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LVM update

Hi Friends!
We are writing this from beautiful Melbourne town! We have had a full week here, mostly walking around this beautiful city, and getting ready for our time at Hope City Church on Sunday.
For those who are local we are going to be ministering on Sunday, 27th Nov, 10am (27 Lusher Rd Croydon). Lana had a blast there last year and we really are looking forward to it! We would love to see you there!
We also have a meeting planned in Surfer’s Paradise, December 10 at Surfcity Church. For more information about this event, and any coming up please have a look at our itinerary page:
We still have a few tickets available for Lana’s cruise conference in March-April 2017. For more information please visit our itinerary page (, or email [email protected] or call. (US) 209-588-9565. Please be quick as time is VERY short before the ticket window closes.
We would love to encourage you to continue to keep the USA in prayer. Since the election there was a great deal of hatred and disunity showed by many, even here in Australia. We would love to encourage you as a church to continue to pray over the USA, for protection over Trump, and for unity over the nation; in the church, and among every demographic. The USA is a nation that would benefit for every prayer offered to the Lord, so please stand with us as we continue to intercede over that land.
Thank you all for your prayers for us too! We have traveled far on this journey, and we soon will journey back to our home state. We also would love to thank everyone who has blessed us in every way! We speak repeated blessings over you and your family!
Blessings and thanks to you all!!
Kevin and Lana Vawser


  • Amy Unholzer

    Praying for USA and Trump and family this morning and I will include Australia too now and Kevin and Lana too. How awesome you get to preach there at those two places! God is so good. I loved Australia in 2008. God bless and thank you for the update. Canada is doing alright but could use prayers too so could you add us to your prayer list too.

  • Diane

    My name is Diane Arndt and I just signed up to receive your posts as I have gotten many wonderful words for the U.S. through the Elijah list. I am from Minnesota and followed Kim Clement for at least 12 years and my own words from the Lord would line up with his as times. I will so miss him and I want to thank you for your ministry and praying for our country. I am a prayer warrior and had prayed with my sister for the last 32 years. I so appreciate your ministry and your word like Kim’s really resignate in my spirit. Will be praying for your ministry! Blessings and love from St. Bonifacius, MN Diane Arndt

  • Mary Heard

    In agreement for prayer for peace, repentance and forgiveness. Lord we pray for Trump that your will be done in his life. That you cover him and his family in Jesus blood. Also I lift up Lana and Kevin and ask for your strength and power to keep them. Use them as never before for your Glory in Christ Jesus name I pray. Amen. Thank you for all the confirmations in this season.

  • Suzanne Kvammen

    Lana, I live in the USA, and I am so grateful for how the Lord has laid our nation on your heart. Your words and intercession are vibrating in the land and the voices of the intercessors here. You are a blessing and may the Lord return to you 100 fold all that you have given out.

  • Janet Murray

    Thank you.. In U.S. we are having 5 prayer lines in various states but they are not like before. Could use your prayers. Declarations over this land a long list would be appreciated Petition w/ Thanksgiving. My list is around 30 long almost..but I would like to declare what Heaven is saying currently. I have incorporated Lana’s declaration recently into this list.
    I love the large print and the space between I am not so much a reader as a doer..

  • Ian Kilminster

    Thank you for your faithfulness& encouragement.
    I am asking the Lord to multiply His anointing on you
    to many emerging prophets: even to expressions such
    as painting; singing; dancing; use of scent & scarves- I’m
    not uderstanding this but there will be unusual expressions
    poured out on all flesh- including intellectually handicapped .
    Blessings in Jesus,

  • Dinny Cunningham

    Thank you Lana and Kevin for your prayers. So blessed to have met you both at Hope city church Melbourne Vic. Love Dinny

  • Lucia Pickard

    My Day zstaetef with thes Amazing encouraging words of your Ministries. My name is Lucia Pickard I am a member of Gateway Church at DFW Texas. I am a Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro and my heart is for the Nations, the poor and Elders. I believe in ever word that you received from our Lord and Savior about the Camels and God’s provision to have enough, and more then enough to brings his Kingdom to earth.
    I would love to go to Melbourne Fl To the Hope Church to see you there. I am praying for the provision and tine.
    I am Praying over your Ministries. Thank you and blessings to you both. ?

  • Linda J Pontnack

    Lana you are confirming everything that is going on here in America. Just recently Holy Spirit has me in special Warfare Prayer for President Trump and his family 7 days a week for 1 hour, I AM a prayer intercessor & warrior and my prayers has been intense, with God’s Word and my heavenly language. I am ostracized by people in the Body of Christ because I voted God’s Word not skin color. My childhood friend got her tires slashed in Chicago, IL. because she voted for Trump. Thank you for praying with me., With All God’s Love