Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Women of God, those of you that are waiting upon the Lord and contending for pregnancy, the Lord spoke to me recently and said "The children of promise are being released." I saw baby after baby after baby being released from the hands of the Lord with angelic hosts onto the earth and into the wombs of many.
These "children of promise" for many women are a prophetic picture of the beginning of a new season of promises fulfilled and increase.
The enemy has come against these "children of promise" intensely, but there are supernatural conceptions that have been taking place and will continue in greater increase in this season. These "children of promise" are a prophetic picture of the birthing of new life, joy and healing in this season and beyond.
The Lord is breathing increase on many families and the enemy is coming against the promise, but stand firm, breakthrough is upon you.
SUDDENLY supernatural conceptions are going to take place with greater increase in this season and there will be a great increase of testimony of supernatural pregnancies. God will THWART the plans of the enemy to ABORT.
Right now, the Lord is highlighting EXPECTANCY in many different ways. The expectancy of hope, good things, breakthrough and birthing, but there is also a SUPERNATURAL EXPECTANCY of the "children of promise" that will be a testimony from the mouths of many women in this season.
Daughters of God, those of you who have been contending and believing for your "child of promise" with your husband, don’t give up. The Lord has heard your cries and He has not turned a deaf ear. Many long battles and cycles are coming to an end, and I saw some of you having a "September to Remember" with the reception of your "child of promise".
Your "Isaac" is coming to you!


  • Brooke

    Lana- did you hear Seth Dahl’s Message Friday night (the 15th) at Bethel? If not- you have to listen- he prayed into and spoke this same thing about children!


    Waiting for so long for a child. Many things happening in our marriage. Many painfull things. But i know He, our faithfull God is waiting for the right timing God is so faithfull and knows Best for us. It is Gods grace He is delaying because the time was not there yet. Our child(ren) will come in a safe place in safe family and God prepares so we can handle it and take care of this child the best we can so this child (ren) can have a glorieus future and spread His love. Yes i believe and i am so glad for this confirmation. Halleluya i am expecting great wonders of God. Children of promise:)

  • Natasha Twine

    Amen, I’ve been waiting to be married and have children for 22 years. I prayed when I was 16 for the Godly husband. Now 38, I’ve grown discouraged and went to get a fertility test yesterday to see if I need to freeze my eggs or not. God is faithful and I have been hearing September is the month for births and delivery. Thank you Father for birthing of my Boaz and Isaacs in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Phyllis Garrett

      My daughter is 38 and was married in July. They are going to have a “honeymoon” baby. Like you, she had prayed for years; her husband is the “right” man. Now a child!!!! Be encouraged!!!!!!! Receive now! Thank HIM everyday; the answer is on the way!

  • KWM

    I have promises regarding my husband becoming a lover of God. In 1986 he received a prophetic word that the Lord had made him an Isaac. Thank you for the encouragement.

  • willowtreejewels

    Been waiting also for the prophecies of a child coming to promise. I’ve been waiting for God’s timing for his many prophetic promises come alive for my husband to know he doesn’t lie. After many rainbows, prayers, and since last year I sensed something about September. Nothing happened in September 2016, but perhaps this year!!! Thank you for this much needed word. Hallelujah! He will give us more than we imagine.

  • Wendy

    Oh Lana, I receive this word with all of my heart. My husband and I have been believing for our miracle baby since we got married 6 years ago, and I haven’t given up hope! Thank you!!! Thank you Lord you are so faithful!

  • My Name Means Tree

    It sounds like these are “in the natural” children being birthed, but I am 47 and beyond having more children in the natural. Spiritually speaking, however, I have taken to heart the word that promises I shall go out with joy and be led forth in peace. I have taken to heart last year’s word, “The Sarahs Are Arising”. I have believed too that The Lord will make beauty for ashes. I am believing the Lord for a Boaz. I have not longed for more children, but I have longed for a victorious, consistent, Holy Spirit empowered walk with Jesus together with my Boaz. I have asked the Lord for a husband. I have been in two camps… I have feared my dreams and hearts’ desires would bring me to Ishmael. I have feared I would make another mistake. I have purposefully not actively pursued dating. I have said, “If God can bring Rachel to Isaac, then He can bring me MY Isaac. I just need to focus on ‘watering the camels'”… which for me is caring for and homeschooling my three children, and serving wherever I can.
    But… There have been three relationships that I have thought “okay… maybe now?” and three times I have been wrong which put me in the “I don’t hear the Lord rightly. Something is wrong with my heart’s desire” camp. I sought the Lord about them and was very glad the Lord faithfully protected me from those relationships, but I am struggling to stay out of the doubt camp.
    So when you write, “Your Isaac is coming to you…” I am just asking the Lord… “Is my Isaac coming to me as he did to Rachel in the natural? OR is my Isaac coming to me like he did to Sarah in a spiritual sense?”
    I have felt strongly, strongly strongly the newness of this season. In the mountains I sought the Lord and didn’t even know I camped on the last night of Spring and the first day of Summer. Though it was summer, there were flurries where I was. Sunshine and snow on the same day. Thick clouds hid the road ahead in places.
    I only know in part, but one thing with which I left the mountains and to which I return to remember and be encouraged:
    I, filled with awe and wonder of God’s power and love, shall go forth in the authority of Jesus Christ, kicking the enemy in the teeth, kicking and leaping, going forth in WORSHIP and joy and being led forth with peace. And I, whose name means “tree”, shall remember what Christ did for me ON a tree, and be like all the trees of the field which clap their hands because of their awesome Creator, Self-Sacrificing Savior and Famous Warrior- King!
    Father, Give me FAITH to contend and agree that my Isaac IS coming to me… no matter what way You have arranged for him to come.

