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This morning as I spent time with the Lord, He reminded me a week ago that He had showed me in a vision that He was singing songs of deliverance and victory over the nation of the United States of America.

Today, the Lord continued the vision and I saw intercessors all across the United States asleep in their beds and suddenly a cloud of His Glory appearing above them and waking them. As they awoke I saw DOWNPOURS OF REVELATION of what He is singing over the nation. The Lord in this vision was inviting intercessors into deeper areas of His heart, deeper encounters with Him to hear what He is singing over the nation and to partner with Him. Deeper encounters with the heart of Jesus!!

As I watched this taking place in the vision, I wondered why they were 'songs' that the Lord was singing and instantly I heard the Lord say "The sound of the United States needs to be restored. The sound of VICTORY! Many are hearing the increase in the sounds of CALAMITY but you MUST hear the sound of My heart…the SOUND of the United States needs to be restored.. THE SOUND OF VICTORY!!!!!"

There was a whole new level and depth of INVITATION INTO INTERCESSION before the INTERCESSORS..


As the Lord was releasing this invitation all across the body of Christ, to come deeper into intercession, I heard the words "THINGS ARE ABOUT TO HEAT UP".

I saw things beginning to intensify in the natural in the United States and in the spirit, but the Lord wanted to encourage His people, and His intercessors, that as they press in, as they stand up and pray, that there is a new level of BIRTHING that is about to be released through the intercessors in the United States.

"Do not mistake the increased pressure and the pushing you have begun to feel in these new levels of intercession as a sign of DEFEAT, take it as a sign of GROUND BEING TAKEN, a NEW LEVEL OF BIRTHING and Me leading you DEEPER into the realms of UNDERSTANDING AND HEARING MY SONGS OF VICTORY."

Instantly, the vision continued and I saw these intercessors hearing the songs of deliverance the Lord was singing and it was AWAKENING them and RISING THEM UP in the awakening them in significantly new ways to their authority and victory in Christ. As this was taking place, I saw the BIRTHING of WARRIORS. Those who had not been awakened to their identity as warriors for and in Christ, suddenly awake, and those who have already been awakened to the boldness of a WARRIOR, were being EXTENDED and INCREASED, STRENGTHENED and REFRESHED.

Intercessors who were weary and tired of pressing in and contending for change in the nation, suddenly were being refreshed and HOPE restored.

"My Warriors in the United States of America are being raised up SWIFT AND FAST AND TO LAST."

The Lord is doing such a deep work in His people and in the intercessors, and He is birthing warriors all across the United States and raising them up in a SWIFT and FAST way but with a STRENGTH in Him to LAST. TO LAST the battle and fight from the place of burning conviction that they are fighting FROM victory. Fighting FROM the place of living in the FLOW of His SONGS OF VICTORY"


As these warriors were arising and being birthed all across the nation of the United States I heard the Lord say "ANGELS IN INCREASE, ANGELS IN INCREASE.. I am SENDING MY ANGELS IN WITH INCREASE".

I watched and saw the Lord commanding and dispatching thousands upon thousands upon thousands of angels into the United States on assignment to assist the warriors as they sung and declared the songs of victory and deliverance the Father was singing over the nation, to bring INCREASE not only to their personal lives, but through them INTO the nation. These angelic hosts were coming IN INCREASE (more and more and more of them) and WITH increase (bringing increase). I could see a VAST ARMY of WARRIORS and angelic hosts pushing against the darkness in Jesus name and HIGHWAYS of LIGHT, HIGHWAYS OF GLORY, HIGHWAYS of HOLINESS were being etched into the nation. (Isaiah 35)

"My people I am taking you HIGHER!!!!!"

I noticed that as the intercessors were hearing the songs of victory that the Lord was singing, the songs sounded different, but had the same message.. "VICTORY!!". I wondered why the songs of victory sounded different and instantly the sense came to me that the Lord is bringing victory in DIFFERENT AREAS, in DIFFERENT WAYS, THROUGH DIFFERENT AVENUES and MEANS, but in all the different ways He was wanting to bring victory to the USA, it wouldn't look the same everywhere, but it would have the SAME TUNE, the SAME MESSAGE.. "VICTORY" and it would draw the people of God together in UNITY.


