Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Recently I had an encounter with the Lord where He showed me what looked like the most beautiful wall of water. It was flowing water, like a river. It had so much force, so much life, so much refreshing as I was looking at it. I could see Jesus standing before this wall of water and with one hand He had it extended to the people of God and He was inviting them to come in. With His left hand, He had His hand in the wall of water. Where His hand penetrated the wall, I could see Glory and light exploding from the other side.
As I looked around I could see the most glorious rainbow, so bright, so alive, so full of life. This rainbow shouted the testimony of His goodness and His faithfulness to fulfill the promises that He had spoken to His people.
That time of refreshing in the manifestation of His promises is upon us NOW!
I could see angels all around and they were positioned next to Jesus and ready to move with the Lord and move the people of God through this water wall into a completely new world.
It was then that the knowing came to me that this “water wall” was a threshold. It was the crossing over a threshold from one place into another, and I kept hearing that this threshold had become very “thin”.
We live under an open heaven, and we have total and complete access to all that Jesus paid for us at Calvary, and at the same time the “thinning” of this threshold was decreeing that the Spirit of God is BROODING. He is BROODING SO HEAVILY right now and there’s an invitation to ENTER IN FURTHER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN!
As Jesus invited His people into this place, what struck me was some of them ran towards the “water wall” with such incredible hunger and as they ran towards it I could hear the angels and the Spirit of God decreeing “The hungry shall be fed, the hungry shall be fed”
Yet there were others that seemed to hear and not want to move because the comfort of where they were, had entrapped them so deeply, they felt they didn’t need to ‘come out’. While there were others that were so afraid to move, so they chose to stay. Then there was another group that seemed to not even recognise the invitation. They couldn’t see it or hear it.
As the hungry ones ran towards Jesus standing at this water wall threshold I then noticed at Jesus’ feet was a beautiful pool. The Lord smiled and pointed to the pool and said “You must step in, in order to step through” and suddenly I saw as God’s people went to step in, the angels handed them two things. The Word of God and a beautiful gold sparkling flag. Jesus smiled and said “The way to step through, you must step deeper INTO My Word and worship.
”I watched as God’s people were beginning to go deeper into the Word of God than they ever had been. Every page they read were like flames of fire that turned into scrolls that they ate and completely digested. As they read the Word and feasted upon the Word, I watched as the flag in their right hand began to sway more and more higher than it had ever been. They were seeing Him in the Word like never before and a whole new level of worship was exploding from within them. As they feasted upon the Word, a new level of worship was exploding and with tears streaming down their faces they were decreeing “our hearts are burning within us, our hearts are burning within us”.
The more they feasted on the Word and the more worship exploded, the LOWER they went. Yielded! SO surrendered, SO in love!
They were so deep in this pool, completely immersed, swimming under water I noticed that they were swimming closer and closer to the water wall. As they swam they continued to feast on the Word and worship, it was SO beautiful. I knew that the way to enter in and through this water wall was to STAY LOW. Surrendered. Yielded. Such a deeper level of learning to flow in the spirit, sensitive to His movements and His whispers.
I watched as they swam closer to Jesus, He reached into the pool and grabbed their hands and ushered them with the angelic hosts through the threshold, this water wall, and as they stepped in, the horn was being blown “It is time for more! It’s time for more”
As they crossed over and stepped in, I saw them suddenly “taken up”. Almost like a suction, sucked them up and I looked up and I saw them being taken up into throne room encounters.
There was a LOUD heralding of a new season of unprecedented and unfamiliar throne room encounters.
The Lord was bringing them to a whole new level of encountering Him and His Glory and I could see the train of His robe filling the temple and the Lord spoke:
“A new season of Isaiah 6. A new season of Isaiah 6.”
The Lord began to show me a new season of encounter with His Glory is upon the Church. A whole new realm and increase is being entered into of seeing His Glory, that is going to leave the people of God undone. On their faces, seeing the King in His Glory unlike ANYTHING we have ever experienced before.
These ones were entering into a whole new waterfall of revelation and realm of encountering the heart of God and His ways and language.
A deeper level of intimacy, a deeper purification, a deeper yieldedness, a deeper level of revelation of who He is, a deeper level of receiving the Rhema word of God, flooding into their lives through these throne room encounters.
These ones that began in the first part of this vision crying and decreeing “our hearts are burning with us” were now screaming with such delight, such awe, such passion “my heart is on fire! my heart is on fire! my heart is on fire! Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty! The One who was, the One who is, and the One who is to come!! Holy! Holy! Holy!”
I then heard the Lord decree “fire in your bones, fire in your bones”
I saw the fire of God come flooding from His heart as He sat on the throne and was CONSUMING the people of God, consuming their hearts.
