Prophetic Words


Recently, I had a dream and I heard the Lord speaking and He said. “YOU WILL RECOVER ALL.”

As He spoke these words I could feel the creative power of His Word already bringing forth that which He had spoken suddenly. I knew when He spoke these words, it was not a word for “a far off time” but He was making the declaration now of what was coming to pass now and what was springing forth.

The sense was SO strong in the dream as His voice went forth it was activating the recovery and I knew the recovery was coming from EVERY direction. There will be no direction left untouched.

When I woke from the dream, I could feel the Lord’s heart for His people, that now is the time to look UP and look at Him and to not look at what has been lost. I could feel His heart so strongly encouraging His people to not get their eyes upon the ‘losses’, but to keep their eyes upon Him in expectation of how He is restoring, and all is being recovered.

The Lord has been speaking so much in the last few years about recompense, recovery, restoration: and in this dream when His decree went forth, I KNEW that we have entered the time of the greatest divine recovery we have EVER seen. It will be ABOVE and BEYOND what we have ever seen before.

Sevenfold restoration (Proverbs 6:31), double for the trouble you have endured (Isaiah 61:7), a total divine recovery (1 Samuel 30:18) a tidal wave of His blessing, His provision and His restoration. It is time!!!

I also heard the Lord speaking over bodies, “RECOVER.” I saw many who had been struggling with issues in their bodies for LONG periods of time — the Lord is declaring a divine recovery. The cycle of sickness — broken. Divine healing and total RECOVERY in Jesus name.

As the Lord spoke the word, “RECOVER,” again I saw the tidal wave of the healing revival that He has been speaking about crashing in, all over the world.

We have moved into the era where we will see the greatest healing revival in the earth that we have ever seen before. I heard the heartbeat of the Lord, “It’s time for you to recover,” and this declaration was a declaration of WHOLENESS.

There was a RECOVERY that we are going to see in accelerated ways now, where the healings — of bodies, minds, hearts and souls — will be on a level we have never seen before.

Major deliverance, major healing, total wholeness that was purchased for us at Calvary by our precious and beautiful Lord Jesus.

I saw many have been assaulted with fear recently, regarding their health. I saw many assaulted with foreboding of “what could happen” in their health down the track. I saw the enemy standing before many and he was dangling names of diseases and attempting to lure people into fear. “This could happen to you.” “This is going to happen to you.” I could feel the weight in the atmosphere of his lies. I could feel his lure wanting to bring people into a place of putting faith in fear, rather than faith in the Lord.

I saw many overwhelmed by areas of brokenness and pain and trauma and seeing the fruit of these things in their lives, and feeling like wholeness and healing would never come.

In all these different areas I heard the Lord speak over them, “The enemy has come hard at you again in these areas because NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOUR RECOVERY!!!!!!!!”

Expect swift deliverance. Expect swift healing. Expect supernatural divine recovery because it is happening and manifesting NOW. Focus not on the losses, focus not on the “what if’s” or “what has been”, but lift your eyes to the hills for where does your help come from? It comes from the Maker of heaven and earth (Psalm 121) and He is bringing forth divine recovery, wholeness and healing on a level that we have never seen. We just need to lean into Him.


I heard the Lord say, “I am RE-COVERING ministries,” and I knew, right now there is a deep birthing taking place that is going to change what many ministries have looked like.

There are new areas, new avenues, new “arms” of ministries that He is birthing right now. He is leading many into new “lands” of ministry they never imagined walking in. He is leading many into new areas of influence for His Kingdom that many never expected they would enter. He is changing the “focus” in some ministries from ministering heavily in one certain area, to a completely different area. I could see the increase all around that He was bringing and these new areas, and the new ways He is “re-covering” many ministries was going to see MAJOR fruitfulness and harvest.

I also saw that where some had laid down their ministry, walked away from their ministry or the enemy had come and plundered, there is a mighty move of His Spirit that is going to see a “recovering” and “divine comeback” take place in these ones lives and ministries. A restoration, rebuilding and repositioning.

We are in the time of the greatest divine recovery we have ever seen. The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy, but NOW the Lord is bringing forth a COMPLETE divine recovery in Jesus’ name.