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There has been SO much noise going on in the spirit the past 2 weeks. There has been MUCH turbulence in the atmosphere and I have seen SO many whirlwinds of "CONFUSION" sent against the people of God to steal clarity, and attempt to see God's people take on the lie "Something is wrong with me".. "I have done something wrong" that is causing such intensity of confusion and fogginess.


I had a vision where I saw many of God's people STOPPING at the STATIC and they were left stuck, discouraged, winded and bewildered. I then saw Jesus and He stood in the midst of the whirlwinds of confusion, noise and turbulence and He spoke "Don't stop at the static. PRESS THROUGH! PRESS THROUGH! I AM HERE, PRESS THROUGH!"

It was like a really bad sand storm was going on in the spirit around many of God's people, and many felt like they had 'sand thrown in their eyes' and not only was their vision 'blurred', the attack was causing so much uncomfortableness and irritation, many were 'stopping' and focusing on trying to get the 'sand out of their eyes', when Jesus was simply saying, "LOOK PAST THE SAND, LOOK AT ME!!! LOOK PAST THE IRRITATION, I AM HERE!!!" The Lord was highlighting again "Where is your focus?"

"Is your focus upon the irritation and the noise around you? Or are you listening PAST the noise and irritation and listening to My voice which is revealing to you the sound of the enemy SHRIEKING as he is losing ground in your life of past and present."


"It is come back, take back, pay back time!!! You are crossing over. You are gaining ground. You are crossing a greater threshold of breakthrough and furtherance."

The enemy is going to be sorry that he messed with you. As there is a divine catapult taking place right now from the place of intimacy, where the Lord is suddenly springing His people back. Where the enemy thought he had 'got them' and was 'holding them down', the people of God are now arising with greater strength in Him, greater empowerment of the Spirit and sensitivity to His leading that they have acquired in the trials and turbulence they have been facing.

"In the natural you will hear INTIMIDATION, OPPOSITION, HARDSHIP, FAILURE, FEAR, DEATH, but if you listen with the ears of your Spirit as your focus is upon Me, you will hear the sound of BIRDS SINGING. You will hear the sound of MORNING BREAKING FORTH. You will hear the sound of CONQUERING! You will hear the TRIUMPHANT SOUND OF VICTORY as you ENTER NEW TERRITORY!!! Yes there will be other giants to face in the new land, the new territory, but you literally entering a new realm, a new day and an INFLUX of DIVINE OPPORTUNITIES."


"If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you." (James 1:5)

"As many of you are moving into this new territory, there will be incredible whirlwinds of acceleration and increase. There will be an INFLUX of DIVINE opportunities and there will also be an INFLUX of GOOD opportunities. It is CRUCIAL that you are asking Me for wisdom in this season, that it would guard you and lead you to know which opportunities to step into that is designed by Me and My hand and are My BEST for you. Asking, receiving and implementing My wisdom in this new territory will not only see you move in this new place with great grace and peace, but it will see you strengthened to REMAIN in the new territory and THRIVE in it, instead of being overwhelmed and fearful
. "

Many of God's people who have stewarded with purity, integrity and lived in the place of intimacy with Him are about to be entrusted with more responsibility, acceleration and increase than they have EVER known before, but MUCH wisdom and dependence/sensitivity up Him and His leading is needed to navigate in and through this new territory. Many are going to be surprised by the areas God opens up and what He entrusts them with, but He has worked deeply and carefully upon their hearts and character in the fire as they have allowed Him to, and they have come out as pure gold and are READY!

Listen PAST the turbulence, listen PAST the static, listen PAST the lies and confusion, look to JESUS!!!! Listen to His heart and hear Him revealing to you the SOUND of the enemy losing his ground, the SOUND of the new territory, the new morning, the new level of BREAKTHROUGH BREAKING FORTH.

The enemy is screaming loudest right now, because your greatest come back and take back is upon you. You are receiving the greatest divine PAYBACK of your life (things past and present restored to you with increase) in this unprecedented acceleration into the new territories!


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  • Deborah Lobo

    This is such a mighty confirmation Lana, yes from the past few days I have been under attack, just yesterday I was asking Abba if I should continue, I was so overwhelmed, I have been fasting, praying and interceding and I will continue to obey the Lord, yes I will keep my focus on my Jesus. Just today Abba led me to proverbs2 & proverbs 8. Thank you Lana, God bless you Princess.
    Love You Jesus ??

  • Jimmy Little

    Oh my what an Awesome Word! I recieve this word in the name of Jesus! Yes and Amen!
    Thank you Lana

  • Meshack/Suzan Ivy Baloyi

    I receive it in the name of Jesus. I believe strongly each time you speak you touch things happening around me. Keep the good work of God going on, you are a true witness of heaven.

  • Tatenda

    A word in season for me Lana. Thank you and God bless you, your family and your Ministry.

  • Rae Graber

    This word dovetails beautifully with what I heard during my quiet time this morning:
    Our feelings and emotions often interfere with our faith and our ability to receive from God. This is why the word is so important. The word is an anchor that steadies our soul through emotional vain imagination storms.
    When the Lord gave the command to depart to the other side to free the demoniac, a sudden great tempest arose against Him, but He slept undisturbed.
    The more we head to the “other side” to free ourselves and others, the more the enemy will oppose us with “storms” and tempests and temper tantrums, but if we will hold fast to the word, the Holy Spirit will strengthen us to resist and remain peaceful, unmoved by our feelings. When the storm has passed we too will find ourselves fully clothed in Christ and in our right mind.
    The enemy uses many scare and provocation tactics to distract us from getting to the “other side” because he knows when we get there we will be clothed and in our right mind, realizing we have been transformed from lowly pawns into gloriously crowned Queens.
    The game of chess is a parable of the progress of the believer into the image of Christ. We start out walking as lowly pawns, inching our way to the “other side”, one step of faith forward at a time. If we will relentlessly persevere, we will be rewarded. Once we reach the other side, we will be crowned as Queens and suddenly find ourselves clothed in the glory, power, and the authority of Christ.
    James 1:12, Jeremian 1:12

  • Cindy

    Lana, I am so grateful for you and Kevin and these words you post from Father’s heart. Today, was much needed after a very challenging week. He continues to confirm that I am hearing Him clearly through what you post 🙂

  • Franca

    Amen! This is a further confirmation and I am grateful and expectant. Thank you Jesus and thank you Lana. Blessings Franca