Prophetic Words

LVM – Update to Policy Page and Book Sale

Hi friends!!
We are excited to say that we have updated our policy page. We have been working with some great friends to get this updated and it is great to have it up and active. To see the changes check it out at this URL –
As many of you know we have a resource-table store on our website. We don’t advertise it much as we’ve never wanted it to be the focus of our website. For the last few years we’ve offered books, mugs and t-shirts, all provided by a company in SC who warehouses and distributes – our website communicates with them directly and there is (thankfully) very little input required from myself.
That said, I’m trying to streamline our systems a little and focus on what we need to. We will still be offering mugs and t-shirts (they are generated on demand) but we have decided to move the remainder of the books stocks as they are warehoused at a fee. Consequently – I have dropped the price by 25% on all of our book stocks until all stocks have sold out.
To check out the store-visit
If you have placed an order recently and you have not had any updates, please let me know via the contact page of our website ( Over the last few months I had a rare bug that caused this – I think it is now fixed but I want to help you out if that has been the case. I don’t think there have been any orders left unfixed but I am happy to help out in any way I can if there have been any problems.
The sale is specific to our store on the domain. We do have an (experimental) store for Australian purchases at that does have stocks for sale in Australia. I will continue to run that store and will not be selling out of books any time soon (no sale prices on that page). It does not use a third party warehouse so there are no ongoing warehouse fees to cover. Incidentally, if you are in Australia and are finding it hard to get stocks at local stores (i.e Koorong) we may be able to help you out.
As always, we will continue to run our schools on Teachable and have some exciting news about some things we have been developing for the last few months coming up. I will keep you all posted when more information is available on these things. We will continue to consider our website and ways that we can streamline it and keep it looking great – I have some other changes in mind to make but that will come at a later date.
For those who are waiting for the next Coffee With Jesus, we are waiting for it too. There have been a couple of circumstances that has held us back a little but we are expecting to return to regular sessions shortly.
In the meantime – we pray for continued blessings and encounters in all of your lives.
Blessings and thanks
Kevin and Lana Vawser