    • Robin

      Hi “My name means tree”! I’m going to turn 50 in a month, and the Lord has already shown me I am going to birth babies (plural), even after showing signs of perimenopause. He told me to take “black cohosh” (induces periods) and go to a fertility doctor. It may not be too late for you, if you’re interested in contending for this.

  • Linda Norman

    I had a dream that I would one day give birth to an Isaac. I never had any other children after that dream, but the Lord showed me that my promise of my marriage restoration was on the horizon. He shared that my promise “Isaac” was being birthed and my marriage would be restored. The birth of my Isaac is on the horizon! Praise God. Its been over 4 years of a sick heart, but no more!

  • Vicky Glisson

    I received the same word from the Lord 3 days ago….Same word with a slightly different slant to it…Soooo much is going on right now….Even in my own life….tons of turmoil and testing and the fire of God burning sooo much up……it’s good…..
    Full Term Pregnant, about to give birth! Fully formed, Ready to burst forth, carriers are un-comfortable right now. There will be NO pre-mature births because you are past the point of Pre-mature. The discomfort is a part of the growing process, the maturing, embrace your discomfort.
    Fully formed, A big healthy plump, un-comfortable, baby to be birthed soon! Very, Very soon! Fully formed, fully matured, straight from the Father’s womb. Those who have been in hiddenness, those who I have been forming in the darkness, will go through a birthing, the due date is here.
    The Lord says; I Am turning you, I Am turning you, I Am preparing you to emerge from the hidden place into the fullness of my light. To be presented to the Father. Your face will shine like the sun in its full light. You may feel Squeezed in tight places, SOON, EXPECT it, Expecting, the Father is EXPECTING. Be forewarned these tight places will not be comfortable. It is a part of the birthing of the SONS, do not abort your birthing, there’s no turning back, go through with ease, it is the process. I AM will turn you, I AM will prepare you as he has knitted you together in His womb, He will turn, guide and direct you through the birthing – Do NOT be afraid – this process will be easy & natural. I will bring you forth and you will be as the tree, a mighty planting of the Lord, reaching into heaven and bringing Heaven to earth, on earth as it is in heaven.

  • Michelle Smith

    I hope you were also talking about births in the spiritual sense like promises coming to pass. I’m asking God for SO many things…healing, my dream house, restoration, youth renewal, (like the eagle) my 1982 Word of Knowledge, no more lack and poverty in my life, etc. I hope you were talking about things like that and not just babies!!!

  • Kathy Shetley

    Praise be to my Lord Jesus I have been waiting for my Baby Girl for over 30 years. I have never let go of his promises. Thank you my Lord God the almighty.

  • Wendy

    Lana, thank you for this timely word! My husband and I have been believing for our miracle baby since we got married, 6 years ago. It’s been prophesied over me more than once that we will have twins! So I receive this word with my whole heart. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness!!!

  • Melissa

    Praise the Lord for this word!! He is truly faithful! God revealed through a vision that I will be pregnant. He even revealed the day I would find out. And praise be to God on the 11th September my husband and I found out we are pregnant ! We have 2 kids already-girls but we were praying for a baby. 6 years had passed and I never fell pregnant. We asked the Lord for this little one. And I had this sense of expectancy for months now. Not only for actual birth but I knew the Father would bring me into a new season of Him. And this has shown me just our faithful our Jesus is. The vision I had reinforced to me that God speaks! That He is real and what he promises is real. Have a beautiful day and thank you for sharing.

  • Laura Yelseth

    Yes and amen!! Praise Father for His goodness, mercy and faithfulness !!
    Two miscarriages and the ‘ odds ‘ stacked against us! However, my Papa had the final WORD! Not the Doctors or my body! A year ago I believed we would have a son and he would be our Isaac.. Then a few months back I felt we were to call our son Isaac…and continued waiting..and nothing. Then to be told I had begun entering menopause eatly..Totally rude! However, my Papa has the final word! The Holy Spirit led me to read in Genesis about the son’s of promise..It seemed their mothers all had trouble conceiving! Nothing is too hard for my Father and nothing is out of His control. And still we waited… Had we heard wrong? Was this longing just something I had to live with? And then today your word Lana! Woohoo I totally recieve that! So thank you Father for our son of promise! Thank you for our Isaac dedicated to You and Your purposes Father. All blessing and praise to your name Lord Jesus. Thank you Lana, your faithfulness and intimacy with Papa/ Jesus is an inspiration! Bless you and your family Xx

  • Kamisha

    God has given us his promise for conception and I am one of the women who have a September to remember. I receive it done. And will share my testimony.

  • Nicole

    Amen! I’m believing and receiving that this will be a September to remember for my husband and I! Thank You Daddy!

  • Surray Williams

    I just want to add that I just had a dream about a little baby and the one thing that stuck out to me the most in the dream was that he/she was breathing!! Praise God for speaking to us. He always bring confirmation of his word.