I then felt the Lord say "Do NOT miss a beat, WATCH and LISTEN to My heartbeat." The sense surrounded me again that the WAY the Lord was going to move and bring victory into the United States would be different to how many have expected or in ways that have not been comprehended but in the place of Him doing something COMPLETELY NEW, He is inviting His people into a deeper place of INTIMACY, HUMILITY AND SURRENDER to Him and His ways, TRUSTING that He knows best and His plans and purposes are PERFECT.

"Arise, my love, my beautiful companion, and run with me to the higher place. For now is the time to arise and come away with Me." Song of Songs 2:13 (The Passion Translation)

"Lay down agenda's, lay down preconceived ideas and notions of how I am going to move. Come deeper, come into My heart without agenda, come into My heart with humility and surrender and be open to whatever I want to do, how I want to do it and when, and KNOW that I am working for the BEST of the UNITED STATES. It's time to LET GO and trust in My faithfulness, My nature and My power. MAKE ROOM for Me and WATCH AND SEE what I will do!!! I do NOT want you to miss a beat of what I am doing.. I do NOT want you to miss My heart, I want your eyes and ears to be opened to what I am doing in the United States… COME IN without agenda.. COME IN.. COME IN!!!"

"For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland." (Isaiah 43:19)


At the end of this vision, I could hear the sound of STATIC.. like a radio had been put 'in between' stations and there was a lot of STATIC.

I then saw the hand of God come down and He began shifting and changing the channel and put it on the right station.. bring CLARITY and UNHINDERED FLOW of COMMUNICATION.

As these "songs of victory and deliverance" were being sung out of His heart over the USA, I saw the Lord shaking things up, and He was shaking for ONE REASON, to BRING CLARITY. He was bringing a shaking to bring an UNHINDERED FLOW of COMMUNICATION. There has been a lot of things 'flying around the airwaves' that have not been from the Lord and not flowing from His heart, and He is bringing a shaking to see those things fall to the ground and see that the messages flowing from His heart are heard LOUD and CLEAR.

"And if the bugler doesn't sound a clear call, how will the soldiers know they are being called to battle?" (1 Corinthians 14:8)

I then saw this radio on the right station, clear channel, and a HUGE lightning bolt came out of heaven and struck this RADIO and it was infused with power.

"My songs of deliverance, My songs of victory will be heard LOUD and CLEAR with the DEMONSTRATIONS of My POWER!!!!!!"

"The nation is shaking and the nation is going to be shaken, but oh how My Glory is going to arise! How My Glory is going to arise! Even in the darkness.. My Glory cloud shall be seen to guide My people and bring the United States of America, a nation that I love, to a place of EXPERIENCING My power, My victory, My triumph, MY LOVE!!!!!!! I am making room, I am making room, I am making room for an unprecedented, unexpected demonstration of My power in unexpected ways, forms and places. Get ready United States of America, IT IS TIME FOR THE NEW!! IT IS TIME FOR THE NEW!!!!!! Get ready to move into extended birthing America, get ready to move into extended birthing United States of America for My plans and purposes to be seen and My Glory revealed."


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  • Jesh StG

    O boy, some weeks ago, a stranger came up to me and quoted the same Isa.43:19 and kept saying that “it was geologically not possible” but God was going to do it. Thank you for this reminder!

  • Vince Williams

    I live in a rural part of America and I was overwhelmed by the message, ”
    INTERCESSORS IN THE UNITED STATES YOU ARE ABOUT TO AWAKE TO HIS SONGS OF DELIVERANCE AND VICTORY..” I could not read the entire message without stopping to give GOD praise and to weep over His rhema word in this message. The Holy Spirit is truly speaking in this message. Thank you for allowing to use you to release this in America. Saturday, May 7th, we are having a prayer walk for the 13th time in our region. I will attempt to make several copies of this message to share with those who attend.

