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Lana Vawser Ministries Update!

Howdy from Alice Springs!!!
I am excited to be writing to you from Alice Springs! We are blessed to be here, in the centre of Australia for a great week of encounter with the Lord and fellowship with some amazing friends.
Firstly, I want to apologize for how long it has taken to send out an update. We have been busy, but productive time of late.
Lana has taken a week-long fast from writing prophetically, and should be returning this weekend. She is doing this in obedience, and did post something on facebook (which we understand not everyone would see). For those who have commented, we thank you for your comments!
We are excited to be ministering in Alice Springs this weekend at a conference with Darren Canning and Katy Spakman from Mukulya Ministries! It should be an amazing time worshipping with Ratu Epi Suguturaga. If you are able to come, we encourage you to be there! For more information please have a look at the link below.
If you have sent an email to us, or contacted us through our website of late please be patient for a reply. We have had a lot of work to do behind the scenes, which has consumed the time I have had to spend in front of my computer. I should be caught up within the next few weeks and thank you for your patience.
We pray you have a blessed week pressing in! We pray that your own prayer times will be blessed and rich with His voice of revelation and love.
Kevin Vawser


  • Rosemarie Duncan

    Dear friends at the ministry,
    It is increasingly becoming obvious that Facebook is NO FRIEND of Christian ministries and it’s beginning to censor PRO-ISRAEL, CHRISTIAN AND PRO-TRUMP comments. FB has also joined with leftists in the European Union to ‘reeducate’ the FB users and CRUSH FREE SPEECH. That was exposed yesterday on the Breitbart News site which is one of THE biggest on line news sites in the US . I, personally, was blocked from FB after sending out a PRIVATE E-MAIL to another ministry regarding the increasingly nefarious doings of FB.
    Many, many people in America are becoming increasingly wary of FB and are jumping off, dumping it and scrubbing their servers of it. It’s time for your ministry to consider another way to use the web.

    • Kevin

      Hi Rosemarie!
      Thank you for the update. Facebook is like many places on the internet a sometimes unfavorable website to minister with, yet the Lord still blesses our work there. Sometimes ministry is best done in a market place – where the people gather and there are no four church walls keeping them out. Facebook, for us is that place in this season, despite the filters that they put in place.
      Blessings – Kevin

  • Daniel Byler

    Thank you for the update brother !! You guys will be richly blessed by the Lord this weekend !!

  • Lucy Mbugua

    My name is Lucy and I appreciate all the good work you are doing for the kingdom of God. I can’t reach you all nor appreciate enough for what the prophetic words have been to my spiritual life. God bless you so much, we shall pray and support ministry when n where possible.

  • Connie Meadows

    “Because of Gods tender mercy, the light from heaven is about to break upon us. To give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death and to guide us to the path of peace. ” Lk 2:78,79
    Tender is Your mighty and strong heart My Loving Father! Extend Your right hand upon my head, as I approach your throne, as I gaze into Your eyes of blazing fire, of pools of clear water that drop tears that run down to Your Holy feet, where so many gather to bow before Your presence, in humble fear and stay disconnected, to not take that chance to arise and gaze into the DEEP! Speak to our hearts Father, as you extend Your right hand of blessing upon each head.
    “My children, My child…… Return to Me, for who I really am. Receive My touch, My simple touch, be all that it is, Simple yet profound, holding mysteries of the ages past. Unique to each one who receives, also, unifying My people with a unity that is only miraculous. Let My tears drop into your eyes, and become that salve of healing to wash away the scales. It is time, My children, I am extending the blessing of the New Season. You must gaze into My Father eyes! You must allow My touch and tears to penetrate deep, and break the barrier, that releases ALL the strongholds! REST in this WORD. In the REST you will RECEIVE, in that place , you will melt! REST! ….. Thank you to you and Lana for being a blessing!!

  • Rev. Phillip LEMKIN

    We really appreciate your WORDS on Donald Trump. California Primaries are Tomorrow, Tuesday 7th June, JUST AFTER D-DAY.
    BELIEVING FOR A LANDSLIDE RESULT IN NOVEMBER, after Donald received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit & Fire and is transformed by the Power of the resurrection.

  • Sharyn Wilbraham

    Thanks Kevin for your committment behind the scenes. Understand the obedience from both of you.
    Much blessing favour refreshing and strength from our gracious Father.

  • W Keith Buchanan

    Just wanted to say, May the Favor of our Father fill every moment of your week. May the voice of His,Spirit be clear and concise in all you or Lana speak, and may you both feel and even see, His nanifested presence in all you do.
    Georgina and I, (she also is the Prophet in our ministry unto the,body of Christ,) are blessed by vour voices for the Father, and pray for you.
    Keith & Georgina Buchanan

  • Rhonda Pearson

    Thank you both for all you do for The Lord!!! Lana, your words have been spot on for me and our church in Arizona.

  • Phyllis J.

    Thanks Bro Kevin,
    I pray that Sis Lana is enjoying her time with the Lord this week. As always, praying God’s covering and keeping upon you all. Thanks for the updates as well so we can keep you guys lifted in prayer on your various assignments from the Lord.
    Phyllis J.
    Raleigh, NC

  • Marilee Alm

    Wow, this is just what Lana has been saying.
    I watched a video on youtube of Lana speaking and you, Kevin, were nust beamkngin the audience. it was so great to see you supprting her and filled with the Spirit. God bless your family and ministry.
    The Father says today that I will guide you with My eye. I will be so close to you and so intimate with you that you will know without one word being said exactly what I desire and what I want from you at any given moment. That is the dialog that I am seeking and searching for. My Spirit goes out into all the earth seeking for such to worship Me in THAT spirit and in THAT truth. I want those servants who not only want intimacy with the word but with the mouth, the lips that speak that word. I am calling forth the bride. As the bridegroom longs for the bride so My heart longs for that bride who will say “let Him kiss Me with the kisses of His lips for His love is better than wine…”
    There is deeper intimacy available says the Father. There are available levels of intimacy that haven’t been experienced on the earth. It goes beyond the vintage of any move of God or wine of the Spirit that has been known in times past. I am taking you past mere human joy or elation based upon outward circumstance. I am bringing you into direct communion with Me – Spirit to spirit. My Holy Spirit is encapsulating and enveloping your human spirit. I am bringing you into such a place of one-ness with Me that it will be hard to determine where I leave off and where you take up. Do you have strength for that experience? I am releasing strength to you that you might leave behind the pedantic, pedestrian understanding of walking in My kingdom and boldly abandon yourself to a new confidence in Me.