Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
I recognise this word is lengthy, but I encourage you to read it all through, as I believe it carries a beautiful invitation from the heart of God to "come away" and go to a deeper and higher place.
In January of this year I had a dream where I heard the Lord saying over and over all night long “WHERE ARE THOSE WHO WILL LINGER?” and I woke up feeling the Lord’s heart so strongly that He is looking for those who will sit with Him, who will linger, and listen to His heart without agenda. He is looking for those who will come and draw close to Him, and minister to Him, those that just want to be with Him.
Over the past little while I have felt a very strong stirring in my spirit for the prophets right now. There is a drawing of the Lord to withdraw into the secret place more than ever. There is a call to LINGER with Him more than ever before. I believe that we have moved into a completely new moment in time unlike any other and there is significant acceleration happening right now.
The Lord is calling the prophets to draw back and go LOWER than ever before, because He wants to share more of His heart with you for what He is about to do.
“Indeed, the Sovereign Lord never does anything until he reveals his plans to his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7 – New Living Translation)
There is a divine recalibration, a divine firing, a divine infilling, a divine rerouting, a divine increase and extension that the Lord is wanting to release upon the prophets right now to release to the body of Christ.
I have been seeing the Lord’s heart longing for the prophets to come deeper than they have ever been, and as they ‘drew away’ however that looked, I saw encounters with His heart and His Glory unlike anything they had ever experienced.
I saw the impartation of His heart being released in unprecedented ways. There are secrets of His heart that He wants to release right now that are deeper than He has ever shared, but He is looking for those who will linger. He is looking for those without agenda. He is looking for those who will minister to Him. He is looking for those who care not about how big their ministry is, how big their platform is, or how much favour they have, He is looking for those who want to be His friend.
The Lord is purifying the prophetic. There is a greater shaking coming to the prophetic movement where things that are not founded in Him will begin to be brought down. The Lord is turning the tables. Any places where the prophetic movement has being flowing in impurity, the Lord is bringing a firing, He is bringing a cleansing and a purifying, so that His love and His truth is released with power and purity. The Lord is bringing the prophets who are embracing His call into a place of deeper yieldedness, a deeper place of intimacy and a deeper maturing and rootedness in His love and His goodness alone.
Prophets, there is a divine impartation the Lord is wanting to place within you in this season, but you MUST come away. There is at temptation in this season of acceleration to get caught up in releasing things too quickly, or not ‘waiting’ upon the Lord and releasing revelation as soon as it is received, but in the place of lingering with the Lord, in the place of marination in His presence and in the secrets of His heart, there is an increasing WEIGHT of His Glory and power being released through the words released. From the place of “coming away” in a deeper way, I saw rivers of living waters flowing from the prophets with greater purity, intensity and momentum. A deeper place of flowing at the sound of His heart.
I saw the Lord bringing the prophets into a deeper place of discernment. A deeper place where there is great clarity on knowing what the Lord wants released and what He doesn’t. I saw in this new beginning, this new season, that the Lord is going to be sharing many secrets of His heart with the prophets of what is to come and much will NOT be shared but will be BIRTHED in prayer. The things that He does breathe on to release, I saw a double upon double portion of a breaker anointing and an anointing to SHIFT major strongholds, major blockages, and major direction of the body of Christ. I felt such an excitement in my spirit, that in this new beginning that is upon us, He is going to be revealing such deep secrets of His heart that is going to bring the prophets into a place of friendship with Him unlike anything they have experienced. Such a place of communing with the Lord, where He shares how He feels and shares His heart. But I also felt a warning, do not be hasty to share what you hear and see. Those who linger, He will entrust with deep secrets of His heart.
I heard the Lord say:
“A new fire will come upon your sight, your decree and your writing!!! An increase of scribe angels are coming to assist you.”
I saw IN THE PLACE of leaning your head upon His chest, His fire is falling that will increase your vision. I saw 20/20 vision in the spirit. I saw fire coming upon decree, when He does have you speak, MORE will be moved and released THROUGH you, and I saw the prophets who write – the Lord sending an increase of SCRIBE ANGELS to assist you. You will write more and more profoundly in the anointing than ever before, but it has all COME from the place of LEANING your head upon His chest.
I also heard the Lord saying to the prophets to “WRITE DOWN ALL THAT I SHOW YOU”. I saw in the place of stewarding the revelation by keeping an account of what He is saying, that He was bringing greater revelation and understanding and bringing divine pieces of His beautiful puzzle together in greater ways.
In this invitation upon the prophets to “come away” more and more right now, in that leaning your head upon His chest like John the Beloved, instantly I heard Revelation 4:1:
After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven, and the first voice which I had heard, like the sound of a trumpet speaking with me, said, "Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after these things.” (New American Standard Bible)
Then suddenly, after I wrote down these messages, I saw a heavenly portal open before me, and the same trumpet-voice I heard speaking with me at the beginning broke the silence and said, “Ascend into this realm! I want to reveal to you what must happen after this.” (The Passion Translation)
I then saw unprecedented throne room encounters opening up for the prophets of His heart. I saw them moving into a realm of revelation, insight and understanding of His heart, His plans and the things to come, unlike anything they had encountered before.
But the Lord showed me specifically that it CAME from the place of leaning upon His chest and keeping an account, the stewardship of writing the revelation He was releasing in the secret place, that SUDDENLY they were invited into a new season and a new realm.
Prophets of His heart, it’s upon you! It’s upon you! It’s upon you!
I heard the Lord say “Don’t trade the place of rest upon My chest for running shoes”.
The Lord’s heart is that we will run further than we ever have, but we will run empowered by His Spirit, supernatural strength released to the prophets to be like Elijah and outrun the chariot. Supernatural strength to do with the Lord what cannot be done in the natural, but in this increase that’s upon us right now, the Lord is calling us deeper and to “come away” into the secret place to RECEIVE His heart for the new era upon us. Let us steward His heart with integrity, purity, humility and awe. The Lord’s heart for this season is not to “run, run, run” and not rest upon His chest.
He is calling His prophets to come deeper into the place of resting upon His chest, and then you will run with the empowerment of His Spirit, to run WITH HIM, further than you ever have.
Come away!


