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By Lana Vawser 

The enemy is working hard attempting to abort what God is doing in and through you but as you keep your eyes on Jesus and hearts and hands lifted in praise, you will see the winds of acceleration increase in velocity and take you further into His plans for you ESPECIALLY in the next 21 days in JESUS name” 


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  • Yisraelle

    AAAMMENN and Amen! Another perfectly timed one Lana, your obedience is amazing!! Thank you Lord. The God of Jacob is indeed EVER present. Hallelujah!!

  • Tamara Kuchera

    The winds here in Wisconsin and Minnesota have been WILD over night and very unseasonal. At the same time God has been urging our family forward into a new season of changes and we have felt resistance. Thank you for this word of strength!!!!

  • Susan M

    Amen. Lana, a church family I know has faced intensive strategic and vicious ‘inside’ attacks of the evil one for 18 mos. via a divisive spirit and self-promoting group whose lies and schemes are aimed at overthrowing godly pastoral leadership. As the battle intensifies, this word delivers a timely lifeline and reminder to praise the Lord who rides the winds and whose Holy Spirit accelerates victory to safely pass through every storm… Shalom

  • Annie

    Pl pray .i am in a place where people r bound with a spirit of religion . I am here for a month and don’t want to miss anything what God wants to do in me for this 21 days.
    Bless you

  • Jacqueline

    I have been talking to the Lord about a situation in my life right now and have said that I would like “it all done” in the next 3 weeks and today I am reading this. Thanks Daddy. Thankyou Lana for sharing this word today. Bless you

  • Adam S.

    Oh, boy. It was a tough day today. …just felt oppressed most of the day at work, and not thinking on the right thoughts (praising God, meditating on His Word, etc.).
    This is a good word! May God’s will be done, for all of His servants.