Song of Songs 8:6-7 filled the atmosphere:
“Fasten me upon your heart as a seal of fire forevermore. This living, consuming flame will seal you as My prisoner of love. My passion is stronger than the chains of death and the grace, all consuming as the very flakes of fire from the burning heart of God. Place this fierce, unrelenting fire over your entire being. Rivers of pain and persecution will never extinguish this flame. Endless floods will be unable to quench this raging fire than burns within you. Everything will be consumed. It will stop at nothing as you yield everything to this furious fire until it won’t even seem to you like a sacrifice anymore” (The Passion Translation)
There was such a weighty impartation being released to God’s people, that was depositing the fire of God, the fire of His love within His people like they had never experienced. Such awe of who He is burning within them, and NOTHING was able to stand against this fire. Everything was being consumed as He was birthing vessels that were consumed and yielded to Him in a deeper way than they ever thought possible. Hunger for Him, and Him alone was exploding all around. A fire that would never be extinguished. A fire that would never be shaken. A fire of furious love, unquenchable intimacy with Him unlike anything known before. This fire was exploding His Word within them.
This fire, the fire of His love, the fire of His words, His revelation SO deep, they began to cry out like Jeremiah in Jeremiah 20:9:
“But if I say, I will not mention His Word or speak anymore in His name” His Word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in My bones. I am weary of holding it in, indeed, i cannot”
A season of greater revelation, prophetic insight and flow was being heralded so loudly, His voice was going to be heard and resounded louder in the earth that had ever been heard before. Out of these life-changing throne room encounters, new assignments and commissioning’s were taking place for God’s people. No striving, no trying to make anything happen. Laying low before Him, He was positioning, commissioning and releasing these ones into areas, places and positions carrying His fire and the Words of His heart, their mouths full, into places they could never have imagined or got themselves into.
A friend of mine Larry Sparks has been hearing the same thing from the Lord and as we have talked about this very thing we believe the Lord is saying. I have this word typed up and ready to release and Larry shows me what he was releasing today as well. This one paragraph stood out to me so much:
“The church that embraces the Spirit’s movement will become a safe harbour where people can freely encounter God. These encounters will launch people into their everyday spheres of influence, and become reference points and reminders of the power, strategy, wisdom, solutions and Presence that these believers carry into their places of assignment.”
I saw in this new realm of encountering His heart and seeing Him, a GREAT awakening taking place to the revelation of the POWER OF THE BLOOD of Jesus.
The blood that forgives, cleanses, covers, heals, restores, resurrects, the blood of Jesus that is LIFE.
A whole new level of transforming revelation of the POWER of the BLOOD of Jesus is going to explode through these encounters that is sending the enemy screaming.
I then had a thought “Lord, what about the others?” I remembered there were those that didn’t run towards the invitation, they didn’t coming running. The Lord spoke to me “Lana, they didn’t hear My call. They didn’t have eyes to see and ears to hear” and there was such a longing in His heart and His eyes. I could feel His love so strongly all around, and He looked at the angelic hosts and He handed them scrolls.
I saw them fly towards the earth and they were looking for the intercessors. They began releasing these scrolls to the intercessors and each one had strategies on it, but the strategies were for the awakening of the Church. I knew this awakening was already beginning, but this was a whole new level of intercession. I watched as the intercessors began to cry out and began to intercede for those in the body of Christ who were not hearing or seeing, and they were partnering with the Spirit of God to set up divine moments of awakening to His love and His invitation.
“Many are blinded Lana, but My Spirit and love with bring the invitation before them time and time again, and then they have the freedom to choose to stay where they are or enter in. If they are blinded they cannot choose, so I am pursuing and pursuing and placing the invitation before them till they see.”
“Others are seeing but choosing to remain where they are, but I am a patient God, and I will continue to pursue, but the invitation to enter into MORE is HERE.”
Out of this encounter I was left marked with greater fire and conviction that the season of seeing Him like we have never seen Him before is upon us.
A whole new realm of seeing His Glory and stepping into the MORE that has always been ours is upon us. The hungry shall be fed and we are about to be undone by how we SEE Him. The realm of the supernatural is about to explode in a way we have never seen and these new levels of throne room encounters are going to see God’s people that respond receive the impartation of His fire like we have never experienced or received.
Our hearts are going to burn within us like never before. The fire in our bones is going to be more intense than has ever been felt and God’s people will SPEAK the heart of God and the Gospel and see many come to know Him.
For such a time as this!
A fresh baptism of fire and waterfall of revelation of His Spirit is upon us!
He is showing Himself strong, as our strong defender and the cry arising from our hearts will be “Who is like our God?!?”
Step in to step through!


