Prophetic Words


Recently, I heard the Lord say “Things are about to become BRAND NEW! It’s a NEW DAY” and when He spoke it, immediately I saw a ‘death’ process that MANY have been walking over the last few years.

I saw many walking paths where they felt like they were watching their vision die. They were watching their hopes die. They were watching things that they had believed for die. I saw many looking at themselves feeling like so much of ‘who they are’ had died. The day got darker and for many even their secret place with the Lord went from flowing abundance and overflowing revelation and deep refreshment, to silence.

I saw many who had felt like they were suddenly thrusted into a wilderness season. I saw many faces looking bewildered and they were looking around wondering what they had done wrong, wondering what had happened. There was a movement of momentum, to a sudden stop. There was a place of excitement in the vision God had spoken, to the place of chaos, pressing, and intense opposition hitting the very areas and vision God had given them.

I watched as many had been in this place for a long time but their hearts were believing “It’s going to get better, I am about to come out” and then suddenly, it got harder. The pressing increased. It felt like the ‘dying process’ got more intense.

This vision then began to speed up like you would see when you fast forward a movie and things were happening very quickly.

As I asked the Lord what He was saying, I heard Him say again:

“Things are about to become BRAND NEW! IT’S A NEW DAY”

The Lord then began to show me that many have felt like the dying process (John 12:24) has been long and has been one of the hardest and darkest seasons they have walked, but the Lord was declaring the NEW DAY has arrived, that will see a sudden acceleration forward into His vision and His plans.

I watched where many felt like the vision/s died, but NOW there was resurrection life. The Lord was not only bringing these visions He had given them back to life , but that on the wings and winds of the Holy Spirit like never before they would see a mighty acceleration that was unprecedented.

I then heard the Lord say “The death came and NOW COMES THE NEW!!!!! It is time for the BRAND NEW. You walked through the dying process, NOW I bring you back to the drawing board to BUILD THE NEW with Me like never before. I am adding more. I am stretching out the tent pegs, I am making changes, I am shifting things, I am changing the shape of things to add MORE INCREASE!!!!!! What you are building and being invited into build and pioneer with Me, is now going to see you positioned to witness the greatest move of My Spirit that you have ever seen.”

“You thought it was over. You thought the vision was over and gone. You thought My Words had fallen to the ground, but NO, I was making room for INCREASE. I was making room for you to BIRTH what you have never birthed before and to move into unprecedented pathways of building with Me. You are now moving into places you have never moved in before. You are now walking with Me into paths that have not been travelled.”

“My fire is falling upon you right now to revive you, to resuscitate you, to heal you, to deliver you, to fill you again and to baptise you afresh in the fire of My love and the fire of My presence. I am speaking over you “GET UP ON YOUR FEET AGAIN”.

“Guard the vision closely, guard the increased vision that I am releasing now. Go slow in the building with Me and listen close to My specifications and building instructions, for it is completely different to how you have built with Me before, but oh the joy of seeing My presence, My abundance, overflow and favour, it is going to blow your mind. These are the days of awe!”

“Be wise with whom you invite into the vision. Be led by My Spirit and watch how I will continue to draw your tribe and increase your tribe around you to run with the vision I have given you. There will be some that will not be able to go on the journey with you, but I am bringing others to run with you in these new places and new pathways. Do not be afraid to build out of the box, for that is exactly where I am leading you. You will have provision that is unprecedented. You will see a mighty wealth transfer take place to build My Kingdom and position you to pour out in generosity like never before. I am providing ALL you need for the NEW I am building. I am providing MORE THAN ENOUGH for the out of the box, pioneering and trailblazing assignment I have for you. You will see land and multiple lands given to you. You will see the camels come carrying abundance. You will see Me supernaturally provide to bring forth the vision that I am giving you for this hour. Rest and trust in Me, for I am bringing you into increase to see My plans, My purposes and My vision flourish in the earth. Watch and see how I will draw in the harvest in unprecedented ways through these pioneering pathways I am leading you down.”

I also heard the Lord say:

“Your children are coming with you” and there was such a strong sense that surrounded me again of the move of God right now amongst the children, their vital role in what God is doing and His heart for FAMILY.

It reminded me again of one of the things that the Lord spoke to me many years ago regarding this new era “Watch the children, for there will be an unprecedented move of My Spirit through the children and youth in the new era”.

“Things are about to become BRAND NEW!!!! I am releasing My shalom into the places where chaos has come, I am releasing wholeness and healing into the broken places. I am completely transforming things. It’s a new day!!! This is the time for you to step into the new things I am doing and no longer will your heart grieve and mourn, but your heart will rejoice and exalt Me in awe and wonder of what I am doing and will do.”