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By Lana Vawser 


I have been hearing the words “MOMENTOUS MARCH” and had a stirring of some significant breakthrough in March, especially in the area of your DESTINY! 


MOMENTOUS DEFINITION: Of great importance or significance, especially in having a bearing on future events. A period of momentous changes. 

Synonyms: far reaching, big, life-changing,  important, significant, weighty, historic, epoch-making (meaning: of major importance; likely to have a significant effect on a particular period of time.) 


I felt the Lord speak to me that MARCH IS GOING TO BE MOMENTOUS for what He is doing IN you, THROUGH you and FOR you! 


What God is doing right now is life-changing! It is of huge significance to have an affect on your DESTINY! What He is doing right now, how He is dealing with your foundations – uprooting and rebuilding, how He is healing your heart and soul, how He is breaking strongholds, and awakening you is for a greater FAR-REACHING IMPACT AND RIPPLE EFFECT than you could imagine. What He is doing right now is PREPARING YOU for another step further into your DESTINY! 


What God is setting up and doing in March is setting compasses in the right direction towards your destiny. The most unbelievable of opportunities, favour, open doors and connections will be presented in March. 


The chains are being severed so you can MARCH FORTH into the OPEN DOORS that He is bringing to you. You are going to walk through these doors of breakthrough and opportunity,  FREE! You is are being awakened to your authority in greater ways in March, to MARCH FORTH in BOLDNESS as the WARRIOR that you are and take your LAND labelled DESTINY and PROMISES FULFILLED!!!




In November 2015, I was watching a movie with Kevin and one of the characters said the words “You have just reached your NEXUS POINT”. I released a word on this a while ago, but the Lord spoke to me this week and said NEXUS POINTS are being reached again in MARCH! March will be MARKED with nexus points. 


“Nexus points are places where destiny and opportunity COLLIDE. Where God’s call and man’s courage will intersect. They are strategic moments that speak to the core of history and purpose, of decisions and the trying of men’s souls. They are opportunities to demonstrate in the moment of testing that your heart is true, that out of the fire comes precious treasure and not garbage to be swept aside.” (1 Corinthians 3:11-13) (Quotes taken from:



God has been doing very DEEP works in hearts and foundations lately. This “heart work” will continue in March but it will be met with the first fruits of RELEASE into the greater manifestation of your destiny. 


The clarity is coming in like a tidal wave of what God has been doing and what He has been preparing you for! 


You are going to be blown away by what NEXUS POINT moments the Lord has for you in March, and as you have continued to allow His fire to do what it needs to. As these NEXUS POINT moments open up, you will see COURAGE rise to the surface, freedom blossom and a clarity of what He has been doing. You will step into your NEXUS POINT with JOY and EXPECTANCY! 


There will be MANY demonstrations in March of the Ephesians 3:20 manifestations of “greater than your most unbelievable dream” (The Passion Translation) begin to take shape. 


These MOMENTOUS MANIFESTATIONS will spring forth in March and flow into the rest of the year and beyond! There’s a FAR REACHING FIRST FRUIT of breakthrough upon us! 




I kept hearing the song by Jimmy Cliff “I can see clearly now the rain has gone”..




I can see clearly now the rain is gone

I can see all obstacles in my way

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

It’s gonna be a bright (bright)

Bright (bright) sunshiny day

It’s gonna be a bright (bright)

Bright (bright) sunshiny day

Oh, yes I can make it now the pain is gone

All of the bad feelings have disappeared

Here is that rainbow I’ve been praying for

It’s gonna be a bright (bright)

Bright (bright) sunshiny day

Look all around, there’s nothing but blue skies

Look straight ahead, there’s nothing but blue skies (Lyrics taken from: Google) 


God is going to INCREASE your sight and clarity in March as you MARCH forward! He will give you sight to see obstacles before you come to them; and then the strategy to overcome them. 


He is releasing greater clarity on DIRECTION and igniting HOPE again! 


He is releasing the HEAVENLY WEATHER FORECAST and He is decreeing that the dark clouds are gone, the rain has gone, and it is going to be a BRIGHT, BRIGHT, BRIGHT, BRIGHT SUNSHINY DAY! 


There is a new day of change upon you! Full of hope and clear skies! Blue sky BREAKTHROUGH in March and beyond! The SUN is breaking through! 


