HIM to help me with. What and when is that Face to face HE is talking about???? Need you Holy Spirit, My teacher. Be3

    • mackeysback

      Amen Sister “Yes” the Obedience of the Soul to His Will alone brings “LIGHT” Cleansing Clarity and Washing with the Living Waters of the Blood of His ever Present Life. This is a Mystery but it is to be revealed to those who are Obeying Him and as we do the Soul and Spirit be Engaged will become that One united Spirit of our Lord line upon line as we grow Upward “IN” Him then the Soul of our being begins to See ourselves much differently then ever we could before as if we were looking in a Mirror and Seeing “Him” Yes Him as Us for this is the Coming of the Lord and our Blessed Hope and Soon Appearing of Him Within each vessel of Himself as we are Forever joined to Him Amen

  • ACM Saaiman

    Lana, thank you for the True Blessed Holy Spirit inspired Word!
    Our family was fighting the 10 year giants! We went through the most terrible time. Financially, careers, our honor, marrages and family falling apart! I / not so sure about the rest of my family, stayed focused on my Lord and Saviour and never lose trust in Him. By times it became very difficult!
    I read the same message from fifferent directions and Profits. I really belief this Word comes from the Throne room.
    I want to ask your permission to share on another fb group. And I’ll tell you which group. REV 12. People seems to focus on the signs and coming Rapture more than spending time with the Holy One. Not all people and I want to including myself in this group!!
    Thank you for opening our spiritual eyes to focus on our Beginning and our End, Jesus Christ!
    Blessings from South Africa
    Alta Saaiman (fb & messenger)

  • Marsha Brannan

    This is a time of momentum! I have been given a word from the Lord directing me into the prophetic almost every day for a week. All have come through others, including someone who stopped by my home yesterday, whom I didn’t know, to tell me God is calling me to be a seer, and to step fully into the prophetic flow. Amen!

  • Tree

    Thank you, Lord, for repeating words over and over and over again. I say, “Whatever, however, whenever Lord, I want YOU and YOUR ways!!”… In Jesus’ Name Amen.