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Almost 14 days ago the Lord spoke to me and told me that 14 days leading up to July 7th would be significant for prophets and the body of Christ. There would be deep encounters for the people of God as they press in, and a crossover would take place on July 7th. 
Last night I was carrying a word for many about “heaviness” and moving into a 24 hour breakthrough.
Today, a friend contacted me and explained to me that on the Jewish Calendar we are now in the Rosh Chodesh Tamuz – Crossing over in the Jewish calendar from one month to another.
I was blown away because of the highlight from Jesus I felt on July 7th and I woke up this morning with the sentence going over and over in my heart “the winter has passed.”
What I found out is that we are now (depending where we are in the world) about to cross over into July 7th which is SUMMER according to the Jewish Lunar Calendar and it is also connected  with the Tribe of Rueben. (The meaning of the name Rueben means “seeing” – taken from
My spirit is stirring as I feel the Lord saying that July 7th is significant in the crossing over for the people of God into a NEW SEASON!
There is a BREAKING FORTH upon us as God’s people, we will see that a lot of our deep, deep “caterpillar in the cocoon” processes are now shifting to the breaking forth of the BUTTERFLIES!!! New life, new day, new height and new sight!
You are COMING OUT!!! You are BREAKING FORTH!!!! Your identity is further manifesting!!! The unveiling of the deep work of His Spirit and heart surgery He has been doing in you through repentance and surrender in the months leading up to July 7th is about to be seen. Entering into this “summer season” you shall see your healing, your freedom, your breakthrough and deliverance spring forth even more.
Many have been living in the firstfruits manifesting and now there shall be abundance of fruit and breakthrough in the summer time.
The people of God are coming out of the season of hiding, out of the season of terror and trembling and into a season of greater peace, courage, adventure, joy and seeing the Glory of God manifest in their new day in exceptional ways.
As I sat with the Lord on this word I kept hearing “July 7th – STRATEGIC SUNSCREEN” and I saw July 7th is a day to SPECIFICALLY ask the Lord for the STRATEGIES of protection and covering for this new summer season!
The Lord will be releasing specific insight and keys of strategy for this breakthrough season on this day, to set up the right “structures” and protective measures for this “amazing summer time” breakthrough.
His heart being that you would not move out of His wisdom in the breaking forth but be constantly applying to yourself His Word and what He is speaking to see you thrive, survive and flourish in this significant season of breaking forth.
There will be more manifested joy, peace and release for God’s people in the summer time season! You are taking your place!
“There is the shifting of sight for the new flight”.
Where you place your eyes and fix your gaze in this crossover and into these summer time months will determine your breakthrough portion and what you receive.
There is such a highlight on the gaze of God’s people in the summer time months! What you gaze upon, you will become!
Keep your gaze upon Jesus! Keep your gaze upon the SON!
In the natural, in the summer time we drink more water and I felt the Lord saying in these significant breakthrough months and season “DRINK MORE OF HIM”. Drink deeper of the Spirit!
For in the “coming forth, the breaking out” – there will be greater moves of His Spirit released to you and through you and warm summer winds of acceleration increasing, but you must drink more of His Spirit and STAY HYDRATED!!!!
I felt the Lord saying “What is meant to be a summer time of fun, joy, breakthrough and breaking forth” can turn to a place of feeling parched and dry like being in a desert sandstorm in the acceleration if you are not DRINKING DEEP!
STAY HYDRATED and you will go from breakthrough to breakthrough and be constantly overflowing in the MOMENTUM OF BREAKTHROUGH that we are now crossing over and stepping into!
Your heart’s desires and dreams are about to manifest as you continue to delight in Him and in His Word. You have become familiar with the place of contending, but this new land and crossover, this breaking forth, requires a deeper level of intimacy with Jesus, sensitivity to Him and hearing His voice to move forward in the wisdom of God and to KNOW HOW to steward radical breakthrough, favour and increase.
This is your season! You are COMING OUT!
Stay hydrated! Drink deep!


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  • Deborah Lobo

    Hallelujah!! Amen! Thank you Jesus! Your Glory Father!! O Lana, this is such a mighty confirming Word, just a few hours ago while I was praying n talking to the Lord, He told me that I am about to cross over!! O sweet Jesus, I love You! Thank you Princess!

  • Charlene Bontrager

    Lana, my heart is de–LIGHTED by HIS Word to me today and these days, as my spirit feeds upon the little flowers and new greens that are mine in this field of dreams! It is TRUE that every night there are breakthroughs and NEW Words. I am just looking to Him, the Only, the True, the Love of my life–with expectation and hope again.

