Prophetic Words


The Lord showed me that there are many right now who are experiencing intense levels of warfare. The Lord showed me this is connected to the new territory that they are stepping into. The battle has raged and been so wearying for so many, the intimidation and fear being sent from the enemy has been a day and night battle for many. They have continued to battle with His Word but have become weary in the fight.
I saw a sudden encounter with the Lord for these ones where the Holy Spirit released such significant revelation to them that it brought about a sudden deliverance.
I heard the Lord say “The revelation I am releasing is causing you to suddenly break free and step into the new territory by My Spirit”
The revelation that the Lord is pouring out in these encounters are not only the revelation that is going to cause you to be delivered from this intense warfare, but it is also the revelation that is going to bring a greater empowerment and activation within your lives to move into the new territory in greater ways.
The Lord showed me that this revelation is coming so swiftly, the Lord is releasing this revelatory understanding so you’re not longer unsure, foggy or walking without clarity of what is taking place in the Spirit and why the enemy is coming so hard at you. There are going to be places of repentance, places of realignment and places of taking your stand in your place of authority in Christ and roaring at the enemy, that place of ferocious faith is going to cause the enemy to go running in fear. The enemy is fearing you rising up and moving in these new territories in the awakened state of your authority in Christ and walking in ferocious faith in the One who is with you, goes before you and empowers you.
Many of you have been battling intense ‘confusion’ and the enemy has been seeking to bring such a confusion and to bring such a lack of clarity of what the Spirit of God is saying, so that you won’t move forward on the the Rhema Word of God but remain stuck and not in a place of movement and momentum. The Lord showed me the enemy is TERRIFIED of God’s people accessing and walking in the wisdom and strategy of heaven. It is time like never before to be asking the Lord for His wisdom (James 1) and waiting at wisdom’s doorway, DAILY. (Proverbs 8:34)
The Lord showed me that this warfare against many has been so intense because of the new territory that He is inviting His people into, but also because of the deeper level of UNDERSTANDING that He is wanting to release from and through His Word and in dreams, visions and encounters, that is not only going to SHUT DOWN the plans of the enemy, but also cause God’s people to ASCEND and BUILD with Him. It is time to prepare, to position, to make room because His Glory is coming.
The Lord showed me that there is an MAJOR increase of encounters with the Lord in the strategy room of heaven. I saw Jesus taking those who are truly seeking His heart, truly friends of God, aligned with Him into the strategy room of heaven and He was opening blueprint strategies of how to partner with Him in preparing, positioning for all He seeks to do in this era.
I also saw the words “effective prayer strategies”. The enemy is TERRIFIED right now because of the revelation the Holy Spirit is releasing on how to be positioned, the place of repentance, humility and purification of the heart and then how to pray effectively – praying what the Spirit of God is saying and what is on the heart of the Father, to His people. There is such significant revelation that is being released from the Lord right now and those that are drawing close and listening and seeking Him are heeding and receiving this revelation and obeying. They are also receiving greater insight on HOW to pray from their seat (Ephesians 2:6), pray from the third heaven and govern with the Lord.
The Lord is increasing revelation and discernment of the plans of the enemy and so that God’s people can take these plans of the enemy and cut them off, shut them down and take authority over them in the name of Jesus.
An increase of discernment and insight such as Elisha had in 2 Kings 6:12 where he heard the words/plans of the king in his bedroom, is being released from the Lord in great increase. It is crucial to be listening to the Holy Spirit, and using the Word of God, praying in the Spirit, following the Holy Spirit’s leading in intercession, and decree to see these plans of the enemy shut down.
This is a time of deep repentance, uncovering, purification, preparation and alignment and it is also a time where the Spirit of God is awakening those that are seeking and living close to His heart, how to pray effectively at a deeper level than they ever have before with such specific divine intel and strategy from heaven, praying with great faith, to see the ‘giants’ heads cut off and to prepare the way for the King of Glory. (Psalm 24:7-9)
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