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Hi, Friends

It has been a while. It certainly has not been for a lack of things to talk about, we’ve just been busy. Lana is on her final stretch in her pregnancy, we’re piecing more and more pieces together for our online course and I am almost ready to update our itinerary page with the details of our upcoming travels in the USA.

Firstly, we’ve updated our website. This time the Sowing Page has had an overhaul and streamline. We have changed our payment gateways and now have set up a new system with stripe and Donorbox. It is much simpler and more versatile. Previously, we had only two options, with PayPal being the only multi-currency payment gateway. Stripe now provides another option which is much simpler to use. We will maintain the previous system for the existing transactions only. 

Secondly, with the recent changes to the data protection policy in the EU, we’ve taken the time to look through how we manage your data and make it clearer and more systematic. We have updated our policy page and added a new data protection policy page. In regards to you, the email subscriber we generally have access to your name and email address only, or if you are using WordPress, your username. 

We are getting ready to secure and book our flights for the USA in October-November this year. We will be travelling as a larger family, this time, which is exciting. We have a great itinerary planned, which we are putting the final details on now. I hope to have a full update on the website in the next week or so. 

We are slowly catching up on our email communications. We’ve had a very busy time and are still a few weeks late in responding. We apologise for the delay, and will hopefully catch up in the near future. 

For those who have supported our ministry with financial seed or prayer, we thank you. As a faith-based ministry, we are completely dependant on God bringing people to sow into our work, becoming partners with what we do. 

We pray God continues to bless you all, keep you all, and draw you closer to His heart each day. May you have even greater revelations of His love and will for you each day, hearing His voice with clarity and certainty, standing with boldness knowing who you are in Him. 


Kevin and Lana Vawser


  • Debora Ellis

    Thank you for the report❤️May the Lord bless you all Vawser Family beyond your expectations!

  • Vincent DeMartino8

    I love your prophecies about USA and California. My wife and I pastor a small home church in Yorba Linda Ca. We all sense God moving mightily in our country. We have been greaved over the spiritual climate in the USA and especially in Ca. Thank you so much fof sharing God’s hearth with us. Our hope has increased greatly.
    Lord bless the new life about to come forth. May Lans’s pregnacy and delivery go well. Pour your blessing upon the family and their mi istry.