Prophetic Words


As I sat with the Lord recently, asking Him what was on His heart, I heard the Lord speaking over many, “I am marking EVERY part of your life in My victory. I am re-introducing you to victory in Me.”

The Lord began to show me that so many had been living in a place where they were feeling like they were facing pressing circumstances, warfare and deep struggle in what felt like EVERY area of their lives, and the depth of struggle was deeper than they had ever faced before.

When the Lord spoke those words, “I am MARKING EVERY part of your life in My victory,” I knew in that moment: not only were they on the brink of incredible multiple movements of the Holy Spirit in every area of their lives to bring forth victory, but there was also a DEEP refreshing, DEEP encounters with Jesus and an even deeper awakening to their authority in Christ.

“I am re-introducing you to victory in Me” — these words resounded LOUDLY!!!

The Lord began to show me, because of the depth of struggle many had faced in recent years and feeling like every area of their lives has been in such deep struggle, many of these ones had felt like they had even forgotten the reality of what it looks like to walk in victory in Christ and what victory feels like.

I heard the Lord say, “Many have forgotten their position.”

Then suddenly I heard this fierce wind blowing and it wasn’t a scary wind, it was the most refreshing life-giving wind. His voice was like thunder through the wind, “I AM BRINGING DIVINE ALIGNMENT. I AM BRINGING MY PEOPLE BACK INTO ALIGNMENT.”
I began to see the Holy Spirit ushering these ones in what looked like a HUGE WAVE of acceleration into the Word of God. I heard Him speak again, “Make your bed in My Word”. I knew in that moment that the Lord was saying to REMAIN in the Word. There was a REST that the Lord was going to bring in the deeper revelation of His Word and their position in Christ and the life that they have been given in Christ.

The Lord continued to speak, “The enemy has come hard at these ones for many years to wear them down and to bring a spiritual amnesia upon them through weariness. To wear them down so much that they would begin to live as VICTIMS to their circumstances and not VICTORS. My people are not VICTIMS, My people are VICTORIOUS, and I am releasing the ferocious wind of My Spirit to bring deliverance and realignment to these ones. I am leading them into UNPRECEDENTED depths of encounter with Me in My Word and I am re-introducing them to MY VICTORY and the victory they have in Me. I am baptising them in truth and the revelation of their position in Me. I am BRANDING THEM afresh in the revelation of My victory and their victory in Me. Then they shall see Me mark EVERY PART OF THEIR LIVES in My Victory. Such incredible breakthrough after breakthrough will follow.”

“These precious sons and daughters of Mine are about to come into an understanding in a deeper way by My Spirit, what it means and looks like to walk and live in the ABUNDANT LIFE that I purchased for them. I am not only restoring them, I am not only awakening them to their position of victory and as an overcomer in Me (Revelation 12:11), but I will cause them to flourish with My supernatural life, wholeness and vitality.”

“Where they have felt like they have barely survived the last number of years, I am now restoring them. The move of My Spirit to reposition them and bring them into alignment again, in the revelation of their position in Me, will not only see a mighty move of My Spirit WITHIN THEM but through them. I am marking every area of their lives in victory and causing them to ARISE, and reminding them again what it means to GOVERN with Me in the earth. I am raising them up again to walk in My victory and their victory as overcomers with Me in EVERY AREA of their lives, and to bring transformation and shift in the earth as they partner with My Spirit. The enemy fought hard against many of these ones, but now I am raising them up like never before. Watch and see the manifestation of My victory in and through their lives. Their position in Me never changed, they just lost sight of who they are and the victory that is theirs. Watch now, as I remind them afresh. The ROAR OF MY VICTORY that is going to be released through them will see HUGE miraculous moves of My Spirit. The breaker anointing that shall now rest upon many of these precious sons and daughters of mine, to shift and move things as they partner with Me, will be unlike anything they have walked in or seen before.”