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Hi, Friends
Thank you all for your comments and support. After spending all day yesterday fixing various issues on the website, something went wrong somewhere else and I had to do it all again, today. None the less, all is restored and resolved,  the survey is back open and PayPal promises me they have solved the problem that returned the recent donations.
As I had to restore the website, I need to re-post the following message. Feel free to read it over if you didn’t get it yesterday.
It has been many months since our last update. It has not been for a shortage of news, but rather for a shortage of time to sit down and write it.
2017 has been a massive year for us, and we are excited for 2018, as so much has happened foundationally even in the last few months. We have spent more than half the year on the road, away from home ministering itinerantly. We’ve seen new lands and even ministered on a cruise. While we spent less time abroad than last year, we compacted more into our time there and still ministered to many people in many places. In Australia, we moved our office from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, and we’ve driven over 3000 miles (4800 km) in the USA, and 9000 km (5600mi) in Australia during our various road trips this year. We have invested much of ourselves into these places, and been incredibly blessed and touched by the people we’ve met there.
Next year we are excited for what we feel God has lead us into. We really have been feeling strongly to invest more time at home, meanwhile investing time into more material that can bless you in the comfort of your own home. We still believe that we will be doing ministry on the road, in fact, we are already planning some journeys that will be advertised on our itinerary page later, but we have secured a good portion of 2018 to better using the internet and our website to bring teaching and training and encouragement through online media and online courses.
While we will give more detailed information on the upcoming course in due time, we would a feature of the course to be electives that help you in your own sphere of influence. We will be trying to interview people in key areas of culture and society and would really like to hear what questions you would like us to ask. If you have a moment, please take a look at our survey page:
Over the last few weeks we’ve been smoothing out some technical issues with our website. It came to my attention that some posts did not go to everyone via email, an issue which we think is now fixed.  We currently have a backlog of emails and communications to respond to, so if you have sent us an email in the last few weeks, one of us will try to respond soon.
We want to thank you all for your prayers and support. We would not be able to do what we do without it, and we are always blessed by those who take the time to keep us covered. We also want to thank those who have financially supported this ministry. It is through he faithfulness of God and generosity of others that we can minister in such a way that we do.
We pray God continues to bless and encourage you, position you to stand strong even as the year draws to an end.
Lana Vawser Ministries


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