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I had a vision in worship today where I saw a HUGE angel flying towards Australia. As it landed I saw it landed with its feet in the heart of the nation of Australia and its wings spread out all across Australia. It had four wings and each wing covered a part of the nation. North, South, East and West. As I looked at this angel, I asked the Lord what the angel was and I felt the Lord say "This is the angel of revival. Doors of breakthrough are opening all across the nation of Australia to usher in a move of My Spirit and revival fire that My people have been contending for."
As I watched this angel standing in the middle of the nation and I see its wings covering the nation, I felt the Lord say "I have Australia covered. I have Australia covered. I have Australia covered!!" I felt the encouragement of HIs heart that as the people of God continue to stand and continue to intercede that we shall see that "no weapon formed against Australia" shall prosper. The sense surrounded me that it is time!!!! It is time for the Kingdom of God to be extended like never before in the nation of Australia.
I could then hear the prayers of the saints all around the nation. I could hear the intercessors and the leaders, people of God all across the nation crying out, and the cry was getting louder and louder. The intensity of their prayers were beginning to see great effect. The nation of Australia was beginning to shake and make way for the Glory of God to be seen in explosive ways. As I am watching this I saw the Lord breathe upon the nation in partnership with the prayers and intercession of His people, I saw the wings of the angel begin to flap, up and down slowly. As the wings of the angel moved, I saw the angel poised ready to speak with a message that sent from the Lord and it spoke loudly "People of God in Australia, it is TIME TO UNITE and CATCH THE FIRE. Do not FIGHT, it's time to UNITE. It's TIME TO CATCH THE FIRE."
All around me I could feel the heart of God for unity in the nation of Australia. The sense surrounded me of a sovereign move of His Spirit to bring unity to the body of Christ in the nation. The Lord was moving, shifting and shaking whatever needs to be shaken and shifted in the body of Christ in Australia to bring unity. (John 13:35) The shaking was intense, the shift was unexpected for many, but it was flowing from the heart of a good Father, our wonderful Papa to bring a deeper unity to His people.
The Lord was emphasising and highlighting positioning. To be positioned right now in whatever way, shape or form that takes, right alignment, to catch the fire that He is releasing. The fire of God's love that is raining down all over the nation that is bringing healing, revival, awakening, breakthrough and activation to the people of God. "Australia shall be marked by the fire of My love. It is time for a revival of love all across the nation, that will go to the roots of the nation and uproot and break foundations not laid in Me. I am going after the poisonous roots in the foundation of the nation and in the body of Christ. I am bringing a shaking to reveal these and as you join with Me in prayer, watch them BREAK. ALL your prayers, for such a time as this! ALL your prayers, for such a time as this! Australia shall be marked by the fire of My love and a nation of honour, celebration and increase. For I am going after the spirit of competition, I am going after the tall poppy syndrome, I am going after any foundations in the nation that have birthed the wrong identity in My beautiful Australia and the people of God. It is TIME for the greatest shift Australia has ever seen.
"I am setting the heart of the nation on fire. The fire of My love sweeping through the heart of the nation in the natural and in the spirit bringing a cleansing, bringing healing, bringing awakening and bringing revival. I am setting the heart of the nation on fire with the fire of My love that will see unhealthy roots and foundations being melted away by My passionate, all consuming LOVE. My people, pay attention to the heart, pay attention to My heart, for you are about to see something NEW being birthed and released FROM the HEART."
The heartlands will know My love like they have not known before. The heartlands shall know My love. Where there has been fire of opposition that has come and stolen, killed and destroyed, MY FIRE is coming to bring LIFE, LIFE and more ABUNDANT LIFE! Awake oh heartlands! Awake! AWAKE to My LOVE! AWAKE!!"
I saw arrows being released out of the heart of the nation of Australia, they were arrows of breakthrough and they were moving all across the nation bringing significant shift and breakthrough. It was as if what the Lord was doing in heart of the nation and the heartlands, the whole nation of Australia was being affected by the ripple effect of His Glory and fire.

My people you must be positioned, you must be listening to My Spirit, where I am leading and what I am doing. Listening for the sound of My heart being released. Eyes to see and ears to hear! Eyes to see and ears to hear! For My fire that I am releasing across this nation, the fire of My love, refining, purifying, purging, awakening hunger and passion for Me, but many will be offended by how I move and where I move and when I move if they are not positioned and sensitive to what I am saying. I am going to offend the mind, to reveal the heart, but to bring My people to a place of recognising the greater need for encounters with My love and My power. To bring a great healing. I do not bring anything up in the heart of My people for any other reason but to lead My people deeper into encounters with My love and My healing.
There has been a banner of fear and death over the nation of Australia that has been there for many generations. As the fire of My love, the revival of love explodes across the nation, it shall birth the greatest shift ever seen. The shift of seeing the BANNER OF LOVE RAISED UP over the nation. (Song of Songs 2:4) That nations shall look at the nation of Australia and SEE a nation that is marked by love and a nation that releases the impartation of My love.
It is time for revival in Australia. The rain of the fire of My love is falling like never before. Be positioned My people. Do not get weary of doing good. Do not get weary of contending! It's time! The ground is crying out, the rocks are crying out for the testimony of who I am to be seen. The ground is crying out for the manifested sons and daughters to arise! It is time! You MUST be positioned in this season. Repent of offence in whatever form it has taken root. Repent of offense between one another. It's time to catch the fire and RELEASE IT all around the nation. It's time to unite with one another and be positioned for a great outpouring. Harvest time! Explosions of salvations."
I saw an increase of angelic encounters happening all across the nation of Australia. These angelic encounters were orchestrated by the heart of the Father and these angelic beings were visiting those who have been crying out for angelic visitations to those who do not even believe in angelic encounters. These encounters were spreading FAR and WIDE. When I asked the Lord what the purpose of these angelic visitations were I heard the Lord say "I am sending My angelic hosts in increase to My people to AWAKEN them to NEW LEVELS of the SUPERNATURAL. To AWAKEN them and given them EYES TO SEE INTO THE SPIRIT MORE THAN THE NATURAL. Australia shall be known for the nation that SEES!!! The nation that SEES into the Spirit." Instantly, I saw people rising up all across the nation, the people of God, the five fold ministry, arising with NEW EYES. New eyes to see and they were infiltrating the seven mountains of culture in Australia to release an awakening of the ALL KNOWING LOVING GOD, the God of ALL WISDOM and INSIGHT that was beginning to see breakthrough, shifts and signs and wonders manifesting in the seven mountains. From the prophetic, to words of knowledge, to revelation of the Word, to hearing the rhema word of God, the Lord was teaching His people to be in a place of CONTINUALLY SEEING what He is doing, moving in the SUPERNATURAL and seeing radical transformation.
The Lord took me up over the nation of Australia and I could see the nation and the fires of revival beginning to burn in different places. Bridges of unity being built and as the people of God stayed positioned they were catching the fire He was releasing and then releasing it through their lives into their areas of influence in the nation. As this is all taking place, I can see something forming over the entire nation of Australia. At first I cannot tell what it is, then it starts to take shape. They were GLASSES!!! A huge pair of glasses, like the nation was wearing glasses. As I wondered what it meant, I heard Him speak "THE LENSES OF LOVE!!! People of God in Australia, take your place. The greatest move of My Spirit is upon you. Beginning in the body of Christ and then into whole nation.. LENSES OF LOVE!!! TO SEE AND BE SEEN AS THE NATION WHO UNITES AND RADICALLY LOVES!!!! IT IS TIME!!!"


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