Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Over the past few years I have been hearing the Lord decreeing the “NEW DAY” that was coming. Over a year ago I had a dream and I heard LIBERTY BELLS ringing loudly and the Lord decreed LOUDLY in my dream “Lana, it is not the end of a season, it’s the end of an ERA. It’s coming! It’s the beginning of a completely NEW ERA” and I woke up.
I believe that we have now entered as the body of Christ into this “NEW ERA” that the Lord has been speaking about. We are now going to see this “NEW ERA” manifest in so many amazing ways, it is going to be incredible what the Lord is going to do. What He is doing “behind the scenes” is bigger than we realise. The visible manifestations of His presence, power and signs and wonders that are being displayed on the earth now are incredible. The way He is moving is glorious, but hold onto your hat, it’s only going to increase in significant ways. He has only just begun what He is pouring out in this new era.
As I sat with the Lord this morning, I heard Him speak this decree, and I believe it is for many in the body of Christ right now:
“It is a NEW DAY for you! The brightness of My Glory is birthing a new morning for you, awakening within you WONDER and JOY! I am bringing peace to your borders. No longer will the wolves of fear and intimidation growl at you day and night but the perfect breakthrough of My peace, blessing and increase will explode forth.”
“He is the One who brings peace to your borders, feeding you the most excellent of fare” – Psalm 147:14 (The Passion Translation)
“He endows your territory with prosperity; He satisfies you with the finest wheat” – Psalm 147:14 (Christian Standard Bible)
“What you have known the landscape to be with these wolves growling, you will no longer know. You will know peace as your borders and you will know great blessing, wonder, joy and revelation.”
I heard the Lord say “GET READY FOR HEAVY RAIN”
For about two years now I have been teaching and prophesying out of the passage in 1 Kings 18:41 where Elijah asks the question “Can you hear the sound of rain?” and many individuals and corporately as the body of Christ, we have been in the position of contending and intercession like Elijah, with his head between his knees, holding tightly to the word the Lord has spoken, that the cloud the size of a man’s hand is about to rise out of the sea. The manifestation of His presence and promise of what He has spoken.
The Lord showed me that many have been waiting for the “CLOUD” for such a long time. There has been a LONG WAIT for the cloud, and now the cloud is starting to rise for many.
The enemy is attempting to bring many other “clouds” of distraction and disappointment to say the “CLOUD OF GOD” is not coming, but that’s a lie. I prophesy in the name of Jesus Christ that the CLOUD IS SUDDENLY appearing for you, the beginning of the manifestation of the promises of God in your life.
The Lord showed me specifically this morning that the length of time you have waited for the CLOUD to appear, is not going to be the length of time that you many of you are going to have to wait for it to RAIN.
I heard the Holy Spirit say:
“GET READY FOR SUDDEN HEAVY RAIN. The weather will change IN A DAY”
Many of you are going to see the first fruits of breakthrough and then a SUDDEN ACCELERATION of breakthrough take place and it will begin to TORRENTIALLY RAIN. Heavy rain of breakthrough, outpouring of His presence and awakening.
NOW IS THE TIME FOR RAIN!!!!! “In the time of rain, ASK FOR RAIN!!!”
It is now the time of rain! ASK for more! The Lord wants to pour it out, and the refreshing of God and supernatural empowering of the Holy Spirit will fill you as His Spirit brings the sudden acceleration of RAIN.
Many of you have been waiting your whole life for it to RAIN and I saw that there will be SUCH JOY and SUCH incredible FREEDOM and RELEASE of YEARS of burdens as the rain falls down.
I heard the Lord whisper:
“You will SING, LAUGH AND DANCE in the rain as you see the WEATHER HAS CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Friend, He hasn’t forgotten you! He knows what He is doing! You are about to step into HEAVY RAIN unlike you have experienced before and FRUITFULNESS and BLESSING will explode all around.
Where there has been SO many storms and the wolves have been growling, now you will know the beauty of dancing in the rain with Jesus and the blessing and RAIN of His presence that will overwhelm you…
….And you will be left…..
IN WONDER!!!!!!!!!

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  • Rina

    Yes Lana! Indeed! Thank you for sharing this word. Also hearing: “Keep your boots on and hold on to your hat..” (I am a prophetic prayer walker)
    Amen to the WONDER… A couple of weeks ago the Lord reminded me of your word concerning the MAGIC CARPET RIDE… Be blessed!

  • Tatenda Dune

    Whoa! Whoa! God has been saying the same thing to me all day. Since the first of March, I’ve woken up thanking him for a job he recently provided me. I start next week. All day on the first I could sense the change and then at nightfall he spoke about it being a new day, a new dawn, and a new life. “The glory days have come”, he said. And then I read this prophecy. Amen sister! I’m one of those who has been waiting for the rain all my life. I don’t know what it’s like to be at peace and to live in abundant blessing, but I guess I’m about to find out. Thank you, Jesus! And thank you, Lana, for your faithfulness to relay the messages he gives you.

  • Natasha

    Thank you Jesus. I claim this in the name of Jesus. Lana Vawser your words are like honey to my soul. I thank God for you.

  • Judithann Ortiz

    the LORD has been telling me, since December 2017, to prepare the Passover… Prepare in a haste! The LORD is removing all idols. No house will be spared.
    It will happen at midnight, like an Avalanche.
    Only the Blood of Jesus will be your sign.
    Turn to Jesus. Purge your sins. Don’t leave anything left. Anything left burn.

  • SanLil

    Thank you Jesus for these words through our Sis. Lara. Some days back, I have seen myself in a dream under a torrent of I understand better the meaning. Thank you Lord, I welcome greatly this abundance of rain after a long period of dryness, disappointment, dire trials etc.. God bless you all.