  • Gabriel Hanson

    This is beautiful! Father, I pray for all of mankind to have seeing eyes and listening ears. Thank you. I treasure reading about what the Lord is showing you. . . It is such an encouragement to me and I receive it!! Thank you and God Bless You and your family!

  • Florence E. Ratcliffe

    Yes and amen! I have been aware of the Holy Spirit brooding over my region here in Northern Alabama. This is an exciting time!
    Even so Lord Jesus, come!

  • Gary Gorham

    Lana you are a remarkable young woman, reading your vision was comforting. When Derick Prince was younger he was standing on the clifts of Dover giving thanks to God for all He had done for him. God said to Derick, “are you satisfied or do you want to go on?’ Derick being guileless said “I didn’t know there was an on”. He told God he would have to get back to Him. A week later he returned and said , “I want to go on” God said , “lose ten pounds and move to America.” The rest we know for better and worse who can judge? The people of God are once again being given the opportunity to go on. Your word is very appropriate for this season. Thank You. Gary

  • LightWriters

    dear sister in Christ…Lana…thank you!!! There are muultiple echoes of His glory resounding through this breathtakingly beautiful exhortation in the Spirit, which speaks to me deeply in the wake of a Spirit encounter this week where I heard Him speak of flowing ‘streams’, healing streams of grace and glory opening up a whole new realm of divine supernatural empowerment, liberty and blessing, and greater revelation of His glory—His New Creation power. Jesus SO longs for us to lay hold of His profound goodness…and I especially heard Him saying there is healing…renewal… and a release and opening up of heavenly realms as never before through praise and intercession…Alleluia!!???


    I am in awe!! I asked God for his fire to come down on me. A few hours later I got this email!!! Last month I dreamt of a flowing river. My God you are awesome!

  • Blanche HEIDENGREN

    Wow, so wonderful! ??️??️
    This rings true with my experiences recently with the Lord as well….
    The fire of His Holy Spirit is being poured out like a waterfall upon us and it’s burning away the chaff…. more of Him we cry! Lord, we want to know You more intimately and love You more dearly and serve You and Your people with all we’ve got! Set us more on fire also to spend time interceding for those who do not know Your grace and forgiveness yet! May revival break out in our churches and families and neighborhoods!
    We pray Your blessing upon Lana as she spends time with You and receives these inspiring Words from You and Your Word. ?️❤️
    In Jesus’s name, amen.

  • Kimberly Lowe

    Thank you Lana for such a powerful word may it be done for us all according to the Lords perfect and powerful will and word
    Amen even so come Lord Jesus♥

  • Marvin Yahnke

    Thank you, dear Lana, for sharing with us what you are seeing and hearing once again. I think it is safe to say that I would have never gotten there on my own, or known what to look for. Today is a sabbath for my household, a day of rest, reflection, and with a little help from you and Holy Spirit, a day of revelation, as well! One point contained herein is that I had been thinking on prior to receiving you email, is fruit-bearing is not about striving to make it happen, but about being connected to the vine and letting that happen. It is one thing to know it in my head, but quite another to actually see that happen out of the life in the Spirit in me.
    Specifically, the kind of fruit-bearing that I am talking about is new souls added to the kingdom and making disciples of them individually, let alone discipling nations! There has been a tendency to be down on ourselves, saying, “Why aren’t we doing more?”, rather than plugging into the power source, and simply being a witness of the great things that we have seen Holy Spirit do. Sometimes it seems that breaking out of the Evangelical paradigmn of doing rather than being a witness, is hard to shake off. Crossing the threshold that you spoke of in this latest message to the body of Christ should accomplish all of that and so much more!

    • susan cheli

      i’m learning to step aside and let God be God, to go lower and trust Him more, be quiet, say less and love more….it is hard to let one season go and embrace the new, keep our eyes on Him, not look back, let Him work in our lives and trust Him with the ones we love…..but we are learners and growing people…..i send blessings and forever love to you……susan

  • Sheila Scruton

    I have seen in the past a dam, in the spirit, trying to prevent this by unbelief and traditions of men. I believe with you, Lana, it is time for that dam to be broken through prayer and true repentance so the fullness of HIS waterfalls may flood our hearts and minds to change us to true Christ likeness!!!

  • Ford Family

    I agree and receive His Word. Thank you, Jesus, for your patience with members of my family who don’t have their ears and eyes open yet. Amen and Amen. God Bless you, Lana.

  • Blessing Boston

    Oh Lana, how my heart began to burn like never before, enticing me with pleasures ever yet before me, my fingertips, I’m Diving In..

  • Catherine Hooper

    O Lord, let us throng around You and deluge You with our praise and worship. Let us bless Your holy Name…set on fire for Your glory…dancing and lost in Your presence. Fire! Fire! ? fire!

  • Jackie Battle

    Amen! Amen! Amen! And the hungry “shall” be fed!!! God said it, and this message confirms and reaffirms it…He is going to do the New we never knew!!!
    1 Corinthians 2:6:16, Hebrew 4:12-16
    God Bless You Lana!!!!!

  • susan cheli

    this morning’s intercession was about repentance. the more God shows us His holiness, we will be undone by our sinfulness and pray to be more like Him….ushering in going lower still. for some time now, in the Spirit, i have been, like ruth, at the feet of boaz. i did not realize until your message that i am in the pool, next to the waterwall.
    it’s taking Jesus’ inviting hand, saying yes and stepping into what is next….together. so i say yes, yes, yes…………sending forever love……susan