  • NewHeavenOnEarth

    We sing a new song! We sing the Victory Song of the Lamb! We sing the Song of Songs: we are his beloved son and bride! We sing a new Song of Christ in me, the hope of glory!!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Hahaha! Yesterday, the Lord was showing me how my dad again how he had been a business man who sold radios and stereos, revoxes and televisions, taperecorders, the early VCR machines, which I knew already, but that he already had been involved with social media in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and possibly early 80’s with his store in downtown Hamilton called James Radio. Another time recently, the Lord showed me my dad’s love of photography taking photos during youth excursions when he immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands. He loved making slides from his photos and home movies too. Hmmm, that was early facebook before we had facebook…. Yes.

  • Jessie

    This has to be one of, if not the most encouraging words I have heard for the United States of America in a long time. Let God’s will be done!

  • Jessie

    To God be the glory! This has to be one of, if not the most encouraging words I have heard for the United States of America in a long time. Let God’s will be done!

  • Debbie Reed

    A friend emailed me this article today. I read it after coming home from sitting by our local lake praying. While praying, I sensed the presence of a large number of angels hovering over the lake. Now I know why they are there! Amazing!
    I am truly excited about this word! Thank you for sharing it.

  • Kathleen Huritz

    This is awesome PRAISE GOD…wanting to hear something like this anything!! YES TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! We needed to hear this message…we hit so many wall in the between time BUT then here comes OUR GOD OUR FATHER protecting us again giving us HIS HOLY WORD of encouragement to again bring us together as ‘ONE IN HIM!’ OH HOLY GOD OF ISRAEL…we need YOU…NOW…and…here YOU are again saving us…PRAISE BE TO YOU OH HOLY GOD!!! We give YOU thanks and PRAISE….
    Being an INTERCESSOR is all I know…and…am so grateful to HIS MAJESTY…Hallelujah to the LAMB OF GOD!!

  • Dan

    This began to happen to me at least a month before this word was posted. In late March or very early April 2016, there were several nights in a row where as soon as I would lay my head down a chorus or a solo from heaven would begin. It was some of the most intense power of God I had felt in a while. I have put together this playlist of the songs for myself but thought I would share…

  • Marilee Alm

    The Father says today do you need a favor? I am here in your life today to do you a favor. I have favors lined up for you all the way to the vanishing point of history! Do you need a favor? Ask that your joy may be full. Ask and I will astonish you with what happens next. You do understand that with My favor comes a favor? In fact – let Me do you a favor right now and let you know that I have favors daily backed up for you from here to eternity. My intentionality is expressed in My favor and My favor is something connected with My ways and My acts and what I am currently saying and doing in your life right now. Do you need a favor? I’m waiting … go ahead – ask. Ask! You are going to have to ask Me says the Father. You have hesitated to ask because you fear that you are asking and desiring something I don’t want you to have. How can I EVER correct you if you don’t come OUT WITH IT? Ask Me. Ask broadly. Ask presumptuously.
    I want you to ask so widely that you run right over all the religious ideas and preconditions of performance based mentality. I want you to dare to believe that I am who I say I am in the scriptures. I am dreaming about giving you houses you didn’t build. I am dreaming of you drinking of vineyards you didn’t plant. I am dreaming of you harvesting bounty that you never planted and never watered. I so enjoy blessing you that I am breaking all the rules men have set for Me as a boundary because they can’t stand the idea of just how willing I am to bless you. I am a giver says the Father. I am far more a giver than the small minded, self-indulgent religious pygmies who want to talk you out of what the cross abundantly talks you into. I am bringing more favor into your life so you know that you have special consideration as a matter of policy from My throne. I am indulging Myself says the Father in blessing you so you will become confident HIGHLY confident in who I am and what I am doing in your life!

  • Joyce H. Pomp

    That is a Word that resonates in my spirit. We really need a change in America. It may not be a perfect change and all that we want at once but at least it is a START! Our Heavenly Father WILL work through vessels that have not yet reached the place He wants them to be. It is His, our Father’s perfection, we need and that is what Grace is: unearned favor! Thank You Lord we are looking for Your Presence to RULE.