  • Pam Stallard

    Lana, it’s 2:40a.m., I was just setting in the quite meditating on the Lord, I was hearing, “there’s a river of life coming out of me, seeing myself swimming in very deep waters.” I was Praying for my senses to be keen and heightened, to be able to move with the Father. I received your post and smiled. The Father is speaking to His body, the church, the bride. God bless!

  • Victor

    Sister Lana,
    Many thanks, for this timely spiritual reminder.
    All praise and honour, to our God and Saviour Jesus Christ (YahuShua ha’Mashiach).

  • Jacky

    Shoo Lana!! On point! Thank you. This morning I woke up and knew in my heart that God was calling me to go deeper. So I spent some time in prayer, which went into a deep travail for the people in my area of ministry. God revealed His heart for the people to me and it was beautiful and so powerful. After this time, (literally 5 mins after it) I switched on my mobile phone and the first notification that comes through was this one, of the word you released. I nearly fell of my chair as I read it. 100% correct.
    Oooh indeed we’re living in exciting days. God is pouring out His Spirit like never before. My heart is glad and longs for more of His goodness.
    Thank you for being obedient Lana! I honor and appreciate you. God bless you and may He enlarge your reach.

  • Sophia Livingston

    I was just praying for the Lord to continue to cleanse my heart and purify me for His purposes when Lana’s name fell on my ❤. I connect with this word. For it is on point and right in line with what God is doing. Beware of all distractions. The enemy is desperate to keep the saints in a state of what I call The Rewind. However, I agree that this is not a repeated season. “I” have personally gone around the mountain three times already. Each time God has blessed and imparted. Greater discernment is definitively necessary, although it may seem like a heavy mantle. That too is a lie from hell! God’s yoke is easy and lovingly guides us in the path we should go. Being immediately obedient helps avoid the knocks and pings along the way. Lord, help us hear Your voice clearly without the chatter of our enemies. Help us obey You immediately. Build a hedge of protection around us and our families. Remove the spiritual blinders so we may see the bigger picture. And send your warring angels to those who are still dealing with strongholds. The breaker anointing is real! Anoint us, Father, to walk the earth, around the unenlightened as strong, courageous sons and daughters of the most high, sovereign God. The press of passing through one season to the new has been very tangible, but worth the endurance. As we continue to endure to the end, the Lord continues to watch over His Word over our lives. These are great and wonderful times for the body of Christ. I know that the Lord speaks to Lana Vawser. What she recants regarding the experiences of the prophets and saints is exactly what I have experienced….to the last tittle. No joke. So when I hear God’s decrees and His encouraging words through this mighty woman of God…sometimes I’m floored by God’s goodness. Walking out my YES with Him has uncovered and revealed lots of enemies, oppression and warfare. However, before the past season started God spoke to me and said “All is well. Nothing is as it seems.” So regardless of the chrysalis of my life, this butterfly is excited about God’s promises finally coming to pass.

  • Lauran Ostberg

    God has been showing this to me too. Especially the part of writing my Dreams down and different things he has been telling me, but being careful when to share something by actually giving me a certain date to share a certain dream/vision with someone. Also, this month I have stopped using Facebook, besides checking messages and to see some notifications or events and the joy that came into my heart and mind is unlike any other. I had the sensation of getting my freewill back and I am now able to read news when I would like and not be constantly inudated by the world. I guess it’s my withdrawing and resting in the Lord. 🙂 Lana, your words constantly confirm in my spirit and are always so encouraging. I love your pure heart.

