Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The Lord has been speaking to me recently about “interference in the airwaves”.
As I have sat and sought the Lord He has been showing me the enemy attempting to bring an “interference” in the airwaves to hinder VISION and what God is speaking.
The attack is specifically aimed to hinder vision and the rhea Word of the Lord. The enemy is attempting to bring a “static” in the atmosphere, an unrest and he is specifically using fear and whispering his lies and false imaginations to many in the body of Christ right now.
I also saw the enemy interfering with dreams in this season, especially for those who have been having significant and reoccurring prophetic dreams. The Lord showed me that the enemy is coming in and he is bringing confusion, twisting truth and attempting to bring ‘fear’ as many sleep.
But friends, if you have been experiencing this interference in the airwaves, if you have been experiencing this confusion, attacks of fear, irrational foreboding thoughts, unrest, your dreams feeling like they have changed and become ‘confusing’ rather than the Rhema you were receiving from the Lord with clarity previously, take heart.. because the Lord showed me that the breakthrough is upon you. He is roaring over you and radical demonstrations and revelation of His love are upon you to cast out fear. The Lord showed me that He is squashing this attack and that you are actually moving into a greater realm of increase of vision, clarity, prophetic dreams, joy and intimacy with the Lord in this season, and that is why the enemy has come against you to attempt to cause this “interference in the airwaves”.
Such clarity of vision, such increase in your beautiful relationship with Jesus and hearing His voice is being ignited by the fire of God, that you will ignited to a whole new level of sensitivity to His leading, hearing His whispers and encounters with His heart.
“Your life flows into mine, pure as a garden spring. A well of living water springs up from within you, like a mountain brook flowing into my heart.” – Song of Songs 4:15 (The Passion Translation)
I prophesied a lot in 2017 about “Garden Encounters”, that the Lord was bringing His people back to the garden. A deeper place of intimacy and walking with Him in the cool of the day. The Lord has been bringing me back to that word the past few days, and He showed me that there are refreshing waters awaiting many in the body of Christ. Where there has been ‘interference in the airwaves’ and ‘confusion’, there are special encounters reserved for YOU with Jesus, just you and Jesus where you will be greatly refreshed. Where you will encounter Him as the God who’s living waters never run dry. The Lord is about flood you with His Spirit of refreshing, love and peace. You will truly know what it is to lay down beside still waters with Him.
“He offers a resting place for me in His luxurious love. His tracks take me to an oasis of peace, the quiet brooks of bliss. That’s where He restores and revives my life. He opens before me pathways to God’s pleasure and leads me along in His footsteps of righteousness so that I can bring honour to His name.” – Psalm 23:2-3 (The Passion Translation)
This “interference” has come to steal this place, but I decree over you in Jesus name, that breakthrough is upon you. I prophesy that you are moving into a season of such deep intimacy, rest in His love, peace and refreshing that you will be overwhelmed with great joy. I prophesy that increase is being added to your vision, and increase to revelation you receive from the Word and from His heart. The “static and interference” will be silenced. Keep standing on His truth and watch and see how the clouds will clear, the fear will break, and you will see the bright new dawning day before you. This “interference and static” is whispering the exact opposite to what God is speaking.
You’re about to see with greater clarity the gloriousness of the new day that is upon you!!!
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  • Nahomie Riche

    Amen. Praise GOD. Can’t say I’m going thru that right now but feels like I have experienced that in past. It’s good to know that Satan cant do whatever he wants, he has to go by THE ALMIGHTY GOD first( Job 2:1-6, Luke 22:31-32) Any how can’t wait for THE LORD to speak..1King18:1, Job38:1❤

  • Arnold Stallings

    I could not understand why my time with Father was so distorted… your prophecy has given me the answer. Hallelujah!


    Good to know about the dreams, because last night I had a very, very vivid dream of one of my previous pastors looking me right in the face and saying,”you’re a taker”. What he was meaning in the dream was that “you’re not a giver, you’re a taker”. And I remember sitting there in the dream thinking “that’s not true, I’m a giver and I know this is not true”. And I woke up and I just thought I don’t know why he was the one pinpointed or why this was said to me in this dream but I don’t receive it…it’s nonsense.

  • Marlisa Walls

    Thank you for word, since first of the year I have struggled feeling as though I can’t hear God. Struggling making decisions and on my job. Fear has been a big factor in all of this. Thanks to this word I have clarity, knowing what Satan is trying to do.

  • LightWriters

    Thank You, Jesus!!! Lana, the enemy’s strategic ‘static interference’ you refer to is a totally accurate description of recent weeks of intense spiritual battles—and confusion—yet our God is SO faithful to keep us, SO much greater, and yes!!! His glorious breakthrough power is lifting us to higher ground. His love is overtaking and leading us deeper into victories as never before. I love how He pursues us! Standing with you and all the saints…(Ephesians 2:6)

  • alzaruba

    I receive this word in the name of Jesus! I rebuke the hearing static that has plagued me in this past season. I command perfect hearing in the Lord. Holy Spirit, yours is the only voice and sound that my spirit and soul will harken unto. I declare this is the new season of precision obedience before the Lord! AMEN!!!

