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Last September I released a dream that I had about Donald Trump and I said in that post, and I am saying it again, I have no political agenda, I am not attempting to ‘push’ anything, I am simply releasing something that I feel the Lord gave me.
Recently, the Lord surprised me as I heard Him singing and I heard him singing concerning Trump. I heard the Lord singing in the same melody to the old song by Billy Haley and The Comets, “Shake, Rattle and Roll”.
Yet as I heard the melody, I heard the Lord singing:
“I am using TRUMP to shake, rattle and roll..I’m using TRUMP to shake, rattle and roll… I’m using TRUMP to shake, rattle and roll”
I could hear it over and over and over again.
The heart of this word is not a prediction of the outcome of the US Election, but I did feel the Lord highlighting that He is USING Trump right now to bring a SHAKING, a RATTLING and there will be a ROLLING. He is using him to shake things up to MAKE ROOM for a much needed change.
SHAKING: I had the sense that the Lord is using TRUMP to shake the nation of the USA right now. That He is using TRUMP to bring dross to the surface both in the United States of America, and in the body of Christ. I felt the Lord was bringing this shaking because He is wanting to bring a SHIFTING and a LIFTING, a greater acceleration of moving forward into greater freedom and victory.
RATTLE: I felt the Lord saying that there has been a ‘rattling’ that has been caused in many hearts and lives because of Donald Trump’s placing right now and the Lord is allowing this ‘rattling’ because He is wanting to heal hearts, he is wanting offences to be repented of and healed and His people brought into greater unity. I felt the Lord really highlighting the ‘hearts’ of His people being exposed and triggered because of Donald Trump and any way that is in the heart, any root of offence, religious spirit or political spirit, he wants to remove that. He wants to bring healing to His people and Donald has become a ‘trigger’ for healing. I felt the Lord really wants to deal and heal with hearts, whether you like or agree with Donald or not, the Lord wants to deal with the hatred in the church towards him. Be sure to remember to love and honour Trump even if you do not agree with him. There is a deeper work happening by the Spirit of God in the body of Christ right now, the Lord is doing DEEP works in hearts and souls and working to bring division OUT of the Church, and Donald has just been a trigger to expose these things.
I also saw the rattling of “DRY BONES”. That right now the Lord is using Donald Trump to make people step back and look at what is at the foundation of the United States. I felt like the Lord was saying that Donald has caused such a stir and such a shaking that it has brought the people of God back to a place of real questioning. “What is on YOUR heart Lord for the USA? Without any agenda of mine Lord.. what is YOUR WORD over the USA? What is YOUR DREAM? What was YOUR ORIGINAL INTENT for this nation..?” I saw encounters happening right across the body of Christ with God’s people connecting with the heart of the Father to HEAR and SEE what His Words are over the nation and coming out of those encounters and decreeing and prophesying them. As the life, love filled words from the heart of the Father were prophesied over the USA, I saw the DRY BONES beginning to RATTLE. The sound of RATTLING is all around. Cages of oppression and chains that have held the nation in bondage are beginning to RATTLE. This is a CRITICAL moment in the body of Christ right now and the nation of the USA.
ROLL: “Making a way and Momentum”.. When I asked the Lord about the word “ROLL” in the lyrics, instantly I sensed the Lord saying that He is using Trump to “make a way and create much needed momentum”. That right now, the Lord is using Trump to make a way for what the Lord wants to do. He is using Trump in his fearlessness to create momentum for what He is about to do. In some way the Lord is using Trump to create a pathway of breakthrough, victory and freedom that the Lord wants to bring.
Whether Donald Trump becomes the next US President or not, I felt the Lord say that He is in this process. He is using Donald Trump, ESPECIALLY in the body of Christ and between believers. The Lord’s heart for the nation of the USA is FREEDOM, VICTORY and TRIUMPH! The Lord LOVES the United States of America. The Lord is dealing with the heart of HIs people and the heart of the USA. I believe Donald Trump right now is being used as that TRIGGER POINT to “shake, rattle and roll” the nation of the USA and the people of God, because the Lord wants to bring FREEDOM and HEALING. It’s time to UNITE and NOT to FIGHT with one another. It’s time to SEEK the heart of God and even when we may not agree with a vessel He is using, may He give us eyes to see what He is doing in the MIDST of it all.
One thing I know for sure is.. Jesus loves the UNITED STATES and no matter what, He is WORKING for the GOOD of the USA. He is working to bring LIFE, FREEDOM, HEALING and VICTORY to His beautiful nation.