I prophesy over you, that you will meet your NEXUS POINT moments in the MOMENTOUS MARCH that is upon you that will be far reaching, big, life-changing,  important, significant, weighty, historic and epoch-making (meaning: of major importance; likely to have a significant effect on a particular period of time.) (




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  • Robear

    While in prayer moments ago, I decided to check my mail, and I saw
    what the Father, was indeed speaking for this Month of March 2017
    I was like Wow, in Awe, Great Expectations, of his Goodness to come
    forth into a Suddenly Moment, being made Manifested. Hallelujah !
    Father, I pause Now, to give you thanks and higher praises, for what
    is about to transpire into my Now Moment in the Month of March. I
    was seeking you in prayer, and you brought me the answer through
    Lana Vawser, this day. I receive it in joy, knowing it is at hand for me.
    Hallelujah, What a Mighty Awesome God, you are to me. The God,
    of the Breakthrough, Miraculous, the Suddenlies an amazing loving
    Father. I love you Greatly.

  • Janet Murray

    Thank u for confirmation of the shift I felt this much joy, excitement and destiny. Much hope, I thought was the seer picking up on the 3 day prayer and fasting starting tomorrow for the nation.
    I got activated to contact Matt Sheen and others, phone, email to deal w/ $ being paid to individuals under the table so that huge Mosque be built in Irving, TX. I stepped out..on the water w/ courage..I never knew I had.
    Now, I will be calling my City, Plano to see who is responsible for allowing a Mosque to be opened right across street from June Hunt’s Hope Center.
    Mosque’s are training center cover as a spiritual center for Isis, basically and no one is saying or doing anything about it.
    I was told at local level is where…

  • Daniel

    Hallelujah and praise the Lord I receive this in Jesus name !!! I also have a birthday in the month of March so this is my month !!!??

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    ABSOLUTE TRUTH!! Breakthrough Beginning!
    Kept hearing, seeing the Word PROVIDENCE. Started a night before i cried out, “Lord God I can’t do this! YOU Have to DO this!” and then that SAME night, driving home, changing the radio stations, hearing a Catholic Mother say, “Great Humility says, ‘I can’t do this. God You Must Do This.” Before that, she had said, “Trust God’s Providence.” I did not really grasp it at the time. For months now, I’ve not known how i would pay my bills, hardly any food. TODAY i receive a phone call Out Of The Blue! An author wants me to illustrate his Christian book cover! I’ll receive half upfront! PROVIDENCE! The LORD IS FAITHFUL!! GLORY!! <3 Father Bless You Ms Lana!

  • Susan Pates

    Dear sister, thank you for the prophecy! I receive every word and I bless your ministry. I will began sowing soon. Love you and may God bless you richly.

  • Felicia Amos

    Amen Prophet Lana Vaswer! I agree with you and I receive the word of the Lord! In Jesus Name! Amen’!

  • Steven Roix

    Dear Lana,
    Thank you so much for this prophetic word ! My wife and I have been praying over an urgent breakthrough that is critical in this month of March. We have been fasting, praying, and trusting God for 15 months now and have reached a very critical point. I believe and receive your prophetic word as a word from God that our breakthrough will happen this month !
    God bless,
    Steve & Sheryl Roix
    Grayson, Georgia USA

  • Ann Wickham

    Dearest Lana,
    I received this very word yesterday directly from the Lord. He said, “She can see clearly now. I looked up the song on google and wrote it out and listened to it. I had been interceding for our daughter and this was the answer from the Lord concerning her. Every lyric applied directly to her life. My heart is soooo grateful to you and the way in which the Lord speaks to and through you. Amazing God.

  • Ann Dennis

    Lana, you spoke about NEXUS POINT today for March. I had one such moment yesterday via the Christian man who came to repair my tumble dryer. He just brought confirmation after confirmation. At first I thought he was an angel as he was so accurate and encouraging! So, I MARCH on in March – expectant for the next NEXUS POINT – another step into fulfilling and seeing and holding my DESTINY. THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU – IN JESUS.

  • Rae

    When we lived in Washington, just below the US/Canadian border, we applied for NEXUS passes so we could cross the border easier. The closest border had very heavy traffic and you could literally wait hours if there was a line up. Applying for the passes took time, effort, and was also not cheap, but once the background checks were done, the fees processed, and the interview over, you could save yourself an enormous amount of time and frustration by being in possession of a NEXUS pass.
    For those that pay the price and allow God to “background check”, test and discipline us, the reward is easier access to cross “borders”. Heaven becomes more open to us when we have been granted a NEXUS pass:)