Prophetic Words


I had an encounter with the Lord this week and I saw SO many divine interruptions taking place in the lives of many. I saw again so clearly this is the hour where there divine interruptions from the Lord’s hand are taking place in unexpected ways and as the Church we need to be positioned like Moses at the burning bush in Exodus 3, to “turn aside” and to lean into these interruptions of the Lord even if they are ‘uncomfortable’, ‘unexpected’, or ‘out of the ordinary’. For these are the places of incredible depths of encounter with Jesus, with the power of the Holy Spirit and the revelation of His Word. In these places there are DEEP impartations of His TRUTH being released. They are places of deep commissioning, deep maturing, deep cleansing, deep fortifying and deep alignment. These are life-changing moments for those that will embrace them and turn aside, yielding to the Holy Spirit and not choosing to continue in ‘comfortable places’ or ‘known places’ because of fear or uncertainty because how the Lord is speaking, how He is moving, where He is leading, how He is building is out of the ordinary or offensive to the natural mind or human agenda.
This is a time of significant commissioning, birthing and arising for those that are yielded. Those that are truly seeking the heart of God.
As I had these beautiful divine interruptions of the Lord taking place, and the invitation to embrace, yield and lean into them, I saw a huge demonic figure enter into the vision. This demonic figure was large in stature, and in different peoples lives it would show itself differently. This demonic figure was sent on an assignment to come against believers and its assignment was to DECEIVE, to DISTRACT and to bring a DISENGAGEMENT to the DIVINE INTERRUPTIONS the Lord was bringing.
These three areas stood out to me so strongly:
1. Deception
2. Distraction
3. Slumber
This demonic figure was on assignment to cause such a slumber over many to not recognise the importance of the hour we are in. It was coming on assignment to cause distractions so there would be so much “double vision” and so much opposition to hinder God’s people from deep places of encounter with the Lord and what the Lord is saying and partnering with the wisdom and blueprint of God, and there was an overall feeling of ‘slumber’ that was coming with this assignment of the enemy to cause many to feel like they just want to ‘sleep’. The atmosphere around many with this slumber almost shouted “It’s too hard! Stay asleep! The cost is too high! The path is too hard!, “The change is too much” – it was such a level of luring from the enemy to ‘stay asleep’ and remain in the COMFORTABLE. There are a few areas where a battle with slumber is taking place in the Church right now. There is a battle with slumber that is happening that is happening internally – it is coming from the soul, but there is also a demonic assignment of slumber upon the Church where he is releasing such deception to keep many in a place of slumber in this Isaiah 60 hour because he is terrified of the power of the ecclesia manifested in the earth when they are FULLY alert and FULLY awake.
The Lord spoke so clearly:
People of God, this is the hour where the true ecclesia is to arise in the power of God, in the boldness of His Spirit and in sensitivity to what He is doing and where He is moving and be more AWAKE and more ALERT to what He is doing than ever before.
Take authority over this demonic attack and whatever it looks like for you if you are feeling this ‘slumber’, these distractions, is to do whatever you need to do to FIGHT TO STAY AWAKE in the place of surrendering to the Lord, yielding to what He is doing, embracing the interruptions, praying for a tender heart and sensitivity to His Spirit with eyes to see and ears to hear and the COURAGE TO OBEY!
This is an urgent hour and one of the most dangerous places to be is to ignore the divine interruptions of the Lord, the conviction and leading of His Spirit even if it is outside your comfort zone or offends your mind. Don’t stay asleep. He is prodding His people awake by His grace, don’t ignore it and don’t allow distractions to keep you from embracing what He is doing and saying.
Stay in the secret place, this is a time to truly seek the Lord like never before. Be deep in the Word, cry out for discernment, wisdom (James 1:5) and His truth, because some of the greatest interruptions and uncomfortable, stretching, out of the box places, will be the places of the greatest encounter, commissioning and reintroduction to the power of His Spirit. He is raising up that walk to the beat and rhythm of His heart and His ways.