  • Robear

    Yes, Yes Yes It is my Season. Glory, Glory, Glory, Shouts of Victory. Awesome. Thank you Abba for your words, I to sense witnin about July 7 Seventh Month 7 Day Victory, Wow. A day of Rest, Fullment. Jubilee Season is upon us Shouts of laughter, singing, dancing, Glory, Glory, It is HERE !!!!!!!

  • Diane H.

    Thank you for sharing the Word of the Lord. I receive the breakthrough, the breaking forth, the hydration, the increase and all He has for me in this season, to move forward, as His ambassador for His kingdom and glory!!

  • Faith Lubitz

    Wow…I love this! And July 7 is of course..7/7….even 7/7/7 if you consider 2016…16 portion.. is a 7.(6+1)
    I have moved into a new home with a great housemate and dog and cat..feeling I have a sanctuary for once..I have had many moves and challenges due to my environmental sensitivities. One thing I want to recommend to anyone with mood issues, depression, fatigue, or chronic health issues..try unplugging the wireless technology(modem and router) while you are sleeping…and when you don’t need it. See if you notice a difference! We have.
    I am looking forward to the summer surprises and Journey! Thanks Lana!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    “What you gaze upon you will become!” I heard something similar to that in my heart walking in the parking lot to the grocery store the other day. I perceived it like this: “You become what you behold” and I know the Lord was telling me how important it is to be careful what you behold because there is a becoming of what I behold!! Behold, the Lord and become like Him!! “Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher(developer) of our faith; for the joy set before Him He endured the cross.” It is God’s will to be conformed to the image of His Son!!

  • Michelle Strong-Swift


  • Rebecca Sanchez

    Wow! I had just jotted down a little note that God put on my heart about 7/8/2016 in particular as I have a significant meeting that day. The note I wrote was “the day of crossing over from the complete season/end (7) to my new beginning (8). I literally drew a little arrow from the 7, over the forward slash (/) to the 8. Praise God! He also just gave me a dream over the weekend where a prophetic intercessor at my church was praying over me and gave me a word of the Lord in my dream. It was definitely a word straight from God to me to prepare me for this week saying, “Rebecca, the Lord says he’s coming through for you. Everything that you’ve been praying for, he’s answering. (Every prayer you’ve prayed is being answered.)  He’s been giving you signs all around you to let you know that it’s coming.  Believe what he’s telling you and don’t let the enemy convince you otherwise.”
    Since then, on July 5th I was suddenly contacted by my estranged (for 2+years) husband and he’s coming over to meet me on 7/8 to talk. I know my breakthrough with him is coming. The Lord promised to raise my marriage from the dead over 2 years ago and I’ve been obedient, warring, walking in faith through the fire since. The Lord has never left me and has given my his eyes to see the reward as if it’s happened already. This is the dark before the dawn! My husband is saying he is coming to talk about making our separation “permanent” (ie divorce papers) on, 7/8 but I laugh in the enemies face because this is my day! Just like God told me in the dream, I will not let the enemy convince me otherwise by speaking lies through my husband’s mouth! A year ago I asked God, “how much longer do I have to wait?” and he answered with “7”. That is when I realized that he was telling me it would be finished and he would send my hubby home when His spiritual work was complete in the both of us apart. And this is my hour. The day of promise fulfilled is approaching, no matter how loud the devil roars. This is his final attempt to throw me off to give up. I will not. I will rest as I meet with my husband, knowing God will speak through me and turn this around! I just have to walk through it as my God parts The red sea! I’m crossing over into my new beginning! The Lord will reveal his glory through our marriage as we testify of his resurrection power!! Amen!!

  • Mary lou McMahon

    I feel a shift coming on for the body of Christ also! We are bringing heaven here, the glory of the lord is becoming more prevalent we are seeing people saved and set free, healing of every kind, demons cast out, and the dead raised, we the body of Christ are coming into the fullness of the lord our inheritance is the kingdom of God and we are proclaiming it now!

  • Peggy

    I believe and receive….its been over 20 years and believing for breakthrough to do what the Lords called me to do. Thank you Jesus. Joy Joy Joy in the Holy Spirit!! BREAKTHROUGH!

