Prophetic Words


During worship this morning I was overtaken with a strong feeling to write. Within minutes this word had come forth. May it bless and encourage you as you read it.
Lana Vawser
Your pursuit of Him will not go unrewarded. You will be rewarded with the greatest GIFT of all… You will find HIM and in HIM you will find ALL YOU NEED!!
In HIM you will find breakthrough, IN HIM you will find healing, in HIM you will find strength. In HIM you will find HOPE and PROVISION. In HIM you will find vision and a new song in your heart like no other. In HIM you will find the revelation to break the chains of the past. HE IS YOUR ANSWER!!!!!
It is time to SEEK! It is time to PRESS IN HARDER THAN EVER! It is time to be positioned and aligned with heaven as the tipping point has ARRIVED. It is time for the people of God to check their hearts and make sure their hands are clean so they may ascend the hill of the Lord. It is time to receive the reaping of the years of faithful sowing.
It is time for generational lines of barrenness, brokenness, torment, failure, rejection, fear and abandonment to be BROKEN for many. It is time to make a decision to CONTEND to move into the abundant life that is ours. It is time to leave behind all that has hindered and FLY!!!
The yearning in hearts, the drawing and crying out for “MORE” is the luring of the Spirit to come deeper. It is time to come DEEPER and move into greater levels of REAPING. It is time for the people of God to reap years and years of faithful stewardship and receive increase to RELEASE into the world. RELEASE the abundance of heaven into the world to see His GLORY and Gospel DECLARED. It is time for a great makeover for the Church. God is painting the true face of His Bride and her name is LOVE! The Bride that is radically loved by Him and radically LOVES!!!!! It is time for the world to see the Church for who she was created to be and to carry the message she was intended to carry…. LOVE!!!!!!!!!
People of God, do whatever you have to do to be positioned and aligned. PRESS IN, PRESS IN! Let NOTHING hold you back from seeking Him! HE is your focus, your first and foremost and ALL you need is found in Him.
I saw Him giving new ears and new eyes to His people as they pressed in. Deaf ears are opening in the physical at tremendous rates as a sign of His love and power and healing but also as a sign of the deaf ears being unlocked in the Spirit. Greater HEARING is coming to the people of God as they press in!!! He is going to begin speaking more specifically than ever. Releasing Kingdom keys to unlock heavenly mysteries and treasures that will bring not a moment of revival but a MOMENTUM of revival.
Eyes to SEE! There is an invitation from heaven to SEE Him like never before. February marks the beginning of unprecedented encounters with Him like never before and in ways we don’t understand to draw His people deeper into a love relationship with Him. There is a revival of our love and affection to Him being released.
Encounters that will see specific impartations released on larger scales that are to be released into the world and see a radical increase in the one billion soul harvest that was prophesied by Bob Jones.
The new EYES TO SEE He is releasing will also see the people of God see OTHERS as HE sees them. The people of God take His invitation and press in will begin seeing through eyes of love like never before. Seeing through eyes of the Father and through that SEEING will be given creative keys to love others. To love their brothers and sisters as He does and this will bring radical healing and unity to His Church, prejudices, unforgiveness and years of hatred melted away as they see through eyes of love and move forward in repentance birthing unity all across the body of Christ.
And to see those who do not yet know Him through His eyes of love and be given HIS heart for these ones and move in compassion and radical kindness which will shout His name and goodness and breakthrough hard hearts and see many come to know Him.
People of God, come deeper! Come into alignment with Him and what He is doing. Chains are breaking and there is a great shaking, moving His people into position for one of the greatest outpourings we have ever seen in the Body of Christ.
It is time to CONTEND and ASCEND! Seek Him, do whatever you have to do to position yourself to seek Him for we have met our “tipping point” and as we move into position we are now entering a move of God that will be spoken about for decades.


  • l29v15

    Amen! I know this to be the future for all who will seek and follow Him, my heart has felt this to be our future in Him. His ️love will win!

  • mccomicsteve

    My heart is filled with complete joy knowing that all the things that I’m reading I’m moving to me as though God has already spoken this to me and I receive it as though it is knowledge directly from the father. I know he moves through individuals in a mighty way as he is exposed so many wonderful great things that are unbelievably and remarkably him to me. These words are so God that I am right now completely overwhelmed with joy knowing my father speaks through his children to give us the message that is directly intended for those few that by faith understand the depths of his desire to touch us