Prophetic Words


For the past month the Lord has really placed upon my heart a burden for many in the body of Christ who have been in a place of ‘doubt’ over their calling, their gifting, what they carry and the “expression” of that in and through their lives.
I heard the Lord speaking over these ones and He said:
When the Lord spoke these words there was a strong sense of impartation, conviction, maturing, freedom and deliverance. I have been heralding the fear of man being broken off many lives right now and in this year. There is a deep deliverance of the of man happening in many lives right now and the fire of God is bringing around a conviction and concreting of what the people of God carry.
It isn’t a place of pride, it’s not a place of boasting, it’s not a place of arrogance, it’s a place of humility and a place of confidence in the anointing that the Lord has placed upon these ones.
Many of you are coming into deep encounters with the Lord right now where the ‘apology’ and ‘trembling fear’ of ‘what will people think?’, ‘what I carry is wrong?’, ‘what I carry isn’t powerful’, ‘what I carry is minimal’ and the comparing your anointing, gifting and calling is going to be broken. There is a deep solidifying that is taking place by the hand of God where you will no longer apololgise through word, action or heart position for what you carry and who you are. These deep encounters with the Lord are going to establish you in your identity with Him at a level you have never walked in and you will walk in a weight of His holy boldness in a way you have never walked in before.
I heard the Lord say:
“Be prepared for stretching”
Many of you are and will be put into circumstances where you will be stretched and it will be outside of your comfort zone but as you step in and operate in the anointing and gifting the Lord has given you with boldness and without apology a deeper awakening and ‘rising up’ is going to take place in your life as you ‘see’ the magnitude of what the Lord has placed on your life and you will begin to trust in a deeper way, the voice of the Lord and the anointing of the Lord that you carry.
There is a mighty increase of confidence and clarity in what the Lord is saying to you that is happening right now. God is causing a greater conviction and fire within you of the voice of God and what He is saying and leading you into right now, that is coming upon you with such boldness that you will move forward unhindered, without apology and with great clarity. As you seek His heart and live yielded to Him, He is creating in you a deeper confidence in hearing His voice and tenderness to His heart that will cause you to move in boldness and follow His voice in obedience without apology. You have been crying out for clarity from the Lord and His voice in what you carry, to understand your anointing and many of you your ‘office’ as many of you have been called to the fivefold office.
The Lord is bringing a greater clarity and understanding to many of you regarding what you carry and how you operate in what you carry that is going to bring greater joy, ease, freedom and peace in operating in your gifting. Where many of you have felt squashed by expectations, squashed by man and not allowed to move in the gifting/s God has given you, He is moving powerfully by His Spirit and you will now begin to move powerfully in your gifting and anointing with greater authority and freedom.
I heard the Lord say “Fear will no longer be part of the equation”
You are now in a moment of tremendous deliverance. The Lord is gathering His army and He’s causing you to arise in boldness, greater authority, anointing and empowerment as He concretes what you carry, deeper in your life than ever before in the deep awakening of your identity in Him.
There’s a new level awaiting you!