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LVM Update

Hi there!
It has been a short while since our last update, so we thought it would be good to let you know what has been going on behind the scenes.
We have had an amazing time with Mosaic Church, on Banora Point, NSW. Such a powerful couple of days of prophecy, encounter and amazing worship with Marissa Agar. We met some amazing people there, and really saw a community where God is doing some great things. We cannot wait to do it again.
We are really looking forward to an amazing time in Miles, Queensland. Unfortunately, we have to reschedule this time, so if you are planning on coming out, please keep your ears open for an update. We will only be postponing for a couple of weeks or so, but we will secure a date with the leadership there soon and let you know.
We are excited to be speaking to people in Perth, Cairns, Melbourne and Wollongong about visiting in the next few months. We have events already planned in the Sutherland Shire, NSW and Hobart, which we are really looking forward to.
We really appreciate the prayer covering that faithful intercessors offer to the Lord on our behalf. We wish to be very wise about how we minister, and the covering we need to do so. For those who are called to intercede, we would appreciate covering for Lana’s health, as a lingering infection over the last couple of months has recently spiked, and we have felt the Lord say strongly to dedicate more time to rest, to which our doctor has concurred. While we have no serious concerns, we would really love this matter dealt with swiftly, and not become a distraction.
We are really blessed by your testimonies and thank you all for taking the time to send them to us. We do have a testimonies page for those who would like to share something publicly about how the Lord has blessed you through this ministry. For some who are awaiting breakthrough in areas of their life, the testimonies of others can be a blessing of hope and build faith for those who need it.
Blessings and thanks to you all!
Kevin and Lana Vawser


  • Suzanne

    Praying for complete healing and restoration in Jesus’ name, and God Bless you both and your ministry abundantly!

  • Karen

    Thanks for this opportunity to share.
    Until recently most attempts where being blocked. I was told rest, yet I felt a sense of impending change.
    The door is opening as in s week two ladies have come to Jesus, both felt definite healing touch from our Lord.
    A life time of rejection and blockage appears to be ending. I had been saying that I wanted to be dangerous for Jesus for years. Now I have access to spare used Bibles also so next please Jesus. Until then I rest

  • Carolyn Nance

    I love you and Lana a lot. I speak blessings over you both and all the travels and all that concerns you. As for her infection I will continually pray over that. Please check into The use of natural oils called, Young Living Oils, to help with the infection. Please check them out. They are all natural and it speaks of them in the Bible. Praying till he comes, Carolyn Nance. Oklahoma City Oklahoma.

  • Eleanore Hurst

    Will let our intercessory team know to pray. Psalms 107:20-He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. Father thank you for this faithful servant. We ask you to go to her and send your word now and heal her from this infection. Father send your warrior Angels on assignment to surround her and her household! May they surround her as a Roman Turtle so nothing can attack her in anyway! Apply your balm of Gilead and totally restore and strengthen her where the infection is. While she is resting, place those around her who will minister to her naturally & spiritually. Thank you so much for her faithfulness to the Body of Christ. We appreciate and thank you for her. In Jesus Christ of Nazareths name.

  • Laura Elisa Avilés Birriel

    Hope you visit Puerto Rico island! I read your words and definitely they give me strength and strategies in how to interced in prayers because all the plans of the enemy are revealed. May God heal you and use you with more power and science, there Power in the name of Jesus! Amen


    Marlene and I pray the full measure of God’s POWER-full LOVE be released over your entire family. Be restored and refreshed and HEALED.

  • Eva

    As I gave thanks to God for you and prayed for you, your family and ministry, the Holy Spirit dropped the word ‘FORTIFIED’ in my spirit. I pray the blood of Jesus fortify you as you continue His will. Blessings.

  • Serina Lane

    You guys are amazing. The body of Christ is blessed by your obedience and love bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. I believe the infection is gone, in Jesus’ name – He paid the price. Praise the Lord <3

  • Diane Evans

    I have to tell you, of all the prophetic words I read, yours are straight from the heart of God. The reason I say this is because yours touch the real issues going on in the lives of those reading them. Hard issues. Health issues. Things people have been dealing with and just need to hear a word of hope. I can tell you spend much deep time in the heart of the Father. There’s no hidden agenda as you write. I feel they are words straight from God’s heart spoken with such power and anointing that what you speak, I know in my heart that as you declare it, it will be done. Thank you so much for you faithfulness. You are touching untold numbers of hurting people bringing them hope.

  • Sharyn Wilbraham

    Father, thank you for your restoring regenerating power flowing through Lana removing all trace of infection and refilling her with your power. Thank you for increasing her strength making it to multply and to abound. Father thank you for doing the same for Kevin . In Jesus Name, Amen.

  • Deborah Lobo

    Thank you for all you do for the Body of Christ, God bless you mightily. Love n prayers. Get well soon Princess. God bless you??

  • CIndy

    My prayers are you Lana…
    I am very encouraged by your prophetic words….keep me going..
    Where do I find the testimonies….I am waiting for breakthrough..and need encouraging words…
    Thank you

  • Donna

    I’m new to your ministry. A friend of mine told me about you and I’m so glad she did. Every word I’ve read has been so encouraging. Even though I know these words are written for many many people, I can’t help but feel like they’ve been written for me. I look forward to checking my email everyday, in hope of another word from you, bringing clarity to what the Lord is showing me.
    I will be praying for you, declaring healing.

  • Laura

    I declare in Jesus Name pGod’s perfect and complete healing in your body Lana. Renewed strength and refreshment!