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  • Tamara Kuchera

    Thank you Lana. Freedom is on the heart of Abba and it will be His work in U.S. And no man will be our answer, just Abba. Your word will help us get to square one and gain greater clarity. I appreciate you!

  • batya

    This Word is such a refreshing Word. I have been heartbroken for USA and had gotten to the point of such disappointment as this country seemed to throw aside everything and mocking the very heart of our Father God. Praise God He has not turned His back on the USA, that His Love is so great that even the way our government seems to act like a spoiled child so immature, He is letting His love grow us up and bring us back together as the wonderful country it once was. Thank you Lana for your obedience in bringing His Word to us. Our Lords’ blessings on you and your family.

  • Beatrice

    I will definitely pray about this word. Donald Trump is someone we are commanded to love, however he is not in office yet so we need not to honor him. He represents so much of what we don’t need, Bullying! This is something we are teaching our children not to do! He expresses so much hatred towards anyone who doesn’t accepts his manipulation! He is a master of manipulation! He does not want workers to be paid good wages, he has no problem with people being over worked or mistreated!

    • Charlene

      So we aren’t commanded to love an honor him only under certain circumstances? Like if he is in office, otherwise not? Did you read what God said? God does not tell us to do it if we think it is time or right but WHEN He says which is all the time. I think you are like so many in America, stuck on religion and your own opinions. That is why we are where we are and we all need to repent from that attitude of hearing God when it suits our thoughts and agenda. You only have 2 choices so I’d be listening to God not my brain.

      • Yvonne

        Charlene it would be honorable if you would read Beatrice letter in a calmer and gentler approach.
        She said “we are commanded to love” but as he is not yet in office there is no need to honor him. Which is totally biblical.
        Give honour where honour is due.
        If he was in office already the office would require one to honour him.

      • Yvonne

        Charlene it would be honorable if you would read Beatrice letter in a calmer and gentler approach.
        She said “we are commanded to love” but as he is not yet in office there is no need to honor him. Which is totally biblical.
        Give honour where honour is due.
        If he was in office already the office would require one to honour him.
        But to love him and pray for him is a command as she said.
        Her statements about him are true.
        Your attack on her is unkind.

  • Suzanne

    Amen! I have felt this way too, that God put Trump there for a reason, for a season. We must pray for him and for unity!

  • Juanica

    Nice word Lana. I too believe God is using Trump as a vessel to bring things to the surface. I am not a political minded person and was not particularly fond of Donald Trump prior to him running for office and especially now. However, I have been seeing how him being in the race for presidency has brought out the heart of the nation, areas that were underlying & seemingly non existent to certain people groups. The dross is definitely coming forth bc as you heat up a situation or person you get to see what truly lies beneath the polished surface. I love my country, although it has a sordid past with my ethnicity. I believe God wants to do great things, miracles & wonders, that have been far few & in between here. I’m looking forward to the spiritual awakening that will take place. And however God wants to make that happen then so be it, amen. His ways & thoughts are not our ways or thoughts. I choose to lean on His understanding. Bless you!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Thank you Lana! That’s what’s happening. :)After reading the message, I heard singing in my heart too. Started hearing: “You are good! Your are good, and Your love endures. You are good. You are good and You love endures today.”

  • Diane Campbell

    Good word, Lana! I asked God about Donald Trump and I too heard that he is using him in this season to shake America. I sense God using this election in a number of ways. He has the U.S.A. and there is a kingdom perspective to what is unfolding right now if we ask Him to reveal it. Thanks for sharing.
    Diane from the U.S.A.

  • Pam Davis Thompson

    Lana, when you talked about rolling from the song, Shake, Rattle and Roll, I thought about the reproach of Egypt being rolled off the Hebrews as the Death Angel rolled away their sins and reproach. Lord God may be rolling away our sin and reproach once again in USA with a new spirit. Almost like we are being baptized again in America, especially His Body of Christ where our sins are washed away by the blood of the Lamb, as far as the east is from the west; to be remembered no more.
    Blessings upon you, and thank you for your intercessions on our behalf, Pam Davis Thompson

  • Mary Christian

    My Name is Mary Christian. I am a prophtess as well as an Evangelist. We here in Southern Illinois have heard through hearing from Yahweh. Unity in the communities.
    So be it says the spirit of the Lord. I receive your prophetic word and I am in total agreement.
    Thank you for caring
    Dwelling Place Outreach Ministries
    Evangelist Mary Christian

  • Phyllis J.

