Prophetic Words


Over the last few weeks, I have had countless dreams and encounters with the Lord heralding the same message.
“I am making some changes and adjustments”
As I have journeyed with the Lord over the past few weeks and continue to, the Lord has been speaking very clearly about this time of transition and it is VERY important right now to PAY ATTENTION to what the Lord is saying and to not be distracted. God is making some changes and adjustments in your life and through your life and the Lord showed me it has a lot to do with the new pioneering assignments and the move of His Spirit.
I heard the Lord say:
“You will hear a NEW SOUND in the QUIET”
I could feel the invitation right now from the heart of God to draw close and be still before Him, to LISTEN to the leading of the Holy Spirit, to hear and see the changes and adjustments that the Lord is making. As you lean in and as you draw close to Jesus, listening to what the Holy Spirit says you are being prepared for what is before you.
As I was watching in numerous visions and dreams the changes and adjustments the Lord was making, I began to see “alignments” and “mechanics” changing. The Lord is shifting some out of alignments and into new alignments. The Lord is shifting and changing the “mechanics” of how you have done things before or how you have operated. It is not that you were doing anything wrong, or that previous alignments or mechanics of how things or you operated, it is simply, you are in the crossover into the place of a greater commission and partnering with His Spirit.
The Lord showed me that He is “undoing” and “untangling” many from some things right now that have kept them bound in the previous season, and not all of them were ‘bad’ things, but they cannot be taken into the new places and spaces.
There is a call for radical obedience to the Lord stronger than I have ever felt and delaying obedience because it ‘doesn’t make sense in the natural’ is a place that the enemy is attempting to keep many in. As you yield to the changes and adjustments the Lord is making, you are moving into your greatest season of seeing the Holy Spirit move in power and provision, but there is a deep consecration to Him and His ways that He is requiring to partner with Him in the increased birthing. taking place. The depth of what He will birth as you “come out” of the things He is shifting and changing will ignite you with fresh fire as you encounter Jesus in the birthing room.
I feel the weight and urgency in this shift that is taking place to encourage all of us, to be quick to yield and quick to obey. We obey because we love Him (John 14:15, 1 John 5:2-3, 2 John 1:6).
The birthing of what God wants to bring forth and the pioneering upon you is actually coming with such acceleration, but if you hold to things, people, places and mechanics that God is changing, adjusting and shifting, you will find delay, and the heart of the Father is to bring you into an acceleration of MULTIPLE BIRTHS.
All week long I have been hearing the sound of new born babies crying in the spirit and I had a vision of walking into a nursery and seeing Jesus with all these newborn babies. The nursery was FULL and they were crying. It was the SOUND of new life. It was the SOUND of the manifestation of the birthing and the Lord is disconnecting, unplugging, shifting, changing and adjusting to lead His people, those who will yield and obey into a place of MULTIPLE births of His Spirit.
Many have experienced intense birth pangs intensely for the last year and the births are now imminent and the Lord is MAKING ROOM for the babies to come forth. Do not hinder the birthing process by holding tightly, because of fear or control, onto the things that God is trying to move you from, realign you too, shift and change.
Moving with Jesus in obedience to these changes He is making, will cost, there is a cost to obedience BUT the glory on the other side of your obedience will far outweigh the discomfort or wrestle in the obedience.
There is a new rhythm upon you. There is a new way of moving with the Lord upon you and it feels foreign because you feel out of your depth, there’s a grief in leaving things that have been familiar, but there is a deep healing, refining and resetting your heart is finding, in the changes and adjustments the Lord is doing.
There is a beautiful place of confident trust in Jesus to lead you, to guide you, to teach you and to reveal His heart and ways to you right now, that is incredibly deep. A place of communion with Him in the groaning that is being embraced as you follow Him into new rhythms, paces and places you have not been before. The Lord is wanting to teach you His ways, in greater ways and give you greater understanding and revelation of His ways in your life right now. There is a tender, beautiful place of being invited deeper into being a student of the Holy Spirit, right now.
The grace, empowerment and miraculous supernatural demonstration of His power and spirit realm that will manifest in your life as you follow Jesus into these unchartered territories and places will leave you marked by His presence, heart and love forever in such a new and fresh way. The depth of intimacy with Him upon you and greater understanding of the mysteries of His Word that will unfold will mark this season of your life as one of the most glorious, yet. 
I kept hearing the words “His voice first” and then I began to hear voices of man around many saying “but what about this…”, “but what about this…” and I knew it represented the voice of ‘man’ and the ‘natural realm’ that was challenging the direction of the Lord and the changes and adjustments He was bringing.
This is a time to be ferocious in your obedience to the Lord and choose HIS VOICE FIRST. The voice of the enemy or the voice of ‘man’s wisdom’ may come loudly, but this is a time of testing to CHOOSE His voice first, bowing not to other voices because of intimidation or comfort, but being willing to boldly follow Jesus and follow His ways, knowing that it is His voice as you have tested it and He has confirmed His direction and leading to you, that you step out and follow, WITHOUT apology. Do not apologise for the voice of the Lord in your life and His leading, follow boldly.
This is a very significant moment, for those who will yield to the Holy Spirit and the shift, changes, adjustments and readjustments He is making, will find their obedience and yielding to the Lord is making room for His Glory and move of His Spirit to come in an unprecedented way.