  • Patricia

    WOW! AWESOME WORD! JUST BEFORE I READ THIS I LOOKED AT MY COMPUTER SCREEN AND THERE IS A PICTURE OF FOUR SUMMER ADIRONDACK CHAIRS DIFFERENT COLORS WITH A VIEW OF A LAKE AND SNOW CAPPED MOUNTAINS AND THE TIME WAS 7:14! Also when I went to work today there is always a noteboard as you walk in of announcements and it said one of the employees had a baby boy on 7/2 at 7:02am! I was really blown away! God is surely doing something BIG! Thanks Lana for the encouraging word!

  • Susan M

    Lana, the heaviness you spoke of July 6th was like a weight on the back of my neck — a physical as well as a spiritual day of intense battles, but also a sense of being at the edge of epic breakthrough. This word you shared today is so profoundly confirming, I stand amazed and in awe of how deep the Father’s love is to share His heart so wonderfully and clearly, especially for me, the release out of ‘cocoons’ — this goes back a long way — some 10+ years for me in terms of vision/insights from the Lord. This is a divine season, and I praise God for your being His vessel of exhortation. Blessings upon blessings — praying and seeing increase coming for you in ministry and substance…

  • Marilyn Marsh

    Amen! Selah! The Lord speaks to me through your words, confirming what He has imparted to me. I am so excited, we will be with you in Sanford on Friday and Saturday. Anticipating a “breakthrough” time with our Mighty God. God is Good!

  • Elmarie Bouwer

    Today is my 40th bday and i was feeling in my spirit last two days about the Isrealiets who was wondering in desert for 40 years and the promised land, this is confirmationfor me and a really good bday gift from the Lord. Best one ever thank u. I know im comingout and in

  • Rae Graber

    Recently the Lord has been speaking to me a lot about transformation/transfiguration (metamorphoo). This is a “seventh day” experience. It was “after six days” that Jesus was transfigured in the presence of His closest disciples (Mat 17:1, Mark 9:2). Six represents natural man because it was on the sixth day that God created Adam, but after six comes seven. The seventh day is the Sabbath. Christ was resurrected on the Sabbath. The Christ man is the new creation, the completely new race Jesus brought into being through His death and resurrection. The Sabbath man is the completely spiritual man.
    The Holy Spirit has been brooding over His people, longing to bring us to this maturity. Without maturity there will be no fruit.
    Seventh day man is Christ in me the hope of glory. It is when we are able to ask, seek, and knock (Mat 7:7) and receive because we believe like the centurion and simply take God at His word (Luke 7:7). This is the beautiful maturity of the revealed son.

  • Debra

    Amazing! I just read this for the first time and it is the exact same thing that was spoken to me by the Lord yesterday (July 7) afternoon. I am so grateful for His most excellent confirmations and encouragements!

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    I Love This! Again, the Spiritual aligning with the Natural – I Receive this Word! Over that last month I’ve been getting back into a workout schedule, drinking close to a gallon of water a day (Staying Hydrated!) and using an amazing moisturizing Sunscreen. I’ve seen a Dramatic change in my complexion (Clear, bright, glowing and others have noticed and commented on it), and seen an increase in my energy level and strength – I am watching what I intake on a daily basis.
    This is on the Spiritual level as well, as I just finished a book by Frances Hunter, starting another by Joan Hunter, and delving more deeply into the Word. Transformation …
    “And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
    – Romans 12:2
    All I can say is WOW. So excited for God’s people, and So excited for those who do not know Him but Very Soon will! Much Love Ms Lana & Family <3

  • Catherine Canet

    HI there Sis. Lana! Today I praise God for His assurance and presence in my life..also to my family! During our devotional time God impressed on me to look at a white beautiful butterfly, I asked why? what for? then I read your article! indeed there are connections and explanations! Yes I claim my breakthrough and for HIS service I will persevere, trust as our Shepherd leads me…thanks for saying Stay dehydrated and drink deep! To grow closer and closer to Jesus!

  • Florence Koros

    Amen! God has had me in mind as He has spoken through you. The prophetic words He has given you in the last four months have been spot on. May God refresh you and you’ve refreshed me.

  • Rhoda

    Butterfly? God said it to me the last couple of years or more, I’ll be transformed into a butterfly. Lana, thank you so much for speaking the confirming and affirming words of our LORD.
    Matthew 13:16
    But blessed (happy, fortunate, and to be envied) are your eyes because they do see, and your ears because they do hear. xo

  • Mitt Jeffords

    The Lord is good. I was led to read Luke 21, and to my delight, I read in verse 29 “And he spoke to them this parable: “Behold the fig tree, and all the trees. When they shoot forth, you see and know of your themselves that summer is now at hand. So likewise when you shall see these things come to pass, you know that the kingdom of God is near at hand.”