    Thank you Sister Lana for your faithfulness to be obedient to the Lord at all times but especially when you may face opposition. Your willingness to serve the Lord God Almighty in all things is such a blessing and encouraging. I pray you continue to stand firm in the power of His Might as He continues to strengthen you.
    God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. We must trust God in all situations and circumstances and believe, without a doubt, that He truly is working all things out for our good.
    Many Blessings upon you and your family,
    Phyllis J.
    Raleigh, NC

  • David Thomas

    Thank you Lana! Much appreciation and thanks to you for being a yielded vessel to hear the heart of God for our nation. It brings great hope, comfort and a new excitement for what awesome things the future holds… especially after we repent and turn from our hard hearts towards others.

  • Jonathan Lai

    Right on, Lana. It’s only through humility and brokenness, the body of Christ would come to the point of unity, where we embrace the Father’s agenda, together. What a timely and crucial message for the church in the USA. Keep the revelation flow!

  • Richelle D Jones

    I AGREE with your article and your hearing from the LORD regarding Donald Trump! I just had a thought today that the United States is the new Jerusalem: Jer”USA”lem… the USA is right in the heart of Jerusalem!

  • Janelle Peterman

    Lana, I have felt this for a while. I totally agree God is using Donald Trump and he probably is not aware of it. The Lord knows what He is doing.

  • Janice Taylor

    Thank you Lana for sharing what God is saying to His people. I knew He was using Donald Trump for His purposes and that no matter what it looks like, God will see HIS WILL BE DONE here on earth as it is in Heaven regarding Donald Trump and the election of 2016. I read this to my husband and we are very encouraged with what God is sharing through you. We know of some wonderful Christian people who are VERY MUCH AGAINST Trump and they can’t believe we are for him. But, we have believed God is up to something in this election to CHANGE the direction of the USA …yes, a SHAKING, RATTLING AND A ROLLING that only GOD can do! GOD HAVE YOUR WAY!!!!!

  • TCollins

    I so agree with this. I’ve felt drawn to Trump even though my rational mind is asking “why?” Why have I not felt drawn towards the obvious “Christian” candidates I normally vote for? I’ve felt this Trump phenomenon has been supernatural. When I’ve expressed my support for him, several Christian friends chastised me and Dr-friended me on Facebook….very real hatefulness has come out of the church about this not to mention the demonic from the republican party….shockingly so!

  • Sam Paschall

    Since we believe the Spirit of God speaks to the Body of Christ, it is becoming more and more evident that Jesus is speaking. Jesus who said “My sheep hear my voice and they follow Me”. Here you are on the other side of the world hearing the same message from the same Spirit. Since beginning to read your posts starting about a year ago, the word of the Lord through you has been extremely accurate and confirming. God gave me a vision 9 years ago, which is being fulfilled now. The prophetic word though you has been one of the anchors of the soul for my wife and I and many in our family.
    Regardless of the responses you get to revelations regarding Donald Trump, and regardless of what happens in this presidential race and regardless of how one feels about this (which as you are aware is extremely polarizing), I want to thank you for speaking what you hear. I believe it and receive it.
    My wife Pam and I hope to meet you and Kevin one day and share the impact of what the Lord is doing and your role in it.
    We love you, Kevin and your family, and are so glad we are part of the same body, and share the same Head.
    Sam Paschall

  • Norman Ainsworth

    Thank you fo being so courageous to share such a powerful message. I will certainly pray and meditate on it. There must be change in the church and in our lives as followers of Jesus. Donald Trump is a big wake up call..

  • Susan Robb

    Total confirmation !! I do believe Donald Trump will be our next president and that he is anointed by God for this ….God is answering our prayers for this nation !!!

  • Charlene

    If you have a problem with Donald Trump consider Isaiah 44:28 and Isaiah 45 that talks about God using King Cyrus as His instrument to help God’s people return to Jerusalem and rebuild the city. That was prophesied 150 years before it happened and it did happen. God called Cyrus by name long before and when he saw his name Cyrus was willing to help them even though he was an enemy. There is no way that God cannot use Donald Trump if He wants to and none of us can say that it might not change Trumps life too. I receive this Word Lana and say do whatever it takes God to bring repentance and unity with your people. God is giving us a chance, He has not turned His back and who are we to say who He can use? In fear and trembling we need to love and honor whoever God puts in any position He wishes. I choose God’s will and way no matter who He uses. He is God and He is giving us all a chance to repent from anger, division and doing things our way. Look where our way has gotten us! We must turn back to God.

