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This week as I was talking to my son Elijah I said to him “Well Elijah, it’s a new day of discovery for you!!!” As I said it I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to me “It’s a new day of discovery in the body of Christ”.

I began to ponder this with the Lord and again He reminded me of Jeremiah 33:3:

‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.’ (AMP Version)

The Lord began to show me that BECAUSE we are in such a new day of discovery with the Lord and the revealing of mighty things that we have not known or understood before, such deep revelation of the Word, such specific blueprints, new pathways of pioneering and new strategies to unlock breakthrough, resources and the demolishing of strongholds, the enemy has come hard against the body of Christ with a fog.

The enemy has been using confusion, distraction, and disorientation, attempting to knock people off balance and attack vision and forward momentum.

This new day of discovery with the Lord is a place of deep revelation, a place of deep intimacy, a place of strategy that flows with the Holy Spirit and not the expectations of man. This new day of discovery requires radical obedience and living for an audience of One.

For in this new day of discovery as the word of the Lord comes to many to “go against the grain” in how things have been or are expected, these are the pathways of the pioneer, the places never forged before. These are the places of discovery that in radical obedience to the Lord, the Glory of the Lord, the favour and fruit that will be seen will be like nothing that has been seen before.

This new day of discovery that we have entered into, as God’s people place their hands on what He is building and the WAY He is building there will be such a powerful demonstration of the new wineskins to bring in the harvest. In this new day of discovery the Lord is bringing forth such a deep prophetic revelation and confirmation it requires us as God’s people truly yielding to Him and His ways, NO self promotion, and having hearts that want to see what He is building and where He is building. For in this new day of discovery, things that have been built on foundations not of the Lord and things He is not building, things built on self-promotion in many ways will come down.


I had a dream recently and I saw someone unable to open their eyes, they were trying and trying to open their eyes but they were almost sealed shut. As they kept pushing through to fight it to open their eyes, suddenly their eyes opened and I heard the sound of “CLARITY” being released from heaven. The Lord is releasing divine clarity upon the body of Christ.
Where a spirit of chaos and confusion has been assigned to hinder many of God’s people, there is a major breakthrough upon the body of Christ right now where the SOUNDS and SHOWERS of CLARITY are being released.

“The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.” – Psalm 119:30 (ESV)

The haze is clearing and where there has been fogginess, confusion and chaos, the Lord is releasing supernatural clarity by His Spirit.

The enemy has been attempting to use “smoke and mirrors” against many to bring confusion, but I heard the Lord saying “I am releasing crystal clear clarity in and through My Word.”


The Lord spoke to me a few weeks ago that Psalm 119 is a KEY right now for the body of Christ. There is SO MUCH that God is revealing and releasing through this Psalm and through the Word of God that is releasing significant clarity.

I heard the Lord saying:


The Lord showed me that there’s a temptation in the frustration many are feeling, the battle and the chaos that has been surrounding to run to other places and people for clarity, but the Lord is wooing His people deeper into the Word. For in the Word, especially in Psalm 119 and more the Lord is releasing specific revelation and His Spirit is bringing clarity and THEN confirmation will come from other sources. The Lord is realigning priorities in this hour.

The Lord showed me that some of the things the Lord is going to have His people step into, build and create with Him in this new day of discovery will require a fire of deep conviction that He has spoken as there will be voices that will come to discourage saying “That’s not the way it should be done.

That’s never been done before, do it this way, the way it has always been done” and in order to stand in obedience to the Lord and conviction there must be a deep grounding in the Word of God and what He has spoken to not bow to “man” and “man’s way” when the Holy Spirit is clearly breathing on something new and the wine wineskin.

It’s important to be accountable, be in community and have covering, but when the word of the Lord is disobeyed because of “expectations of man” there becomes a problem. The Lord will be confirming the revelation and His voice from the Word like never before, loud and clear with great CLARITY that will bring great conviction and peace within you that you are obeying the Lord. The hand of the Lord’s favour will be upon you as you move in obedience to Him.

Many of you are beginning to and will continue to now step into things that you have been feeling on your heart for a long time but you were not sure it was the Lord because of fear, because of the voices of others, the attack of the enemy and intimidation, but NOW clarity is coming like never before and that clarity from the Lord’s heart and the Spirit of God is GIVING YOU YOUR WINGS TO FLY!

Can you hear the sound of CLARITY? It’s RESOUNDING AROUND YOU!

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