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LVM Update – Policy update and free Web-Conference

Hi friends, we hope your day is blessed

Firstly, we have updated our policy page. Please have a look here to see it.

The most notable changes are updates to our privacy policy regarding social media and live-streamed and recorded events.

Abound Conference was fantastic! We all had a great time, and we continue to hear testimonies of how people were blessed and impacted. When Lana first envisioned hosting a conference, neither of us imagined it could be as amazing as it was. While the live sessions have finished, the conference will remain on our website for anyone who wants to register and view. The conference ran over 9 days, with a session each day. We have been to some amazing conferences, and it will remain to be one of our favorites.

We are following this up with a free Web-Conference. It will take part over 2 days, we plan for each day to have a 3-hour session with four speakers, each giving a 20-30 minute teaching, with some periods of ministry time too. As it was with the Abound Conference, we will have the recordings available for registered guests to view at any time at their convenience, streamed to their computer. The recordings will be available the day after the session. There are a limited number of spaces available on the live sessions, so we recommend people try to connect early (we try to have the session running 20-30 minutes early so people can join and chat). It is hard to reserve a space, so it is first-come, first serve.

The speakers will all be sharing their revelations on Psalm 119, we are calling this conference the “His Word i Fire” web conference. To register, please visit our resource-table page, and click on the banner. Although it is free, registration is required. The promotional flyer for the conference is below this message.

The page to register is here:

You can register for Abound Conference material on the same page.

A warning about Facebook:
We have been notified recently that there are a few more fake pages on Facebook. If it seems that we are ever reaching out to you personally, please be sceptical. We have never sent out friend requests as Lana Vawser, and we certainly don’t contact people to ask for money. These characters are scammers, much like those pretending to work for the IRS or ATO.

These scammers are occasionally prophesying as Lana, often saying very scary things will happen to people if they do not give money to them

Lana has a Facebook Profile and a Public Figure page. Each has over 40,000 likes. If you have joined a page with less followers, it is likely that you are following a fake Lana.

Thank you for following us and our ministry. May you continue to find space to speak to Him and hear His response.

Kevin and Lana