    • Kevin

      Just a thought – there was no mention in the bible that Cyrus was ever saved, or was anything other than an idolatrous pagan king, in a time where it was common for pagan kings to call themselves god. (in my reading, I am happy to be shown scriptures otherwise). God was unoffended by this. I am not saying that Trump is anything of the sort, I do not know him personally, I am sure not many do. I am saying that the right person can sometimes come in the oddest of packages, and God is not afraid of including ANYONE in His plans. Kevin Vawser

  • Jesh StG

    Last year, after the pic of the Trumps tower having been sitting in my file for over a year, I decided to post it on my wordpress blog, and to my amazement, he announced a few weeks after that he would run for president. I immediately got a negative comment on my blog. Had no idea that this was just a preview for what would follow in the country. So, I knew that something was up with that. Very interesting is every time I’m posting something about Trump on my Facebook, am slammed. A confirmation, the enemy does not like this. Also, I heard a two weeks ago that there has been a prophesy out since 2011 that he would be president (it’s on YouTube).
    Am praying every day now that the body of Christ will accept God’s plan and His choice!

  • Dinah Lynn

    This is crazy! After I read the above word and these comments I’m in shock. I also have had God reveal to me that Trump was His man for this hour. I have been saying the exact words you all have been saying to my husband. I believe God heard us crying out to heal our land. This gives me so much hope and I’m so happy we have one more chance to turn back to Him. God bless you and God bless America again.

  • Gene Williams

    You are not just “hitting the nail on the head”, you are using a nail gun to do it. Like a framer would use. (Ok, I speak carpenter)
    I greately appreciate your willingness to function in the office of a seer, and actually speak what the Father is giving you to speak. You will not always be wildly popular, tho I expect you knew that when you first agreed to take this post that God was offering you.
    “Religious” people will rarely agree with you in matters of this magnitude and importance. And I use that adjective, since a “born again, spirit filled, believer in Jesus the Christ”, should be in tune with what you are saying. Since they are in regular communion with the Father, they will recognize His voice.

  • Kaye Marshall

    God gave me a vision on Saturday – May 28, 2016 of the “church” the believers gathering together as far as the eyes could see – with dark gray skies – as well as the scripture 2 Thes 2:1-3 as I was praying for our nation “Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit of by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come. Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.”

  • DEL

    As an American I thought Donald Trump was at best, the 4th or 5th best candidate for the job out of the candidates running for office. Then my internet pastor made a statement several months ago that helped change my thinking: “The best candidate for President of the US is not the one that is best qualified to teach Sunday school”. I didn’t vote for Trump in the primaries, but now I understand what the pastor was saying and it did change my thinking.
    Your dream certainly lines up with what is happening in the USA and with my personal experience. My spiritual parents since 1977, the Copeland’s, have been recently appointed to Donald Trump’s Faith Advisory Board. I posted this on social media a couple of days ago and just today (Sunday morning) got an ear full on how Trump is an evil man and many believers are deceived by him – from my local pastor that must have read my post. I’ve been called to help this pastor through some of his challenges, including the death of his wife a couple of years ago. So I’ll stay put as long as the Lord wants me there, I’ve been there 13 years already.
    I can see the Lord is purifying our hearts with this challenge from within the Church in the USA. Please pray for US(A), that the Lord will unite His people in/and His Church. I think this is a good thing, but it is very challenging and we need the Lord’s help, His grace and His mercy be with us and upon us. Thank you for your prayers.
    David E Luna

  • Kay

    Thank so much Lana for your obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    The upcoming election is between light and darkness. It is so important to seek the face of the Father as to who He want us to vote for because we cannot lean to the arm of the flesh which is death. I cannot begin to tell you how critical this upcoming election is to our nation and the direction it will be going in if we do not choose who God wants to put in office. We have a choice and I pray that all believers will choose God’s choice. He sets before us life and death and I pray that we all choose life. It time to see with our spiritual eyes and get on aboard to what God is doing in the earth and starting be part of the solution and stop contributing to…