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This week I had a dream and I heard the words “I am coming as the Kinsman Redeemer”. As I was starting to wake up I heard Him speak again and He said that He is moving through the body of Christ in the anointing of the Kinsman Redeemer.
As I have been sitting with the Lord and pondering this dream, the biblical story of Boaz and Ruth was being quickened to my spirit and I felt to look up the name Boaz. (In the story we see Boaz restoring back to Ruth and Naomi everything that had been taken. When talking with a friend of mine, she stated it perfectly “Boaz became the bringer of upgraded promise and full restoration and he did it through love. He is redeeming with the greatest of love…kisses from a GOOD God.” – Jodie Hughes​)
BOAZ: “Quickness” (Strong’s Hebrew: 1162)
BOAZ: “Swift; in strength” (
This confirmed the ‘sense’ in my dream, for when He spoke and said “I AM COMING as the Kinsman Redeemer”, there was an urgency on His words, that He was coming swiftly, that He was coming quickly, and He was coming in great strength.
The sense in my dream was that the Lord was coming QUICKLY to RESTORE. Not only was He going to restore what the enemy had plundered, destroyed and taken, but He was also coming to restore inheritances. There was a great emphasis on “loss”, that He was coming to restore the “losses”. Where there has been grief, pain, disappointment, and a stealing, the Lord was coming to restore it with His goodness. As Boaz moved in love, he restored to Ruth and Naomi honour and their inheritance.
The Lord is coming quickly to you to restore you. He is coming in ‘quickness’ as the Kinsman Redeemer and you are going to OVERFLOW WITH JOY!!!!
“The threshing floors will be full of grain, And the vats will overflow with the new wine and oil. ” – Joel 2:24


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  • Lidia Hidalgo


  • Elsie Bouwman

    hahaha! So the times driving on the highway and seeing a truck twice with the word “Swiftness” on it; it was the name Boaz driving by!! hahahaha! Delightful, delightful, Boaz, our Kinsmen Redeemer; swift in strength; QUICK to RESTORE!! I saw the swiftness and this moving in love, as the postcard bought this past weekend in the gift shop, after touring the Intrepid in the port of Manhattan. It was a black and white cartoon of Popeye giving a swift kiss and embrace of Olive Oil in the streets as Wimpy and Brutus look on!! All you could see was Popeye’s strong muscular arms and his face kissing Olive Oil hidden in his embrace!!

  • Chris Kauffman

    Yes, It’s the time of restoration of HIS inheritance in us! Boaz was the name of one of the pillars before the Holy of Holies because Jesus redeemed us to see the “Face of the Father of Lights” in the Holy Place; where we behold him as He is and see that we are NOW as He is in this world! We are a new creature with the very inheritance that Jesus was due because it’s IN CHRIST working through us that His name is honored!


    Yesterday morning the Lord said that the enemy would not swallow the grain in my life!!! He’s restoring to me and my family what we have lost over the past 14 years.

  • Rose

    I have been in severe assault and battle. The LORD has already come…and He is confirming your words with His Presence. He is already redeeming me as I read…
    Bless you, Lana…and your team. Be strong in The LORD and in the power of His might.

  • Sara Ruth

    Amen. I receive this word on behalf of my husband and my family and I thank you Lord in advance.
    My family has had a major assault on our finances. My husband and I were conned and deceived by our former boss and now we are set to lose our house and have three credit cards maxed. I am overjoyed that the Lord will restore what we have lost and what has been stolen!!!

  • Nathan Ruhiiga

    Again, this is a second confirmation I have received through the ministry of Jesus in this vessel called Lana Vawser. The first was a post I just read in the “Charisma Magazine” and now this! Word for Word, every prophecy here is exactly what Jesus has been speaking and showing me over the last 7 days or so. I thank God for this confirmation.

  • Greg

    So God restored through Boaz, which means therefore he has to restore though a person since he is only spirit and does not own physical things nor uses the worldly monetary system.
    Prov 19:14 : Houses and wealth are inherited from fathers;

  • batya

    There hasn’t been a Word here since Feb 7th, last one. Is everything well with Lana and her family? I know she is extremely busy. Hoping that is the sum of it. Please respond in case I need to check my computer site. Be blessed!