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By Lana Vawser

The Lord has really been speaking to me a lot about this onslaught that many area facing especially this week, and especially those who are forerunning and those who have taken their position on the front lines. 

This morning as I was talking with the Lord I heard Him speak with such authority and decree over the ones that have been facing this onslaught and their families and He said….

“The enemy coming against you and touching you and your family has added to your account… INCREASE!!!”

Instantly the sense surrounded me of the enemy’s plans being foiled, that his ATTEMPTS are being TURNED ON HIS HEAD and how he has come against you, has positioned you for INCREASE and greater PROMOTION. 

I felt the ROAR of God so strongly and this ROAR carried with it so much authority, I could hear Him ROAR and LAUGH at the same time. He was ROARING in protection, covering and restoration over His people, whilst His ROAR released a LAUGH at the enemy and how he has come with his attacks but it is clear the One who holds all authority. The fighting heart of God to fight for His people was so clear to me. We have been given all authority in Jesus name and we wage war from that place and many have been warring for a long time. There has been a weariness that has come upon God’s people and the Lord has seen that, and He is bringing a deep rest to His people as He fights for them. It’s all about knowing the positioning of the season. 

Where the enemy has sent things against you and your families to try and steal, kill and destroy from you, stay deep in the secret place, keep standing in the glorious revelation and promise of Psalm 91, and watch and see how by the move of His Spirit there is a turning and these attacks have positioned you for greater promotion, increase and see greater manifested freedom released to you and others. 

“You have missed it”… Don’t give into that lie.. stay surrendered and close to Jesus.. You are about to FLY HIGHER! As these doors of promotion open in the rest of the year, you will understand why there has been an ‘onslaught’. These attacks are all about where you are headed in Him! 

“What was meant for harm, God is now turning for good” (Genesis 50:20)

“If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” (Romans 8:31)


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  • Franca Mercati

    well I do hope that increase and promotion are coming soon…and indeed rest..I had attacks after attacks in the past few years…every side of my life has been attacked, I don’t think there is anything left to attack…and I am actually exhausted…funny enough God gave me Psalm 91 too yesterday afternoon..maybe peace, rest and blessings are indeed coming soon. Let’s hope.

  • Robby

    Thank you for these words of inspiration. Needed to hear them today. Thank you for your heart and obedience to God’s voice for His people. Pressing in and knowing we will come out stronger by His Grace. Amen

  • Wendy

    Thanks for sharing these things God has revealed to you. I have been encouraged by many of them over the last 2 months that I’ve been receiving your emails. Blessings!

  • Rhoda

    What a timely word (as always) of encouragement and again confirmation. Love you sis! Thank you so much!
    Yes, and the LORD has said repeatedly, Isaiah 61, “double for trouble” “recompense”, honey when this trouble I have encounter is recompensed double, good gotch a mighty it’s gonna be “big, big, big,…” just like Jesus said through the man of God. “I don’t know what you are doing here but what you are going to be doing will be BIG, BIG….” God is BIG and will bring to pass His plans, keeping His promises to HIS.
    I do ask God for large things and the divine principles to multiply is sow and bury, it’s unseen and seemingly dead but it sprouts from the darkness to new and more OR it is allowed to be stolen (touched by the…

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    Abba!Father!, Jesus, and The Holy Ghost,I thank you!! Thank you for fighting for me! And my Family! Glory to God!!Lord Jesus I also appreciate your Woman Servant #LanaVawser, I ask that you cover her jesus, strengthen her jesus,I plead the blood of jesus over her,and her family in jesus name! Fight for your people jesus!!!!! HALLELUJAH JESUS!!! We will not stop! And we will not quit!???????????????☺?☺?

  • Charlene Bontrager

    I can go for this, with attacks so hard on my family, but Psalm 91 being the corner post, thank you!!

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Thank You Father God!! “The enemy coming against you and touching you and your family has added to your account… INCREASE!!!” – I Receive this Word! Praise Jesus!
    Thank You sweet Lady for continually speaking the Heart of our Father. Abundant Blessings upon you and your Family Ms Lana. <3

  • Susan M

    Thank you for earnestly exhorting and sharing the Lord’s heart and for keeping your ear close to His heart, Lana…this word resonators strongly with much that He’s been speaking into my life, and it is true there have been long, long, difficult, and oh so wearying seasons of refining…but the Lord is Faithful and True and knows what is best and He will never fail us…for He promises, “I am with you always, even unto the close of the ages…”…blessings and shalom, Susan

  • Gina Veltikold

    This is exactly whT has been happening and yesterday in Intercessioni was led to send out a roar of the Lion of Judah. Our whole group entered in. Then there was travail and birthing to free came. It was powerful! A suddenly of awe

  • Susan M

    Amen! Jesus NEVER fails! His reward is with Him…and those who wait upon Him SHALL renew their strength and arise on eagle’s wings. Praise the Lord for this great encouragement you’ve shared, Lana. God’s keeping and joy be yours through and through… Shalom, Susan

  • Mary xx

    It is so nice to hear the intimate voice of the Father through you Lana. This year has been an amazing year of lifetime changes for me that will affect my whole family. I have trusted, and I have rested in Him while He has been doing all of the orchestrating. It has been an emotionally rocky ride, but your posts have given me encouragement when I needed them.
    I look forward to my Lord ROARING out the enemy!! I will watch with much pleasure!!
    Thankyou Lana for your ‘yes’ to the Father.
    May God bless you and your family even more abundantly and overflow with grace and truth!

  • Yolanie Pieters

    Thank you so much! Precisely where we are at, at the moment. We just look up, Jesus is carrying us through! Much love and blessings