  • Gwyn LLaña

    God’s words here through Lana are a confirmation of what is to come! God showed me in my dreams months ago about the devastation of the hurricanes, fires and earthquakes and the destruction of personal property. May God’s children come to realization that they have comfort in Our Lord!

  • Maaike Callan

    So precious as well as an On Time exhortation, prophetic directive! Jesus, & Lana, thank you for your Faithfulness!!! Draw us after You, dear Lord…we choose to learn more to BE with You, learning to lean, learning more just to Linger – Selah….

  • Debora

    Ohhh Lord God Almighty you are faithful!!! To you all the Glory!! will give you thanks forever ❤️?!!
    Bless Profhet Lana beyond her expectations in Jesus name I pray

  • LightWriters

    Beautiful….yessssss, Lord!!!! Lana, thank you so much for this deeper message from His heart…it is truly where He needs us, and there is much He has for us ….praise Him for the secret place. Will be soaking in this for some time. Shalom ??⭐️

  • Janet Garcia

    Thank you Lana for your pressing in and bring in the word of God’s people who have eyes to see and ears to hear if I have begun walking are used to run a lot but I did not have the feeling to run so I have been walking to spend time outdoors and to hear his voice more even now I walk and I hear the wind whipping through the leaves of the trees all the trees have not turn colors here yet we are in anticipation of hearing from above and these times it is the time time is of the essence for us to press harder thank you Lana may the Lord bless you always and bless all the sisters and brothers the brother the beloved in him.

  • Susan M

    Pondering this further…I am reminded that the Lord has been speaking deeply–REST, REST, REST–all through the past several months. No striving, but only a determined seeking after sweet rest in Him…and the rewarding fruit of the rest in Him will be peace and a fresh flow of rejuvenating breakthrough, alleluia! Thank you again for your quiet, patient and listening heart ❤️And bless you many times over for the ministry you share so humbly, dear faithful sister in Jesus!

  • Phyllis Garrett

    This is an old hymn The Lord has placed upon my heart for months: “My Love Is Like a Dove”! It is based upon The Song of Solomon.

  • Rosie

    I pray God gives me more Grace to rest and be still. To cast all cares and concerns upon Him. I receive this Word. Amen.

  • John Dawson

    One of the most powerful words I have ever received and I had to say thank you. It is time for me to recalibrate, lay my head upon the chest of Jesus and be present with Him. A prophet spoke into me months ago that he saw me simply coming to Jesus and laying my head on His chest as John did. It was not until this moment I saw exactly what that means and is a huge, encouraging revelation for me. I also receive what Susan shared in terms of coming into a place of REST. We do that by choice … just turn everything else off, find the secret place with Him and walk “inside” that place every moment of every day. Thank you so much Lana, your words continually stir the emerging prophet within and are empowering. Your messages are always opened with great anticipation and joy!

  • Ashwen Gibson Blake

    YES LORD. I rest my head. SSSHSHSH! Let the rhythmic heart of Abba resonate through you and us in such succinct and united crescendo – that what you are doing in heaven is synchronized in us on earth as ONE WORD of ONE HEART BEAT – Abba’s! And let it wrought every protocol of the kingdom fulfilled in THE WAY that rends the heavens causing EVERY GOOD AND PERFECT GIFT to descend as HAND IN GLOVE – unobstructed IMPRINT OF BLUEPRINT. In 2001 I had a dream and The Lord said: ‘Your bible is missing Rev 1:19.’ Amen,may this “come away” and every “come away”invitation GUARANTEE that the fullness of HIS TESTIMONY resonate and radiate what was and is and is to come as Good News through me and those He sends with me. And may its PURITY AND HOLINESS offer GOD the PLEASURE of being SEEN AND KNOWN AND SHOWN and sown, in fullness of peace so that lands of nations are delivered of their mega harvests of harvesters of greater peace. My sword as plough share and spear as pruning hook awaits you, O Master of The Harvest, the sweet of my heart and long found friend. Thanks Lana. ABGB

  • Beverley Estes

    I had a dream many years ago and I was in Heaven with the LORD dancing on the sea of Glass and as we danced I wanted to hear HIS heart and so Laid my head with my ear close to his chest. Then I woke up. I have been listening to HIM ever sense. HE has ask me to go to Israel 3 times and the last I got to stay 10 mo.s. What a ten mo. stay that was. I go to go through all 7 of the feast with them. I saw Yeshua in every one of them. Could not figure out how they missed HIM as they did all of Gods feast. Now I am tempting to do them and a lot of others are also doing them. We are starting to become Gods one new stick. Praise God for getting us there. Be3