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Hi, Friends
It has been a LONG time since we have sent an update email out. It certainly has not been for lack of news, we’ve just been so busy we don’t know when to stop and take stock of what is going on.
We will send another update soon with the full rundown of everything soon. But first, we want to give you something that we hope is a blessing to you.
Today I (Lana) felt the Lord speak to me very clearly that there was an impartation being released through the prophetic word I posted today on the GARDEN.
I felt very strongly tonight to record an audio version of this prophetic word with an impartation prayer at the end to release to you.

It’s a FREE download from our website and a gift for you. Go to and click on the GARDEN IMAGE to download.
We pray you are blessed by this audio and encounter Him.
Lana and Kevin Vawser


  • Nancy Cress

    Where’s the Garden Image on your website? I have visited your website and I’m not able to locate it. Thanks

  • Julie

    When I click “download” a blank screen comes up. Is there a certain program I need to play the video? I’m in my iPhone.

    • Lana Vawser Ministries

      Hi, Julie
      I don’t know how well it plays on iPhones. You may have to download a player, I am not sure what apps you have on your phone. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t always make accessing 3rd party files easy.

  • Margarita

    Thank you so much the Word on fear really touched my heart.. I will download this now.. blessings .. xx

  • Kandy Mabry

    Lana & Kevin, I will listen as soon as I send this note expressing my gratitude for your faithfulness to God and His people. In 1986 the Lord introduced me to personal prophesy. This prophetic man spoke the Lord’s Word to me which has, and continues to be life giving. They give me hope when I am hopeless, courage when I am afraid and strength in my weakness. They have enabled me to persevere. In 2015 the Lord brought this man into my life again via the internet. He went home to be with God in late 2015. I am saying all of this because I recently did a “Lana” search in my email and I discovered one of his first emails to me was a word from you. I subscribed to your ministry in 2017 when another extremely important person in my life read a Word given through you at our Bible study. God is so good. Bless both of you and all of your loved-ones with a faith that does not fail, hope that is full of joy and love that only comes from an ever increasing revelation of our God. Sincerely, Kandy, part of your family in Texas.

  • Patricia Forrester

    Several months ago, while just sitting next to my computer it just starting playing the song from the movie of Thumbelina, Let me be your wings. I turned to watch it, and I knew the Lord was telling me this is where His children were at this time. Thumbelina (God’s children) was standing in what she called a briar patch, in the movie is was only gray, no color to it at all. The crow (Holy Spirit) kept telling her to sing, she was not wanting to, but she did. As she sang color began to come in the movie, and her Prince (Jesus) showed up, and she got her own wings. God is telling us to praise Him right now, right where we are, don’t wait to see your winter pass, praise Him right now, because the truth is our winter has past, even if we can’t see it. Go watch the end of that movie, I cried, because it was a very hard winter. But our great God never left us, He never has and will never forsake us, and He is about to restore it all, with great blessing and with surprises. Double pay back, double surprises. Wait and see!!!

  • Megan

    Thanks for sharing, but I can’t seem to find a garden image to click on. Where is it? Could you post a direct link?

  • LB

    Thank you, Lana! I’m having difficulty downloading the audio. After each attempt, I see a play button with a “strike through” and it is not possible to play the audio. Is anyone else having this difficulty? What is the best solution? Thank you.

  • Faith Lubitz

    I’m having issues downloading too. I click on the garden photo and tab at top of screen says “loading” but never finishes. What is m4a? Can you do mp3?