  • Charlene from TN

    I am taking all of this. I hear the infrasounds, and will testify to their confusion. I have a theory that those who cannot actually hear them are still affected by them. At any rate, this is a new beginning Word that carries Life with it that cannot be argued. Last year, as a newby with Lana, I saw Land, Family, and even Joy restored in great measures, miraculously and beyond my control. We will continue to come INTO the Glory of the LORD!

  • Laura Lyn Bardavid

    Thank You Lana for this word!! This happened to me just this morning trying to get on a conference prayer call. I receive this word and thank you so much for it! Laura

  • Jacqueline Celona

    Amen!! Got Ezekial 47 the living waters flow out from the temple and fruit trees spring up.
    Get many of the beloved will experience the falling off of that old devils mental blockages, bindings , lies and confusion and will recieve the living waters of the Holy Spirit if Yehushua so get ready saints for He will give us beauty for ashes!!

  • OPam Toubeaux

    Jesus warned me about these attacks twenty years ago Brother Bob Jones warned us and now Lana is hearing.. Be aware that the enemy will use truth to get in if he can. Negative truth. Don’t agree even if it is truth, apply the blood and the answer to issue of long standing bondage. Jesus Christ our lover. War As a breaker for the breakthrough for loved ones. We are in process of learning how to break generational curses over loved ones. Satan is throwing any and everything because he knows that he is about to lose these souls he has kept in bondage. This IS A BIG DEAL,,! Cover your head if you have to but war through and break the back of the evil one!!! We are going to win this generational curses business in Jesus Christ for family both here and at home in heaven. War! Heaven is for us!

  • Jean Pinkham

    Yes, Lana. I am very conscious of what you call interference in the airwaves. It has caused me to look to Jesus in a new way with excitement for His return. The sunsets and cloud formations have been very unusual. How I want to grow in intimacy with my walk with the Lord – isn’t that what He is looking for in His Bride? Am awaiting a fresh sense of overflow of His love! Hallelujah!!!
    Jean Pinkham

  • Jackie Battle

    Amen!!! Received!!!
    Praise the Lord!!!
    Thank you Jesus!!!
    God Bless your Lana!!!❤
    Lord KNOWS i needed thiis reminder!!!
    I need uou all’s prayers for an all night prayer meeting coming up in January!!!
    The Lord requested it!
    Thank you!!!

  • Debbie

    Again a word of encouragement to keep fixing our thoughts and eyes on Him the Author and Perfector of our faith.
    It is a word in season as I feel isolated and unsettled by the tactics of the enemy right now. So I am keeping on, keep trusting in my Saviour because He will deliver me.

  • Crystal Shirley

    I thank the Lord because he led me to Lana vawser this morning. I wrote down prior to listening to the prophetic word from the Lord through his servant about entering into the pathways of trust and I’ve noticed for the past couple of days that I’ve been hearing words with my internal ears that sound like me but it is not me. And I’ve come to realize that God is opening my ear ways to hear the enemies seeds that he’s trying to release so I thank God for this prophetic word in Jesus name. Last night in my prayer time as I lied down in the peace of the Lord I heard words that was contrary to how I was feeling and contrary to where I was and I simply spoke the opposite words cuz they were words that the enemy wanted me to take as my own. I thank the Father and I thank Holy spirit for that Insight cuz for the first time I perceived that it wasn’t me even though it sounded like me so this is on time. Hopefully what I posted help anyone else who has been experiencing the same thing.

  • Stephen

    Like a little origami crane unfolding, I’ve been watching His works in my life lately. To be honest, it’s been quite breathtaking! Every day I’m visited by angels and spirits vested in other ordinary everyday people, coming to give glory from God for the services He’s bestowed upon me. He’s given me reason beyond compare of why my narrow path recently took a 90 degree turn and I believe soon I’ll see some scenarios fit to be called ‘revelating’.
    A few weeks back, I heard a new song on the radio and instantly was hooked. The beat was there, the guitars were spot on, then the vocals jumped in and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – it was refreshing to say the least. The main point is the chorus, where he says he’s ‘waking the lions in me’. This is what God has been telling me to do for years. Wake the lions, fight the good fight, and stay close to His side, never to wander. Thankfully, I’ve begun to obey His commands. Life hasn’t felt grander in so long!
    What I’ve been neglecting to say is my personal place in this world. Single father raising an 8 year old on my own, looking for work and it’s almost impossible, and just had to move an hour away from my only safety net as well as my church. I’ve been in worse situations, but never have I been tormented as much by the devil. God has a purpose for me being here now, and the devil wants me to give up. I won’t do it. The Lord has strengthened me beyond any means I’ve possessed ever before. He makes me lie down in green pastures, next to Him, and He keeps me safe. The devil, evil, demons, what have you, they have no place here. Why? Because I am a child of God! Seek Him first in all things!