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Hi, Friends!
We are so excited for this year. We have had a productive, but still somewhat restful time off, and are ready now to begin our itinerant ministry appointments.
We begin this weekend in Outback Queensland in a small town called Miles, for a mini-conference on Saturday and the Sunday morning service, then next week we are joining two amazing Australian Christian Forerunners; Suzette Torti and Rori Jensen for a conference on the Gold Coast (Qld), Feb 9-11.
Unfortunately, our host for the conference in Ormeau, February 11, has decided to reschedule the meetings, so we will keep you posted with more information as it comes.
Between Februaury18-26 we will be in  Perth at Urban Church (with Adam Thompson and Adrien Beale) and Paradox Church. For more information please check out our itinerary page:
For those who have been looking for a copy of Lana’s book; Desperately Deep, we have an update. Unfortunately, the publisher has closed its doors, and we are securing with them the raw files for Lana’s work so we can re-publish. We are told there are still a few copies around, but regular supply will take a few weeks to resume. We are talking with another publisher already, so we hope to have a re-finished product again soon. We do have some hard copies ourselves, which we will be taking with us to our meetings in Australia over the next few months.
We have had a big year already and it is only just beginning.  We just want to thank you all for listening to the Lord with us, and joining in on our times as we press in to hear what is on His heart.
We have some big journeys ahead of us this year, with our boys in tow. We thank you for your prayers, covering us for safe travel, and protection from all around. We are blessed by those who pray for us and can only thank you for such covering. We also want to thank you to those who sow into what we do. We have taken many big faith steps in this journey, as it would be impossible to minister as we do without the support of those who act so generously. We really do praise God for his faithfulness through those who are able to bless and support us in our journey each day. For each of you who sow and pray ask for abundant blessings that you too will reap a reward.
We would also like to wish everyone a blessed 2017, may the Lord continue to draw you closer to the secret place, where you too can partake in the joys and cries of His heart, and join us in sharing these things each day. May you all be blessed greatly and abundantly by Him!
Kevin and Lana Vawser


  • Terry Vos

    Amen! We love the Vawser family. God protect them and keep them and shine your light upon them. We the body of Christ are so blessed to have such good friends in the Vawser family and my new network family who follow and support them. Thank you God for what you are doing in our hearts in this very hour. God bless you all.

  • David Leal

    What a blessing you have been in Dallas and in this season.God.bless and cover you this year(family Kevin and kudos) see you soon

  • Joni Adair

    Lana I want to “Thank you so much for all that you pour into the body of Christ” There have been countless days where your word has been such an encouragement for myself an others! I’ve shared your information with many friends. Your leading as to what to pray for our country has been Amazing and I will continue to pray and pray for you and your family.
    I’d love to purchased some of your books. If you ship to America. Please let me know.
    Heavenly Blessings and Many Many Open Doors!

  • Josie and Larry Warren

    I have just recently been receiving your e-mails, and they are so encouraging, especially since the local news is so negative. We all need to pray for our local news that they report the news in a positive manner and to be careful not to voice fake news. I also agree with you that we are in a spiritual battle—- and so thankful for all of you. I am 78 and have seen and herd a lot in my life time. Keep praying. May God bless you all.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    “The thief comes to rob, kill and destroy, but Jesus said, “I have come that they might have life and that more abundantly.” Thank you Keith and Lana for yielding your lives to God as you have. You are part of “that more abundantly” in my life ,and many more lives. Great is our God and greatly to be praised!! Thank You Lord for what You are doing in Australia! Thank You for joining the saints together as one! Great is Your Name and greatly to be praised!! Wondrous are Your works Lord, wondrous are Your works!

  • Susan Sites

    I see both of you have steadfast hearts ? that are reassuring the body of the Church that faith that presses in! I’m in my late 70′ s and never have been so deeply touched by the outpouring of God’s sweet Spirit letting me know more about discernment, catching a deeper “glow of Him” in a very rebellious world! I do see the calmness when He is presence in my life! Thank you for your deep posts and your gifts from Him! I’m excited for 5777 (2017) how He unravels this world ? for His Glory! SHALOM to you!

  • Ann

    Thank you for your beautiful hearts turned towards our Lord.May your year ahead be filled with abundance in all things.